Woman Accidentally Pays £2,600 for a Neil Diamond Album

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Woman Accidentally Pays £2,600 for a Neil Diamond Album
A maths teacher from South Warwickshire, England recently ended up paying over the odds for an album by Neil Diamond, NME notes.

Katie Bryan was hit with a £2,600 bill for a "Neil Diamond Best of" collection, which she downloaded while on holiday in South Africa. While the album retailed for £8.99, Bryan was unaware that buying the album online would incur roaming charges from her mobile phone provider, Orange:

"It was a lunchtime get-together with my boyfriend's family at a house where we were staying near the Kruger National Park. I'd had a bit of wine ... but not too much. People were playing music through their iPads or on phones through an iPod dock. Someone had put on the Traveling Wilburys but I just fancied hearing some Neil Diamond. I don't know why. He's more my boyfriend's musical taste and I'm more of a James Blunt fan.

"It wasn't a particular song that I wanted to hear. I'm really not that big a Neil Diamond fan. And I'd already got his Essential Neil Diamond CD at home, in my car."

While Orange have agreed to lower the cost of the phone bill to £400, Bryan is still unhappy about the charge:

"I think Orange are preying on people who make a mistake while abroad. Why such a massive difference in cost? In England you would just pay the album price. I also feel it is morally wrong to be expected to pay this sort of money for a Neil Diamond album."
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