Woman Arrested Four Times For Playing AC/DC On Repeat

Some people love AC/DC, but this woman took it to the next level when she played "Highway To Hell" on repeat and was arrested four times in one day. It's nearly as funny as her series of mugshots.

Ultimate Guitar

A woman was arrested four times across 26 hours for playing music by AC/DC on repeat at full volume.

Joyce Coffey, an AC/DC megafan from New Hampshire annoyed neighbors and the cops when she had an epic session listening to "Highway To Hell" on repeat alongside other rock classics.

Police initially gave a warning to turn her music down on Tuesday afternoon, but were called back within the hour. Five hours later she was arrested again, and the yet again before dawn on Wednesday.

The final arrest was because she threw a frying pan at her nephew after he arrived to remove some of his belongings from the house. We can only presume this is for one of two reasons - either she's not fun to live with (who would guess?) or because he's not quite as crazy about AC/DC as she is.

You can see her entire series of mugshots below. It looks like Coffey was only happy after listening to rock for 26 hours straight. At least this whole episode ended with a smile.

A judge has recommended she use headphones.

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    The next song on her playlist...? JAILBREAK!!
    "All in the naame of AC/DC..."
    ^I don't think people realized that Jailbreak was a reference to the AC/DC song and that your quote was a (kind of) clever play on those AC/DC lyrics "All in the name of liberty" - It didn't work because most people can't subconsciously make the leap from three syllables to four when hearing mock lyrics. I got you tho bro.
    You lack of faith in the UG community is border line pretentious.
    You should've seen how far down the "all in the name of AC/DC" comment was rated until I offered up an explanation. My lack of faith in the UG community is founded.
    Those mugshots are a great advert for the healing powers of rock. More stories like this, and less off those "listening to metal music made me eat my kitten" stories.
    but AC/DC aren't metal?
    Kids 40 years ago were saying otherwise
    link no1
    And in another 40 years Slayer 'won't be metal' either.
    Well people still consider Black Sabbath metal, so I think Slayer will be too. The difference with AC DC is that a new genre called Hard Rock was created years later, and people put a lot of artists that were formerly heavy metal into the hard rock category. Nowadays there is a lot of blurred lines between metal, rock, hardcore punk and other subgenres, which lead to endless genre debates. If Avenged Sevenfold released there music in the 70s, it would undoubtedly be called metal, but nowadays many consider it hard rock instead.
    In some ways, I think Avenged Sevenfold's earlier stuff could be considered metalcore. Nowadays, they're radio-friendly hard rock.
    let the puns begin.
    Let there be puns?
    For those about to pun (we salute you)
    Police weren't sure if she had one song on repeat the whole time or if it was an entire album because all AC/DC songs sound the same.
    With that logic, ALL simple songs should sound the same. Educate yourself on AC/DC before stating that "every song sounds the same" Here's an AC/DC song, that definitely not sounds like the other:
    I guess this Night Prowler wasn't Beating Around The Bush ... But after all that AC/DC I'm sure the Girls Got Rhythm Byeeahhhhh!!!
    Joyce Coffey, an AC/DC megafan from New Hampshire How the hell did I not hear about this? I live in MA...
    1st mugshot: Oh fiddlesticks, what has she done? 2nd mugshot: "Are you shitting me?" 3rd mugshot: At this point, she's just about had enough of getting arrested. 4th mugshot: At this point, the heroin kicked in.
    I guess 90% of classic rock stations should be fined. I can't listen for more than 10 minutes without another AC/DC song playing.
    Veronique Vega
    I should be so lucky for them to play another AC/DC song... if it's not TNT, they dont know it in my town!
    So it wasn't actually because of the song in particular as the title suggests, but just music in general. UG have got to work on their titles.
    You shouldn't just read the article, but understand what you're reading dude.
    Way Cool JR.
    She was "Shot Down In Flames" 4 times. The woman is obviously a "Live Wire" and her nephew is obviously a "Problem Child". It's a "Dog Eat Dog" world and if you want to have an epic session of AC/DC your on the "Highway To Hell" to "Rock 'N' Roll Damnation".
    Arrested four times. Fuck me, thats harsh. I've never heard of someone here being arrested for playing loud music. Given a warning or having the party/whatevers going on shut down, sure. But never arrested.
    Ac/Dc have sead themselves that they are a rock n roll band nothing else... there not metal.
    good for her. AC/DC is kick ass rock n roll party music, and i'm glad that she gets down to it at maximum volume. hard as f u c k!
    every song sounds the same, when you listen to an album you just think its on repeat!