Women Prefer Guitarists Over Sports Players, Says the Latest Study

Guitar case more likely to get you the ladies' phone numbers than a sport bag, test results confirm.

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We all know that the ladies have a thing for axemen, but now there is even a study that has officially confirmed it.

The latest research from the French University of South Brittany saw a young 20-year-old man approaching about 300 women, roughly aged between 20 and early '30s, in a local shopping district. After giving compliments for their appearance, the man asked them for their number, sometimes carrying a guitar case, sometimes a sports bag and sometimes no bag at all.

The results were clear - the guitar case is the winning ticket, besting both the sport bag and the empty handed approach, easily doubling the success rate. Interestingly enough, carrying a sport bag proved as less efficient then carrying nothing at all.

To sum it all up, the guitar case has earned the guy a phone number from one third of the women he approached, empty-handed approach had a 14 percent success rate, while the sport bag did the trick with only nine percent of the ladies.

"This experiment tested the assumption that music plays a role in sexual selection," the Psycholohy of Music journal reports. "Results showed that holding a guitar case was associated with greater compliance to the request, thus suggesting that musical practice is associated with sexual selection."

So there you have it, grab that case and hit the streets, you would't want to leave the ladies yearning for too long, now would you?

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    I actually got my girlfriend who I've been with for a year cuz she said 'Ooh you play guitar? Play me something" you know what I played? Fuckin' Wonderwall. Not even kidding. Bitches love Wonderall.
    I get you, I've done that a few times..always works. We should send Noel Gallagher a gift basket or something.
    Yes, and while we're at it, send Liam a turd in a box.
    I'd rather send him good reviews on Noel's solo album.
    Or, you can send Liam a letter saying "Beady Eye is bad, Noel sucks arse without you, I'm so glad you formed Gallagher's High Flying Birds!" You'll probably get a letter in response saying: "OI MATE, FUCK'S WRONG WITH U YOU FUCKIN CHAV, LOOKIN' FOR A FIGHT OR SUMTHIN', CAUSE I CAN GIVE YOU THE WHEELCHAIR, PROPER STEPHEN HAWKING GEAR, MATE LIVE FOREVER"
    Another song that always works: I'm yours. You know, in case you want to mix the incredibly simple 4 chord songs up a bit.
    I Remember You by Skid Row always gets the girls who have daddy issues. There's SOMETHING about 80s power ballads.
    Ladies, I don't mean to brag, but I play a pretty mean pentatonic scale.
    except bitches love the chords not the scales, other wise they'd listen to thrash and not alt rock.
    i find the lack of "fingering" jokes disturbing
    the thing women dont actually care if youre good. They just want you to strum a few chords, look into their eyes and sing Hey There Delilah. You start shredding and theyll get bored.
    As a female, I think you're just generalising all girls as those idiots that only listen to Maroon 5 and crap like that. Personally, if a guy claimed to be able to play guitar and then proceeded to strum some four chord acoustic song like Wonderwall, I'd probably think about hitting him around the head with it. And then giving him lessons.
    youre right, but I was commenting on a news article about a study, which is a generalisation by definition.
    I wish more women were like you. I'm sorta sick of seeing douche outside with acoustic guitar. One thing that depresses me is some women still doesn't know what guitar solo is.
    I'm pretty sure that thing in my pants right now is what is commonly referred to as a most glorious boner..
    This is only because you can play, know how much effort and time certain skills take to master and know how full of shit the "Wonderwall guys" are. Most woman are ignorant.
    Yeah, let's see the guy who participated in this experiment though. I bet his physical appearance had more to do with it than anything. Let's see a disturbing looking guy like me try that.
    Doesn't change the fact that he had more success with a guitar case than a sports bag, though. This one did 14% against 9%, another could do 5% against 2%, the ratio is still the same...
    Maybe he wasn't very physically-fit and looked like the sports-bag wasn't helping?
    That was controlled for in that it was the same guy who also tried it with a sports bag and no accessory at all.