World's Shortest Music Album Revealed

Total running time is 83 seconds.

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Earache Records is celebrating 25 years of bringing extreme metal to the masses and, as part of the celebrations, has released the "World's Shortest Album," striking fear into the hearts of radio DJs everywhere.

Earache is no stranger to world records, having previously claimed two official Guinness World Records, for the world's shortest single with Napalm Death's "You Suffer," as well as the world's shortest music video with Brutal Truth's "Collateral Damage."

Now, Earache is taking the idea of "shorter, faster, louder" to the extreme, with the shortest, fastest and loudest album around. "Earache: World's Shortest Album" celebrates brevity as an art form, featuring 13 extreme, straight-to-the-point tracks totalling just 87 seconds, smashing the previous 121-second record held by Canadian dance group Chromeo.

The attempt at setting the new record for the world's shortest album has been rejected by Guinness however, which no longer recognizes "world's shortest" records, explaining:

"The nature of competing to make something the 'shortest' by its very nature trivialises the activity being carried out, and Guinness World Records has been forced to reject many claims of this kind. As such, we have been forced to cease listing records for the shortest song, shortest poem and indeed the shortest concert."

"Earache: World's Shortest Album" is still available to the public however, and is out now on iTunes at this location.

You may listen to the whole thing below, we promise it won't take you a lot of time.

The entire trackisting as follows:

Side A: 01. Napalm Death "You Suffer" (1.9s) 02. Napalm Death "Dead" (2.7s) 03. Napalm Death "Your Achievement" (4.2s) 04. Wormrot "False Grind Sodomy" (2.5s) 05. Wormrot "You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem" (4.0s) 06. Brutal Truth "Collateral Damage" (4.0s) 07. An-l C-nt "Howard Wulkan's Bald" (4.0s)

Side B: 01. Lawnmower Deth "Be Scene Not Heard" (4.7s) 02. Painkiller "Trailmarker" (6.0s) 03. Brutal Truth "Blockhead" (7.3s) 04. Morbid Angel "Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava" (6.9s) 05. An-l C-nt "Windchimes Are Gay" (9.5s) 06. Insect Warfare "Street Sweeper" (13.5s)

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    This is stupid.
    An insult to music everywhere.
    you wanna hear an insult to music everywhere? listen to this "piece of classical music"
    it's not meant to be an aesthetically significant piece of music; it's an experiment with the varying timbres that encompass the impossibility of silence. also, anyone who claims any music is an 'insult to music' doesn't understand what it means to be an artist.
    Im not an insult to music im an artist my lyrics are filled with passion big booty bitches big booty bitches big booty bitches
    you know whats really an insult? I lost the score to this when I was at school and they made me pay for a new one....
    and also this is an awful video of a performance that completely misses the point.
    It would be pretty funny if they weren't charging that much for it. I wonder if it costs more or less to make a vinyl that small...
    $4.99 for 87 seconds? Where I come from, we call that a "scam"
    honestly, i might just get it just to own a record breaking album
    If you want to buy a record breaking album go and buy back in black by ac/dc.Second highest selling album of all time plus its great.Win win situation.
    Why don't I just release an album with ten songs all clocking in at 1 second each so I can beat that record?
    Why don't you release a blank CD as an album?
    Couldn't I just view the whole album on itunes with the samples? Haha
    I wonder if it will get a vinyl release haha EDIT: Okay so now I actually watched the video. Mind blown.
    Who ever said "A little goes a long way" would cry after listening to this...
    who gives a ****. it's a compilation album of short songs. besides, everyone knows the best compilation of short songs ever was 'short music for short people'
    better than lulu
    link no1
    1) Old joke. 2) Sadly not true. All that this has given the world is a bunch of really shitty pointless songs. At least Lulu gave us the 'table' thing.
    After having listened to this album front to back 5 times, Anal Cunts Howard Wulkan's Bald is my favourite.
    frehley freak
    Wow, I want those 87 seconds back... that was terrible. Their best 87 seconds were worst than the worst music you can find of yoko ono.
    Not intelligent enough to make Death Metal? Too obnoxious to record something with an actual structure? Make grincore.
    am i missing something? whats the ****ing point?
    im gonna go with itll piss off everyone who takes music a bit too seriously and cant stand back and be all "well this is silly" and by the looks of the comments ive seen.. everyones taking it WAY too seriously
    Horrible, this is not an album, these HAVE to be snippets of real songs? Hopefully? Anyone?
    someone's never listened to grindcore
    broken ipod
    I don't think anyone on this site really knows or gets grindcore.
    link no1
    I think it's in the best interests of those people to never 'know' or 'get' grindcore.
    Grindcore is pretty awesome but I really like Power-Violence a lot
    Insect Warfare is awesome, World Extermination is still my favorite grindcore album.
    "Unpacking and 1st play" ...when unpacking takes more time than to listen to the album... :S
    Is this what modern music/bands has come too? I mean I know it's been getting shitty for a while now, but this? Whole new level.
    White Stripes should release the live recording of their one note show, record broken
    link no1
    It wouldn't count as an album. An album contains multiple songs. It would be a single since singles are 1 song (though sometimes consist of a b-side aswell). 1 note also doesn't count as a song, it lacks pretty much every characteristic that would classify it as a song...which sadly, the shit on this 'shortest album' actually do actually constitute as songs...
    Are you basically saying that the album crimson by Edge of Sanity is not a album because it's one song?
    This was so boring... I didn't even bother listening to all of it. What the holy ****?