X-Factor Singer Rants Against 'Mediocre' Glastonbury Performers: 'It's Shame That I'll Never Perform'

"#VeryBitter," adds show's 2012 winner James Arthur.

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X-Factor 2012 winner James Arthur posted a brief rant against Glastonbury festival, calling this year's performers mediocre and complaining about not getting a chance to rock one of the stages.

"It's sad that I'll probably never play Glastonbury because of the format I was discovered," the "Impossible" singer tweeted. "Has anyone from X-Factor ever played it?"

As Gigwise reports, James had also added a second tweet, saying, "Especially sad when you see how mediocre some of these acts are live! #VeryBitter," only to delete it afterwards.

Following a series of media reports, the vocalist decided to clarify things a bit, tweeting, "Me saying some of the acts at Glasto sounded mediocre live has now turned into 'James thinks he's better than all the acts that played.'"

Its sad that I'll probably never play Glastonbury because of the format I was discovered.. Has anyone from xfactor ever played it?

- James Arthur (@JamesArthur23) June 28, 2014

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    Weird that Glastonbury won't let artists who never tried onto the stage. Maybe... dare I say... they don't think James Arthur is any good?
    I've never even heard of this guy, and I bet im not alone in this, perhaps this is the reason this twat wasn't given a place!
    Not sure who this guy is but have to say that there are literally millions of great performers, singers, musicians ect in the world who kill it singing karaoke and tracing pictures. Don't get me wrong they are talented but the real magic comes from artists who create something that resonates with the people.