X-Factor Singer Rants Against 'Mediocre' Glastonbury Performers: 'It's Shame That I'll Never Perform'

artist: Misc date: 07/01/2014 category: wtf?

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X-Factor Singer Rants Against 'Mediocre' Glastonbury Performers: 'It's Shame That I'll Never Perform'
X-Factor 2012 winner James Arthur posted a brief rant against Glastonbury festival, calling this year's performers mediocre and complaining about not getting a chance to rock one of the stages.

"It's sad that I'll probably never play Glastonbury because of the format I was discovered," the "Impossible" singer tweeted. "Has anyone from X-Factor ever played it?"

AsĀ Gigwise reports, James had also added a second tweet, saying, "Especially sad when you see how mediocre some of these acts are live! #VeryBitter," only to delete it afterwards.

Following a series of media reports, the vocalist decided to clarify things a bit, tweeting, "Me saying some of the acts at Glasto sounded mediocre live has now turned into 'James thinks he's better than all the acts that played.'"

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