YouTuber Makes Dubstep Track With Dial-Up Modem Sounds

A YouTube user has set the debates in Dubstep to rest.

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Dubstep, the much-maligned largely American music form championed by extreme sports fans, dayglo enthusiasts and drunken college students, has provided hilarious fodder for countless memes and incessant EDM vs. music arguments, but now a YouTube user has set the debate to rest.

As many have joked, brostep does sound a lot like a dial-up modem going apesh-t, and without adding drums or any other sounds, YouTube user Muzik4machines has taken that ol' familiar sound and cooked up a perfectly plausible dubstep track in just four hours. Have a listen below, particularly at the 12-minute mark, when the track is heard in all its glory.

"There is no synth and no samples used," Muzik4Machines writes in the video's description. "Even the drums are all based on parts of the modem sound, the bass is pretty clearly shown in the intro from modem buzz to brostep wobble."

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Thanks to Spinner for the report.

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    Dubstep, the much-maligned largely American music
    Dubstep is not American, it originated in London.
    ah god that hurts my ****ing ears!!! i couldn't even finish the video and this is coming from someone who does nothing but blast metal music all day!!!
    Inb4, the whole population of Bias City not watching the video and posting "it takes no talent to make dubstep huuurp".
    Yeah, that's probably one of the worst things I've ever heard. But, in general, I don't see what makes dubstep so much worse than any other type of typically instrumental/sample-based dance music.
    Tigershark2112 wrote: I thought this was Ultimate 'GUITAR' .com?
    fooled me too. if its not muse talking about dubstep, its dubstep. modems. give me a video that has a modem shredding, that'll be news worthy.
    The music in the video sounds awful, but sounds just like dubstep. This proves perfectly what I've said all along. Dubstep is just a load of random noises stuck together.