AD25/SR Plus review by Breedlove

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (21 votes)
Breedlove: AD25/SR Plus

Purchased from: Guitar Central

Sound — 10
The sound for this guitar is amazing, just as the features are amazing. Unplugged, the sound is so clear and bright and projects. Even without an amp the sound is incredable. With Taylors, the bass is comes through and sounds the best, but for this guitar, the sound is like the bass of a Taylor, except for every single note. If you plug this in, it'll sound amazing as well. I use this guitar for rock music and fingerpicking. It's awesome to have a guitar that's great for doing both strumming and picking.

Overall Impression — 10
The Breedlove AD25SR Plus is a great guitar. I don't believe you can get anything better unless you pay twice as much as this costs. Even then, it's questionable. It's ease of playing, amazing features, sweet and amazing sound and great price makes it one incredable guitar. I compared it to martins, taylors, washburns, Alvarez, Ibanez, Yamaha, and many more, but this one definatly won me over. If someone ever stole this guitar, I would go get another one in a heartbeat. If you go to buy a guitar, be sure to try one of these out.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is durable and can definately withstand Live playing. I believe it will last a long time. The strap buttons are really solid. This is a really reliable guitar. I would always have a backup for a gig, no matter what guitar I had but I think you could get by.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar has a very nice mix of bass, mids and lows. I was so surprised to find a guitar to sound this great throught all the mids highs and lows. The pickup was adjusted perfectly. The action was set perfectly. No messups in the guitar at all. The finish is amazing, and there are no flaws in the guitar, everything is perfect.

Features — 10
I just bought a Breedlove AD25SR Plus a month ago (acoustic-electric guitar). It is an amazing guitar. So many features come with it and it sounds amazing. No other guitar for the price sounded this good. There are many features that come with this guitar. First off, the electronics are incredable. It comes with an onboard tuner (very nice) and a fishman pickup. When you plug this guitar in, it sounds like a dream, just amazing. Also the cuttaway is very helpful for reaching those high notes on the fretboard. Another feature is the pinless bridge which makes restringing a breeze. Also, it comes setup so you can put a strap on the guitar. The case that comes with the guitar is super deluxe. It has six latches surrounding the case. Very heavy duty case and very protective. Besides all these incredable features, the guitar also looks amazing, it has may inlays on it.

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    tasty licks
    damn I want this. i got it in mahogany. still sounds great, but I wanted the rosewood. yeah breedloves are great values. what kind of strings do you use?
    I have the AC25-SM... Best. Guitar. Ever. More people should be aware of these gems from korea
    this guitar is truely amazing my school has one and all of the students in the guitar class (I being one of them) gets to play it. it is amazing, if you are willing to throw a grand on an acoustic guitar, make sure it's this one.
    tasty licks
    yeah. I got mine for 430 slightly used. the action is so much lower than all my friends cheap acoustics. its 100 times easier to play. I can solo and bend on this thing without wrecking my fingers. I'm so spoiled with my breedlove and schecter that when I play other peoples guitars now I cant even play right because I'm so used to the nice low action
    Just got this guitar after years of smashing on a low end Washburn. I can't believe how great it sounds and how great the action is right from the factory. Breedloves quality control is second to none. Im not saying that it is the same as a three thousand dollar Gibson but for just under a grand....what a guitar!!!
    I like the AD25SR+ (dreadnought) but the ones i've been getting are freakin a pain with fret buzz. i'm pressing hard too so i took it to a tech and he couldn't get it out. he told me that a lot of breedloves were coming in for the same issues too so i looked around and found the talyor 214ce. the similarities are real close, but the breedlove electronics is a little better. don't know much about them, but i liked having a built in tuner for convenient changes in tuning.
    yea, breedlove makes the best guitars out there for advanced players. all their guitars on musicians friend and here have like top ratings. idk why theyre so much smaller and homier than the other companies. they also make amazing custom guitars, and handmade ones. but i say good for advanced because if youre sloppy and bad, a lot of excess noise will be made
    I actually kind of like the fact that Breedlove isn't as well known a company as say Taylor. I agree that they are in a lot of ways superior to Taylors and Martins and such, but I personally love the fact that the music store in town that carries them almost always has all of the Atlas series in stock as well as a Pro and a couple of the Performance series. I've spent many Saturdays there playing them all.
    greg m
    I have the ac25srplus and its the most beautiful guitar both feel and soundwise I have owned. Being Australian Maton's have always rated highly but the richer timbre of the Breedlove at half the price of the Maton (and Taylor's, Washburns Martins) is awesome. I hope Breedlove's stay obscure because they have to be the best kept secret of the acoustic guitar world. Once they're discovered the price will sky rocket And if you want to play possibly the best guitar ever try the Northwest Classic...
    I wouldn't piss on a Breedlove if it was on fire baby. Very overpriced guitar. Buy a pawnshop guitar and install the JLD anti-belly bridge system and save your $buckS baby.
    Emster 23
    I got one a few years back at GC. I had PAID for a Martin jumbo, but then found out electronics not working (ok,ok...). Sales guy showing Breedlove, so strummed a bit. Sounded better than the Martin, and $1000+ less. Seems sound between Martin and Taylor, not a bad place to be. Friends brother has US made Breedlove, said close enough not to matter. I was a bit concerned about humidity and heat of Thailand effect on the dowel bridge whatever they call it. No problem here at all. Some corrosion on tuners, but that happens on almost all here. Beautiful guitar and beautiful sound. Problem I do have is with Fishman EQ: battery seems to only connect if I pull it out partially (suppose I could fix it...). The case seems bomb proof, but with that comes weight. Love the shoulder strap it comes with too. I don't know what Quantumdrives problem with Breedlove is (he doesn't say what he doesn't like). May I suggest a hearing test?