Pursuit Concert Mahogany Review

manufacturer: Breedlove date: 04/15/2015 category: Acoustic Guitars
Breedlove: Pursuit Concert Mahogany
This guitar is very suitable for finger-style playing, and will endure light to moderate strumming nicely.
 Features: 9
 Sound: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.4
Pursuit Concert Mahogany Reviewed by: LeftyQ, on april 15, 2015
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Purchased from: local music shop

Features: This is another great sounding, looking, and affordable electric/acoustic guitar. It's the Breedlove Pursuit Concert Mahogany (non-cutaway). It was made in China, 2014. The top is made of Solid Mahogany, with laminate Mahogany B/S (I believe it may be Sapele). The woods are superbly matched all the way around on this guitar, and is a beautiful, rich brown color. The neck is made of Mahogany, with a low profile. The finish is Satin, for easier playing. (I'm so thankful Breedlove does this with their neck finishes). The nut is 1-11/16", and is made of Bone... as is the Saddle. Scale length on the Pursuit Concert models are 25 1/2", have 20 frets, and a Rosewood fingerboard w/ small Centered Dot inlays. The bridge is also made of Rosewood and is "Pinless."

There is a beautiful Tortoise binding on the body which "compliments" the Mahogany quite nicely. Whoever thought to do this, Kudos to them! It looks great. Also included, is a nice Abalone center-hole inlay. The tuners are Chrome minis 15:1, and are adequate for this guitar. They work just fine, but I have ideas for a different set of tuners on THIS guitar... partially because I feel these guitars are made good enough to upgrade the tuners... and because I prefer "open tuners" on my guitars. I'm old-school like that. This guitar is also powered by same Fishman ISYS+USB Preamp, and Sonicore Pickup as the "Pursuit Concert AB," w/low profile control knobs that offer Volume, Tone shaping, Phase controls, and an On-board tuner. Also included are a low battery indicator and a separate battery box. Gig Bag included, though really nothing but a zippered dust cover. It won't "protect" your guitar, but WILL keep it from getting dusty. // 9

Sound: There is not enough "O"s in SMOOTH to describe the way this guitar sounds. IMO, it is one of the hidden gems amongst Breedlove's "affordable" line-up. The tone is warm, but not too dark, or brooding. At the same time, it does have some punch to it for a smaller-bodied guitar. When strummed, you can hear the sound push forward with a clarity, and a smooth crispness... Like a "brighter" tone-wood... In addition to the warm, woody tone that sounds like.. Well... A marriage made in heaven. The bass response is nicely pronounced on this guitar, but not over-powering, or muddy.  

"Finger-picked" is where "I" think this guitar really shines, as each note is very clear, and balanced, and harmonious. "Aggressive" playing on this guitar does it no justice at all. So, if you like this guitar, and ARE an aggressive player, they also make this model in a Dreadnought. The electronics sound good, and are adequate. Plugged in, maintains it's natural acoustic tone, and has a nice "special" sound. When adding a little effect like, "Flanger" and/or a bit of "Chorus," it sounds amazing on this model. I use a Roland Cube 20X Amp. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Not sure whether another setup was done once it got to my local store, but, the action is one is spot on. It's very easy to play, and is hard to put down once you do start playing it. Pull-off's and bends are easy to do. Even barre chords are less fatiguing. This is a real beauty. Just got this one last week...just a few days after getting the Pursuit Concert AB. My original order was for an all solid wood Yamaha AC3M, or LL16... but my local store didn't have any in stock, and to get one would take an eternity, so I decided to look at something else...which is when I noticed these Breedloves. And even though it is not ALL solid wood, I could not BE any happier having this, and the Pursuit Concert AB Breedlove guitars.

I'm giving this section a 10 because... to me this particular guitar is that great. It is also one of the most beautiful-looking and sounding guitars I've seen in this price range... that's All Mahogany... Anywhere in my area. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Like it's sibling, the Pursuit Concert AB, I feel this guitar would withstand live-playing. Maybe not at a stadium concert, but a smaller venue of sorts. It could easily be used as a back up, and again, should not be overlooked in this way. Surely many will probably disagree, but, great guitars don't have to be made of (All solids woods), or cost the unwarranted THOUSANDS of dollars that they do just to "sound good," or perform adequately. Sure there are better guitars, and I understand how they can, and do inspire, higher... but this in no way detracts from a truly "quality built" laminate body guitar that you will find with Breedlove's guitars. 

The "finish" on this guitar is something to be admired, IMO. Upon my visual inspection of it, it is obvious that Breedlove takes great care in the finish process of their guitars. As with any guitar, and aside from quality control, durability is often as subjective as it's player. Personally, I have a couple of OLD Takamine guitars that I've had for what seems like centuries, and the finish (minus some clouding)still looks fairly new, is not worn down, chipping, etc at all, and still sounds great(even though they've traveled from one extreme climate to the other over the years... mostly in a case, but sometimes not). I've only had it for 5 days, so I am unable to attest to its "durability" at this time. However, I'm confident that this guitar will endure because it is well-made... in addition to being "properly" taking care of. // 9

Overall Impression: This guitar is a great match for my playing style... which is "finger-style" mostly. Depending on my mood, I play a bit of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and similar type music. Been also working on replicating some finger-style spaghetti western tracks, but with my own style. This guitar is very suitable for finger-style playing, and will endure light to moderate strumming nicely, but anything more and it will CRASH! 

All-in-all, I have nothing negative to say about this guitar, or it's sibling the Pursuit Concert AB. It's fine choice for anyone who likes the sound of an affordable, great sounding, and looking All-Mahogany guitar at a more than reasonable price. In my sincere review of this guitar, and the Pursuit Concert AB, I hope that I have not given any impression of bias, or over-expression, because I've had some pretty lousy guitars in the past that I can utilize every bit of review space to describe how lousy they really were. I have described what they sound like to ME... and that, is AMAZING. // 9

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