MR-E NAT review by Cort

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (21 votes)
Cort: MR-E NAT

Price paid: $ 320

Purchased from: Private Store (Piccolo)

Sound — 10
My music style (on the acoustic guitar, at least) is a little rock, a little blues, and I guess the style itself, "Acoustic". I'm using my Vox VT15 amp with this, and I know it's an electric guitar amp, but it sounds great! Non-amplified, it sounds way better than any acousic guitar I've heard! And I even mean the 1000$ acoustic guitars... It just sounds so rich and not at all "metal-ish"! It's really the best sounding non-amplified guitar I've heard.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar has everything, fits any genre and style of play and really is a great guitar. I would reccomend ot to people who are not all about playing it with the amp. I've bought this guitar about 2 months ago. If it was stolen, I'd buy another one because it's actually pretty cheap for what it's worth. If I have to compare it with all the other guitars I'd say that when plugged in, the other guitar night be better, but unplugged this has no contest. -Tuval Wolf.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I would not take this guitar to a gig, not because of it's durability or reliability, but because of 3 personal reasons. 1. The battery case might suddenly buzz (who knows, maybe cotton isn't the sturdy thing we thought it was). [Not the guitars fault.] 2. This isn't the guitar's fault too, but I have swaty palms, and becasue I don't have Elixir strings, in the midddle of the gig I might have to play on rusty strings, or maybe clean the strings at home, which maight make the guitar go out of tune. Again, nothing to do with the guitar. 3. The finish is pretty and seems sturdy enough, but this guitar isn't from the "GRAND" series for nothing - it's huge. and the finish might hit something, or... I don't know, I'd take a backup.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar came in top-notch shape from the factory, no problems with the wood, the finish... Really problem-free. It's a really comftrable guitar, too! The only problem I've had is the first 2 strings really buzzing and annoying the hell out of me, so I took it to the store, and it turns out it was the battery lid that was a little loose, so I put some cotton in the battery case and it's not vibrating/buzzing since. I just gotta say again, this guitar is COMFORTABLE as hell.

Features — 7
If you're looking for a decently priced acoustic guitar, buy this one! It is the best sounding acoustic guitar I've ever heard, and it's really comfortable and durable. This guitar was made in 2011, brand new, and I don't know where this guitar was made. The tuner works great, BTW. Features: FRETS: 20 CONSTRUCTION: Dovetail Neck Joint CUTAWAY: Venetian BODY: Dreadnaught - Solid Spruce with Mahogany Back & Sides NECK: Mahogany, "C" Shape BINDING: Black w/ White Acryl FRETBOARD: Rosewood SCALE: 643mm (25.3") INLAY: White Dot TUNERS: Die-cast Nickel with Black Knobs ROSETTE: Multiple White Pearl Acryl BRIDGE: Rosewood / Scooped ELECTRONICS: Cort CE304T - Ceramic P/U STRINGS: D'Addario USA EXP16 Light BRACING: Advanced Scalloped X-Bracing It came with a free case, too! It comes with a "Phase" button, which makes any playback dissappear. Sadly, it came with the "old" lsys+ Fishman amplifying.

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    I bought this recently together with a Yamaha F310. The Yamaha is for my sister who wanted to learn. I was able to compare the 2. Yamaha F310 is the most basic acoustic guitar from Yamaha. Soundwise and playability, both are very similar. The action is low and both provides very decent volume. Of course the Cort MRE inbuilt tuner is useful and easy to use Due to shape and bulk of the MRE, I find that the most comfortable position was to wrap my arm around the back. That allowed me to play very near the bridge which is not ideal. I don't consider myself small, being 5'11". The Yamaha has similar size but it was slightly more comfortable to play. I am afraid that, as much as the Cort sounds great, I will get tired easily playing it. Overall, it is decent guitar for the price. About USD250 with pickup and tuner and solid spruce top. The Yamaha is only about USD130, without electronics and without a solid top. With all honestly I cannot tell which has a better sound. Both have top notch quality in their price range. I think the Yamaha is more comfortable to hold and if you don't care about the electronics, it is much better value. If you are smaller than me, then you should consider a slightly smaller or differently shaped guitar.
    i bought this guitar and using this since a year the sunburst color.. SOUND: it's really amazing for all kind of styles like blues, rock, country, jazz, what not all types of genres. when connected to the amp it sounds really amazing the eq allows to control the treble, mid, bass n volume which is so accurate for any style of music.and non-amplified it has great tone but not so loud as like other acoustic guitars (good enough sound). and i do use elixir string gauge 11 in which it really amaze me for its tone.// 9.9 Action: the string action is too high from the 12th fret onwards and when my guitar tech tried to reduce it the 1st few frets getting buzz sound so could be able to reduce the action from which the factory gave but not really low but ok. if you are a lead player who play on higher frets more then 12th fret then oh oh this is not a guitar for u. which inturn resulted for hard bending technique (not that easy). but great for anyother techniques u use like sliding, what not all even tapping.. and also great for bare chords and any chords styles u use. /7.9 Finish: great finish touch and the tonewood used is mahogany sides n back with spruce top with binding of White Pearl Acryl. no drawback just great /10 RECORDING: great guitar for recording but its really great if u use soundhole cover if incase to control the feedback. /9.9 OTHERS: the tunning machine heads are really great even great for longer life. this guitar stays in tune always. but recommended to have a hardcase for this guitar. use a duracell battery which gives a longer life for ur battery n u need not worry about that even if u play the full day. the neck if really amazing to play. my guitar got hit many times and not a single tiny scratch or dent thanks to mahogany (hardwood). as with every guitar needs to have a basic setups to be done when u buy a guitar so make sure u ask ur guitar tech that the eq and saddle pickup inside the guitar sound hole to be tight enough./9.9 A big question how about the sustain in this guitar? hmm well when it comes to sustain in this guitar its good but not great. and this guitar can really sing. /9 recommended: ah yes i would recommend to anyone but only if they dont mind with the action to be higher from 12th fret onwards. especially if u are a lead guitarist playing higher frets then this guitar is no for u but rest all i would for sure say yes. /9 NOTE: seen few other guitars same model and all got the action problems... so think before u buy this guitar if u dont have problem like if u are a chord player (rhythm player) then u can go for this guitar.