Dove Pro review by Epiphone

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (4 votes)
Epiphone: Dove Pro

Price paid: $ 379

Purchased from: local music shop

Features — 9
My model was made in 2013, in Indonesia, but I bought it in Dec. 2014. It is a dreadnought body with a "violin burst" finish. It has a scale length of 25.5" with 20 medium frets. The neck is solid maple with a SlimTaper D (mine seems to have lots of "flaming" throughout... in the neck, & headstock, which I love). It came with Grover tuners 14:1 which seem solid and hold tune well, so far. It's comfortable, feels good in your hands, and is fun to play. It's not "heavy" but it does have a little weight to it. 

Someone with a "smaller" hand can easily overcome it's "D" neck profile. The Slim neck feature will help with this. The neck is "glossed" but doesn't impede playing in any way. One feature I like about the Dove Pro... The double parallelogram inlays on the rosewood fingerboard, and dove inlays on the rosewood bridge. It's very pretty, and unique-looking. Kinda looks "a little country", but, it sounds "rock & roll." The top is solid spruce, and the back & sides are laminated maple. This guitar has a nice cream-colored binding along the neck and around the edges of the body, dressing it up. Overall finish is gloss.

Sound — 9
Since I purchased this guitar, I have not yet "plugged" it in to hear how it sounds, so I have no opinion of that at this time. However, it does have a Fishman Sonitone p/u which is mounted in the soundhole, rather than "through" the side of your guitar. It can be accessed with ease by using just your fingertip. 

The sound of the Epi Dove Pro is pretty impressive "unplugged." It's loud, full, and bright. And it has depth, with crisp highs and punchy lows. No muddy, muted, or tinny sounds. To me, it doesn't lack umph "unplugged" at all. Picking OR strumming sounds great too. Both play clean/distinct. Sure there may be 'better' guitars, but it honestly sounds AS GOOD as many higher-end guitars I've tried out. For $300 or so, you are getting more than a $300 guitar as far as craftsmanship, affordability, and versatility... on top of sounding great. 

My playing style is mostly based on what suits my mood... Mostly Pink Floyd, but anything from classic rock, blues, funky jazz, spaghetti western-type stuff (I'm experimenting w/ a slide)sounds good on this guitar. This is a feature I really like about it because, any style of music can be played on it. Well... Maybe if your looking for something "twangy," the Dove is not really "it." You can "make" it twang, I suppose... But there's no twang "in it."

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Factory set-up on my Dove Pro was as it should be. Not expecting too much for a $300 guitar though, I went ahead and scrutinized it for flaws, but, much to my surprise I was unable to find any. Everything measured up, no neck twists or bows, crooked or sharp fret wires, mismatched woods, loose or poorly installed/misaligned hardware, bridge, or nut were found. Not even a scratch, ding, dent, or chip. One foreseeable issue may be the wearing away of the pick guard picture. No big deal though. It's "pad printed" and will probably wear away in time... although replacements are available. My only knock would be the "guy-wires" it came strung with (. 012-. 052), which takes zero away from the guitar itself. Still get good "bends" on the 12's, but I prefer a thinner gauge. The finish is flawless.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It is my opinion that this guitar will withstand "live" playing quite nicely. And without question, a back-up to count on. The hardware seems pretty solid... no reason to change it. Strap buttons are solid but, strap locks are a good suggestion for anyone. I am quite impressed with the overall rock-solid construction of this guitar, and would depend on it for a gig without hesitation. The guitar itself looks to be very durable. If taken care of, it should prove it's worthiness for the "long-haul," I say.

Overall Impression — 9
Considering the price-point of this guitar, I'm very surprised that a review has not already been submitted on the Epiphone Dove Pro and of how great it is. I've been playing on & off for years with both acoustic and electric and have since learned to discern a good guitar from a bad one. And I would have to say, in spite of brand-baggers... or anything like that, I would recommend the Epiphone Dove Pro to anyone looking for a rock-solidly built, and great-sounding affordable guitar... regardless of your skill level. As great as I think the Epiphone Dove Pro is though, don't take my word for it... TRY ONE. You'll be pleasantly surprised. You may even end up getting one yourself.

If this guitar got stolen, I would be inclined to buy another one, or, the Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan. Another really nice, affordable guitar that I would like to be the proud owner of. As of right now though, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

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    Even though I own it and did the review on The Dove Pro, the review video is a terrible representation of this guitar. Even in spite of it not being my favorite guitar, the video doesn't really represent how it sounds at all. It has a much nicer sound, and tone. Just don't put "coated" strings on it. They deaden the sound, completely.
    This link offers a more accurate sound test than the video above. No one will want to buy this guitar based on Dawson's video. It doesn't sound like that AT ALL.
    Completely agree. Was waiting on an ebony Hummingbird forever on backorder and was suggested this model. Had played once before so I took a chance. So very happy I did. Very pleased with quality, tone, and feel. Wouldn't trade for the hummingbird. Beautiful guitar and really sings with some Martin strings on it.
    Personally, I think the Dove sounds better than the Hummingbird. But, that's just my humble opinion.
    My Dove is awesome. Absolutely love it. Only recently started plugging it in and sounds even better. Can't put the thing down. Was using my GS Mini mainly for a while. Went back to this and I much prefer it. Big praise!
    It's a really great guitar, isn't it. Glad you love it. I don't usually plug mine in because it's loud, and awesome "unplugged"! I don't know what you use for strings, but, the D'Addario 12-52's PB bring out the best in this guitars tone.IMO.
    Same as that funny enough. Just bought a Taylor 324. Sounds stunning. But still like my dove. Won't be parting with it .. Ever. The Taylor is clearer. But I really like the tone of my epi.
    I agree. Never getting rid of mine either. Another seems to never need tuning....even if I don't play it for a while. It's the best money I've spent on a inexpensive guitar....except for the Takamine GS330S & just recently the EGS330SC. FANTASTIC guitar, all around. Congrats! on your new Taylor. They are sweet guitars. I don't have a Taylor in my arsenal at this time, but, I hope you have alot of fun with yours.
    I have to agree, this guitar rocks. I picked one up today. It beat hands down every guitar within $800 of it's humble price tag.