DR-200CE review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (27 votes)
Epiphone: DR-200CE

Price paid: $ 219.64

Purchased from: Gallin's Guitars Fitzroy

Sound — 9
The DR200CE perfectly suited for what I use it for, which mainly involves acoustic rock/folk music, as well as just jamming out rough tunes for my heavier stuff, and sounds damn decent dropped a a whole step down, however, any lower than that will cause a fair bit of buzz. While it doesn't have the amazing deep rich sound that you can get from a Maton, for it's price, it can hold its own.

Overall Impression — 9
I mainly use an acoustic guitar for Folk style music, and for this the DR200CE stands up with flying colors as a very decent beginning guitar, and is still a well used guitar in my arsenal. I've been playing for about 8 years, and only really became seriously into gigging in the past 2 years, after finding a place to play. I've had some shocking guitars, mainly cheap beginner's guitars which have fallen to pieces from only a year or two of play. I currently use a Gibson Firebird VII, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, a Squier Stratocaster, combined with a Korg ToneWorks 1500 effects unit, all hooked up to a Saber 20 watt amp, which for what it is, puts out a really beautiful sound. Now of course if some lowlife stole my DR200CE, I would probably buy another, or possibly upgrade to a Maton, mainly because the 200CE is an entry level guitar. This guitar is robust, and compared all the other guitars in this price range, (Washburn, and the DR100) it stood head and shoulders above the rest. The only thing I wish it had was a built in tuner, that's the only thing it's missing. All in all the Epiphone DR200CE is a brilliant first guitar, is gig worthy, and very affordable. When it comes to bang for your buck, I'll recommend The DR200CE to anybody.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar has withstood nearly every on of my Live shows, all except for the first few which I used a cheap (and I mean cheap) no-brand guitar, and it has come through with flying colours. All the hardware and strap buttons show no sign of giving anytime soon, and the finish has withstood a fair few knocks by me in some of my less sober states. Definitely dependable, and I often only bring my DR200CE along to a gig.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I picked this guitar up from the shop floor, and was amazed at how well it was put together, with no detectable flaws in it's construction, and considering the fact it's an Epiphone, that's pretty good. The action is set at a perfect level, I'm still able to get most of the way through a Satriani track without too much difficulty, even up high on the 20th fret. There were no major flaws in the guitar itself other than a poor setup (done in-store), which after restringing the guitar myself, all those problems have gone away.

Features — 7
The Epiphone DR200CE combines the best of both worlds for the guitar player, acoustic and electric. Not only has Epiphone Mastered the art of guitar building, but has matched that skill with electronics. Explore both worlds with this guitar! From the balanced rich warm sound of its solid Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides, to the accurate big sound of it's Piezo/Shadow P4 pickups, this is a very well built and great sounding guitar either plugged in or on its own.

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    anoreorcist12 wrote: that things got a fat ass
    what the hell?
    i think ive played that one once...well either that or probably sum toher model...donno muhc bout epiphone id say dats prolly one of the best products or epiphone...msot of the electric guitars are shit...and sum of the cheap acoustics too... but this ones pretty goodand afforable
    u friggen copied and pasted the entire features section from guitar center.com
    i own it...it's friggin amazing...just need to get the truss rod adjusted for my half step down tuning (getting a little buzz)and i'll be set for friggin LIFE man, friggin epiphone knows what they're doing!
    I have been playing for the better part of three decades and have met and played with James Taylor and was invited to play Paul Simons concert guitar. However dis-similar their guitars may be to the DR200CE there are a few things you ultimately need to look for in a guitar: Quality build(build and finish are not necessarily the same), intonation, action, and feel. Take Martin for instance their "low-end" guitars are very similar to their "high-end" guitars, the only real difference are some pretty accents and engravings which you pay a lot extra for, they all have great action, great intonation, and great electronics were applicable. Epiphone is similar in that it is the love-child of Gibson greatly known for their high build quality, awesome electronics, and intonation and action. Their higher priced guitars only add furnishings and beauty and very little in the way of playability. Gibsons superior build qulaity control pours into the epiphone line at every turn. DR200CE equals great playability, great sound, lasting quality, and a tight build. The only thing they do so/so with this guitar are the electronics(easily replaceable) This is really the only feature that seperates this guitar from Epiphones more expensive models. However it is important to note that the electronics that come with the DR200CE are not "hack" if you will. In comparison to similar guitars under $200 it is a diamond in the rough in every aspect. I own one and play it daily.
    I was determined to spend money and walked out of a nasty pawn shop with this for $206 after tax. I only bought it because I was pissed that the mofo owner of the shop wouldn't let me put the money down on payments for a Takemine PSF-94 they had in there. This crappy guitar isn't worth a dime over $120 after tax, by golly! And here's the reason. It seems that the hapless Epiphone bastard in the closet mistake with a $20 ***** outfit, has once again taken what could've been a fine guitar and and ruined it with over engineering. My gawd the kerfing and bracing in this instrument is huge, and I might add that the bracing waits till two inches from the kerfing joint before it tapers. I've got the sunburst model, but the natural finish is probably just as dead as mine. And that's because they plaster these biatches with a poly sealer and then poly paint, effectively killing off the tonal aspects of the spruce top. The guitar's lower bout thickness is 4.75 inches and tapering to 4.0 at the upper bout. The only thing "Gibson" about this guitar is the truss-rod nut cover plate on the headstock, period. The guitar comes from the Gibson run QingDao factory in China. There's not enough room behind the string pegs to pin the bridge on this baby, so I'm really nervous about that. The poor meth head that pawned this and never returned for it had strummed the crazy high factory setup since he'd got it, lol. The setup I've got now is as low as I can get it but it's still too high, that being the case because the combination of a poor neck-set and beefy bridge on mine has done it dirty. All in all this guitar is built like a battleship, but my fingers are hurting with a set of .009/.011/.015/.024/.032/.040 Fender Nickel Wounds on it because of the high setup I've had to settle upon.