American Legacy review by Esteban

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  • Sound: 3
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 2
  • Features: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1.6 Junky
  • Users' score: 3 (80 votes)
Esteban: American Legacy

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: Television

Sound — 3
For something that was produced this badly, it actually has a decent sound. Not full or anything but I expected it to sound like a broken banjo. It doesn't resonate much but its good enough for beginners to practice on. It sounds terrible on an amp, don't even bother.

Overall Impression — 1
Like Flamenco? Classical? Acoustic rock? Well this is not the guitar for that, this guitar is best used as a finger excercise machine and nothing more. I had a Takamine Jasmine before this, it was $180 but it was good, full sounding easy playing acoustic/electric cutaway dreadnaught. I wish Esteban would stop tricking everyone on his infomercials and sell this terrible product. The man loves guitar, he should know there is nothing worse than having a retarded guitar. Shame on him.

Reliability & Durability — 1
Don't take it to a live show unless it is to burn it or smash it. Please don't embarrass yourself like that. Don't even play it for your girlfriend, unless you want her to dump you.

Action, Fit & Finish — 2
The guitar was very poorly assembled. The action is freakishly high, but I sort of like that because it strengthens your fingers faster, every other acoustic guitar I have played is so much easier to play than the esteban. Again, the wood is terrible. It's thin and feels as though you could easily poke a hole in it. Tuning pegs are loose. The best part about this is the volume and tone control that's built in on the side. It's not bad.

Features — 1
I strongly believe this guitar is made entirely of cheap plywood. The fretboard is painted black, you can tell if you chip off the paint, which I did, 'cause the guitar is a hunk of junk. Also, the plastic pearl-looking inlays are glued in by Elmer's glue and come out of enough pressure is applyed on one side. I have no idea where it was made because the label that came with the guitar came out when I got it, I have reason to believe it was Mexico. I bought the acoustic-electric version for the sole purpose of seeing just how bad it was. And believe me, it's bad. The tuners are flimsy and need to be tuned (which requires that you have great dexterity) everytime you play. Came with a case, a very short strap, a faulty cable, an allen wrench (the only thing that was not dissapointing). Oh, and it's a dreadnaught acoustic-electric. No cutaway.

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    If you paid more and got a better, DIFFERENT model, then you're opinion doesn't count. You're only supporting what they said (You get what you pay for). And spreading shitty guitars that can barely be played that discourage beginners is not what I consider "love".
    Fuck You Estaban my friend bought his cheap shit and it broke in the first week. he's not spanish hes some jewish guy from texas with a bad accent haha
    hes gonna be on the new jason becker album YAY i dont give a shit if his guitar sucks or not hes still a very talented player
    Listen you guys, I have an Esteban Guitar and the wood is not "thin and feels as though you could easily poke a hole in it"; I just tested your theory. But, maybe I got a earlier model and plus I paid more, but none of the things you said in the first paragraph rings true for my guitar. Mine sounds great and the fretboard color is not sprayed on and if it was, I would have worn it off by now. The ONLY things that you said that were true were: the dreadnaught shape and short strap. There is nothing wrong with dreadnaught anyways. Lay off Esteban, he is just a man trying to spread the love of the guitar to people. Although he is a man with the grip of the almighty dollar, remember that the love of guitar is spread good or bad.
    oh and the fretboard, it's less than a cm thick and also, the pearl inlay at the bindings and around it? stickers under lamination.
    I bought the acoustic-electric version for the sole purpose of seeing just how bad it was.
    O.o wtf? why would you waste your money/time?
    Just as Kaiser said. Don't waste the money. I bought one for the wife. I got some cd's with mine, which are the best thing in that deal. You get what you pay for!
    Jim Conklin
    I have an AL - 100 With an inoperative control module. Does anyone want to take the unit out (four small screws) and sell it before burning or smashing yours. Thanks, JC.
    Beautifully handcrafted wood guitar in a warm, glossy, deep rich finish Full dreadnought-style guitar All spruce top Specially-designed rosette outlines the guitar sound hole Mother of Pearl inlay on face of guitar White perfling outlines guitar body Mother of Pearl-like dots on fret board Rich herringbone stripe down the back of guitar body Rosewood neck, mahogany finish 20 frets Rich, warm timbre from the soundbox Six bronze strings Six precision chrome tuning heads Approximate dimensions: L 41" x W 16" x 5" Got that off the site. it uses good woods. maybe you got those crap ones.
    i got one for xmas. the sound is nice, the bass strings sound best its black and has got a cutaway, 20 frets, but iono what wood it is tho.
    speshul k 1207
    I actually just received the player's pack with the American Legacy A/E Cutaway, and I'll say, it's every bit as good as my Washburn A/E, and I'm picky with guitars. Of course, mine cost quite a bit more than 100, so it's probably a much better model than what you have, who knows, maybe you got the factory anomaly?
    Stop Messin'
    "Like Flamenco? Classical? Acoustic rock? Well this is not the guitar for that" LMFAO This is one of the best reviews i've ever read. Estaban's all happy and stuff on the tv, testing it out and playing a "metallica" type riff as he liked to call it with the amp it comes with. He even said it's an all spruce top with a herringbone inlay on the back lol.
    I have an ovation applause with the soundholes spread around the top of the body ( I don't know how to describe the holes any better) and It is awsome. Why waste time and almighty dollar on something that you know is crap! Why not be joyeous int the beatiful guitar (That Im sure you have) own.
    What is the guitar made of then? have you tryed chipping off the fretboard paint? it's painted black, i tested it. the weight alone should tell you how "good" the wood is. I enjoy the dreadnaught shape by the way. Would you deny that the action is too high? and that the fret inlays will pop out? i can email you pictures of the wreck that is my esteban guitar if it would make you feel better. If he wanted to spread the love of guitar he should have made something of better quality. Plywood makes me sad Unless your older version is different, i dont see how you could miss the obvious flaws of this guitar.
    haha i didn't mind getting it to see how bad it was cuz its really cheap. but yea, spend 300+ and get a real acoustic
    i made a typo... i meant "it's like a series of like 50 thousand" i would never own one of those crap guitars. probably made of like 10 layers of balsa wood
    yeah, i have like a series of like 50 thousand or something? yeah i have to admit... i like the infomercials but you can tell this guitar is crap from watching it on tv. i own an epi myself, i've been playing for a while but i got a player pack just to have a guitar to be able to carry around and not worry... i would never buy that crap ass guitar personally. i'm thinking what they do for tv is get a Martin acoustic, because they have the same headstocks, and just put an overlay of his signature on there so that it looks like one of his guitars. and they say that it's better than a $3000 guitar... BS. this piece of crap could never, NEVER , in no way compare to a gibson (which is what the 3 grand guitar looked like, and not many brands sell 3 grand guitars) i feel sorry for anyone who got this piece of crap. just get a fender or epi player's pack, a how-to video and you're set. i learned on my own... you could do that too.
    Anyone seen the new, uglier than ugly one he's pushing with the USA inlayed on the back. Special edition this one is. I believe it's a cutaway though.
    I recieved my esteban ameriacan legacy guitar today and have been playing it all day. I love it and for those who say it is cheaply made all I can say is you must be extremely bored with life and have nothing better to do than complain about everything that surrounds you. Are you a pessimistic or optomistic personality. My esteban guitar is every bit as good as my $400 other guitar.It isn't cheap in feel or performance. I would highly reccommend this American Legacy guitar to anyone. The Man is simply making a guitar affordable to most people who otherwise couldn't afford a high brand name guitar. I think its great he is giving back the love of music to beginners so they don't have to spend a fortune to learn that guitar isn't for them, but I think most will fall in love with this guitar and stick with this art because of the guitar they get from esteban, and then even when finances are stronger they will one day purchase an even more expensive top of the line guitar, not that they would need to. Bottom line the man is trying to make it happen as affordable as possible yet giving the best quality HE CAN for the money. I wasn't even an esteban fan prior to buying the guitar but I do appreciate his work he will be a legend if he isn't already. Thats my 2cents. Thanks esteban you cant make everyone happy all the time but you can make most people happy most of the time