American Legacy review by Esteban

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 3
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 3
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 4.4 Poor
  • Users' score: 3 (80 votes)
Esteban: American Legacy

Purchased from: HSN

Sound — 5
It depends at times but I kind of like the sound on this guitar. It's my first steel string and I think it has a very resonate sound. Very kind of echoey, like I can't explain it but when I first heard it I was impressed. Before when the action was low, it rattled all the time, to the point where I couldn't ignore it any longer and had to get it repaired. Of course there are beter sounding guitars than this in the world, so.

Overall Impression — 4
This guitar is pretty, TV made it look nice so I bought it. It looks like crap when yuo look closely and you really start to see the flaws they made in assembly. I like how it came with stuff and a nice case. I'll always keep the case, it's probably worth as much as the guitar. The price was good. So, I would definetly not buy this guitar again, although I'm kinda glad I did because I learned some things about the quality of Esteban guitars.

Reliability & Durability — 3
Will this guitar withstand Live playing? Absolutely not. Does the hardware seem like it will last? nope. Are the strap buttons solid? Yes actually. Can you depend on it? Would you use it on a gig without a backup? Yeah I'll use it at my school concert (yeah right, I wouldn't even trust it there). Is the finish good enough to last, or does it seem thin and easy to wear off with lots of playing? Finish on the fretboard is crap, inlay is pasted on. This guitar went 6 months without having to be repaired. you make the decision.

Action, Fit & Finish — 3
As I said, this guitar is nice looking. But if you examine it closely you see the cheap flaws and it reminds you, "o yeah, this is an Esteban" The frets aren't cut to the exact length so if you run your finger up the neck, the metal almost catches your finger. The action was set comfortably low on my guitar but it started to rattle, and I payed $60 (about double of how much it cost the Esteban company to create this guitar)to refit the saddle and the nut. Very cheaply made, I can go on and on about this all day.

Features — 7
This guitar 'package' was ordered from Home Shopping Network for my birthday. I was sure buying an Esteban guitar was a gamble, and I really wanted a new acoustic, so I convinced my parents to get it for me. Plus, it came with a nice hard shell case, a few crappy books (with like 2 words per page), a strap, an allen wrench, DVDs of him at the Red Rock, 5 CDs of 'lessons' (if you can call it that) and an amp. Oh yeah this is an electric acoustic guitar. He made it look so reliable and nice on TV, but that's what he's good at isn't it? Faking people out. So I was excited when I got it, and it smelled nice (like new paint) and looked nice and sounded nice at first. the action was actually low on mine and was easy to play, so low that it began to rattle and I had to get it repaired. The guitar is pretty, I won't lie, but when you examine it closely you see the flaws they made when they manufactured it in Mexico. It's supposed to be some nice inlay, but the paint is chipping in places. The pick guard wasn't cut at the right angle or something so it doesn't fit the soundhole appropriately. The neck is painted black, you can tell prety easily. I'm not too familiar with the type of wood and I don't feel like looking it up so I'm gonna leave that out. The guitar has a dreadnought shape. The strings are bad, even the replacements. They broke within a few months. Overall I was impressed by the number of things the guitar came with, but the quality was bad. You can't argue with the price though.

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    esteban method?? u mean that crap load of wasted paper 'books' he gives you?? seriously, they skip pages, the book's falling apart, they don't teach you to play like esteban, they aren't specific, what else do you want?? Don't believe infomercials
    I got into music in my sophomore year of high school and told my father that I wanted to take up guitar. Since neither of us new anything at that time he went ahead and bought me the Estaban pack. I had the guitar for over a year and I must say that tit was one of the worst guitars ever made. After only two weeks of playing all of the varnish began to peal off the body. The tuners are extremely cheap and would go out of tune in a heart beat and to make matters worse they were highly prone to breaking the strings while tuning (broke my high E my first day of playing and then about 11 times after.)The action of the guitar is extremely high and to top it all off after about 2 months the fretboard twisted so my lower E and A strings buzzed, resulting in me paying to have it fixed (p.s. when I took it in the guy who worked there laughed at me and told me it would be a wiser choice to destroy it.) The accessories are kind o cool but the case also fell apart on me. All in all it was so bad that I actually couldn't take it and gave up the guitar only to later find out that due to the guitars high action that I was able to play bass guitar farely well. Not only do I want my money back, but I also demand the head of Estaban. So help me God if I see him on the streets, he'll a dead man!
    first of all... haha. to everyone who bought this. I know what its like. My first was a First act acoustic for like the same price. and from what i hear, this is worse. Honestly, a quote from prez of Gibson "A friend of mine would buy a guitar the "trade up to a nicer guitar everytime he got better...By the time he was one, he had spent enough money to buy the best". I'm not saying buy a Gibson, just don't buy this s***.
    but come on, with the esteban method you'll be turning out rock songs in minutes. i saw what that chick did from the infomercial. flat out amazing.
    I have a question: Why do they put overdrive on an amp for an ACOUSTIC/electric? It makes more sense to buy an electric and use the overdrive for the electric, as it will sound better, I imagine.
    I also demand the head of Estaban
    lol. sory i meant to say "done instead of "one"