Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack review by Esteban

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 4
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 4.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 3.4 (23 votes)
Esteban: Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack

Price paid: $ 110

Sound — 5
Actually purchased this guitar out of pure curiousity. The infomercials make the guitar seem like you should be paying thousands of dollars for it. When it comes to acoustic, I play about everything from blugrass to spanish influenced songs and I figured with Estebans musical background this might be worthwile. Well, it wasn't. The strings that come stock with it suck, and the action is terribly high. This leads me to believe it's a beginner guitar and the action is set high so that you can build callouses easier, but it really takes a toll on your playing, especially if your used to to other acoutics or electrics. The guitar sounds dead pretty much, the strings are horrible. I took them off and put some martain strings on that I use for my D35. It improved the sound a bit, but not enough to really change my opinion on it. You can't pull any type of good sound out of this guitar.

Overall Impression — 3
I play almost all types of music when it comes to acoustic guitar. This guitar cannot help with any type of music at all. The lessons that come with the guitar are short, and pretty pointless. The action is high, the durability is crap, and features are lame. Do not buy this guitar, it isn't worth your time or money. Save up and get a good acoustic. If you're thinking about buying out of curiousity as I was, it's a waste of money. If it were stolen, I'd feel sorry for whoever stole it, but thank them for taking it off my hands. I don't love anything about it other than it looks nice before used. I chose this product to see if it was any good and it wasn't. Do not buy this guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 5
I would never use this guitar live. The sound is horrible, and the guitar itself is not durable at all. A few slight bumps and you've got dents and scratches all over it. I had it leaning against my door one day and it fell over, put a little gash in the side of it, easily fixed, but I wouldn't even bother investing it it. On top of that the the tuning keys come loose easily and give you a buzzing sound, meaning you'll have to frequently tighten them to get rid of that sound. The guitar only has 1 strap button and you have to tie the strap around the headstock, which I hate. If I ever had to use this in a gig, I would defineatly have a backup because it'd probably fall apart in the middle of a song, but as I said, I'd never gig with it. Finish is nice, but with all the scratches you'll put on it just taking it out of the gig bag will make it look like crap anyway.

Action, Fit & Finish — 4
As stated before, the action is horribly high. The guitar looks nice when you get it out of the box, and as far as appearance goes, it is a fairly nice looking guitar. The advertisments make it seem like the guitar will be made out of some extremley rare and fine wood that you can only find in some unknown forest somewhere, but really, you could probably make a better guitar out of a tree in your backyard. Overall in this section, the finish is nice, but the action and overall setup is crap.

Features — 7
This guitar pack features an Esteban 20 fretted guitar, a gigbag, 1 VHS lesson tape, picks, extra strings, strap, allen wrench, and an Esteban CD. The finish of the guitar is the classic wood finish that you see on most acoustic guitars. It's a dreadnought style. For what you get, it's not a bad price, though the Lesson tape is very short and you really don't need the CD. It's nice that it comes with extra strings and a gig bag. The guitar Esteban uses is the video is obviously a different guitar.

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    my dad bought this guitar out of the curiosity of it as well. he never really does play, but it looks cute in the corner and its a nice corner piece. anywho, it has horrible action indeed, and the fretboard feels like sandpaper. oh frown esteban, you broke my heart.
    esteban, esteban, esteban..... ::sigh:: what con artist you are, my friend. someone might sue you one day buddy!! and we don't want that!!
    haha, I was always curious after seeing the informecials about how amazing this guitar is. Kind of funny now
    This is hilarious. I don't know how many times my friend and I have sat around thinking about going in on the Esteban pack. It doesn't say anyhting about the electric side though. I want to know how that rockin overdrive sounds.
    This is hilarious. It doesn't say anyhting about the electric side though. I want to know how that rockin overdrive sounds.
    I_Forgot_My_Pen : This is hilarious. I don't know how many times my friend and I have sat around thinking about going in on the Esteban pack. It doesn't say anyhting about the electric side though. I want to know how that rockin overdrive sounds.
    I just tried to play "Master of Puppets" on mine. Didn't work out to well, with the action and all. And I have nasty callouses and was using the biggest baddest pick I could find. So, I don't think you need to worry about the overdrive much. It sucks. But it doesn't matter because you need to actually be able to play the thing first, which is pretty damn hard. I stand by saying my Epi LP electric has a better acoustic tone. I'm 95% sure he has good intentions, but these things just aren't good. Charge more and come out with a better product. I have the black one, the American Legacy, I guess, and the black coating is actually falling off the back in a few spots. Reviewing not too high quality wood. I could slam my epi into it (and that's just an EPI!) and destroy it, without injuring my epi.
    My dads friends gave him one of these. My dad didnt like it so he gave it to me. Very very very NOT good.
    My mom bought this as well...horrible guitar. It played alright at the beginning. Like everyone said, the have to have utter and insane strength to push them strings down. It's horrible how high it's put. Not to mention after one year, the neck started seperating from the body of the guitar. Biggest P.O.S. ever... I also say shame on esteban. You and your 2 grand guitar, there's no way he could play what he does on stage with this guitar. It'd just sound horrible.