Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Review

manufacturer: Esteban date: 11/01/2010 category: Acoustic Guitars
Esteban: Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack
Esteban Deluxe Guitar Package, Steel String, with hard case, 2 instructional videos, electronic tuner, "Enter The Heart" CD, strap, extra strings, extra picks.
 Sound: 5.2
 Overall Impression: 4.4
 Reliability & Durability: 4.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 4.6
 Features: 6
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overall: 4.8
Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 03, 2007
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Price paid: $ 110

Features: This guitar pack features an Esteban 20 fretted guitar, a gigbag, 1 VHS lesson tape, picks, extra strings, strap, allen wrench, and an Esteban CD. The finish of the guitar is the classic wood finish that you see on most acoustic guitars. It's a dreadnought style. For what you get, it's not a bad price, though the Lesson tape is very short and you really don't need the CD. It's nice that it comes with extra strings and a gig bag. The guitar Esteban uses is the video is obviously a different guitar. // 7

Sound: Actually purchased this guitar out of pure curiousity. The infomercials make the guitar seem like you should be paying thousands of dollars for it. When it comes to acoustic, I play about everything from blugrass to spanish influenced songs and I figured with Estebans musical background this might be worthwile. Well, it wasn't. The strings that come stock with it suck, and the action is terribly high. This leads me to believe it's a beginner guitar and the action is set high so that you can build callouses easier, but it really takes a toll on your playing, especially if your used to to other acoutics or electrics. The guitar sounds dead pretty much, the strings are horrible. I took them off and put some martain strings on that I use for my D35. It improved the sound a bit, but not enough to really change my opinion on it. You can't pull any type of good sound out of this guitar. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: As stated before, the action is horribly high. The guitar looks nice when you get it out of the box, and as far as appearance goes, it is a fairly nice looking guitar. The advertisments make it seem like the guitar will be made out of some extremley rare and fine wood that you can only find in some unknown forest somewhere, but really, you could probably make a better guitar out of a tree in your backyard. Overall in this section, the finish is nice, but the action and overall setup is crap. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I would never use this guitar live. The sound is horrible, and the guitar itself is not durable at all. A few slight bumps and you've got dents and scratches all over it. I had it leaning against my door one day and it fell over, put a little gash in the side of it, easily fixed, but I wouldn't even bother investing it it. On top of that the the tuning keys come loose easily and give you a buzzing sound, meaning you'll have to frequently tighten them to get rid of that sound. The guitar only has 1 strap button and you have to tie the strap around the headstock, which I hate. If I ever had to use this in a gig, I would defineatly have a backup because it'd probably fall apart in the middle of a song, but as I said, I'd never gig with it. Finish is nice, but with all the scratches you'll put on it just taking it out of the gig bag will make it look like crap anyway. // 5

Overall Impression: I play almost all types of music when it comes to acoustic guitar. This guitar cannot help with any type of music at all. The lessons that come with the guitar are short, and pretty pointless. The action is high, the durability is crap, and features are lame. Do not buy this guitar, it isn't worth your time or money. Save up and get a good acoustic. If you're thinking about buying out of curiousity as I was, it's a waste of money. If it were stolen, I'd feel sorry for whoever stole it, but thank them for taking it off my hands. I don't love anything about it other than it looks nice before used. I chose this product to see if it was any good and it wasn't. Do not buy this guitar. // 3

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overall: 2.6
Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Reviewed by: ghawk152, on october 13, 2007
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Price paid: $ 110

Purchased from: HSN

Features: The features of this pack aren't exactly terrible. You get most of what you need to start at a low price. The only problem is, what you do get isn't all that good. You receive with the pack, the guitar, a gig bag, extra strings, some picks, a strap, and a VHS tape lesson. I also got a Esteban CD as a bonus. The guitar seems poorly made, with a weak body, terrible neck and high action. The strings that came stock with the guitar had a terrible sound, and the extra strings you receive with it were the same. It has a dreadnought body and altogether looks quite nice as long as your not using it. A few minor bumps here and there can make some very large gashes in the body. Can't really say much for the gig bag. Doesn't really protect the guitar at all. It's more for storage. The lesson tape is terrible. Although Esteban does a fairly decent job at teaching, it's not that long, and he is clearly using a different guitar, claiming it's the exact same one you are using. The rest of the VHS is a performance he did. The strap seems okay. It never broke or anything. Basically, you get what you'd need, but it isn't good at all. // 3

Sound: The guitar's sound isn't very good either. The strings you get with it are absolutely terrible. I experimented with some Martin strings and they seemed to improve the sound of it a little. The guitar isn't at all very versatile, given you can't get a good sound of it anyway. I've played acoustic guitars for 50 bucks that have a better sound than this. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: I cannot stand the action on this guitar. It would help a beginner build callouses quicker, but you'll quickly begin to hate it. The overall finish of the guitar looked very nice before it was ever used. It's durability was very low though, so the look did not last long. The fretboard become uglier the more you play, and it isn't very slick at all. No real flaws to the guitar, just poor quality. // 3

Reliability & Durability: I would never recommend using this guitar live. You'd be lucky if it didn't fall apart in your hands on stage. I'd only use this guitar as a last resort. If you plan on breaking a guitar on stage for part of your show, this guitar would be perfect for it. The finish, as said before, looks great, but doesn't last long. After playing it becomes uglier and uglier each time you pick it up. // 2

Overall Impression: I bought this guitar out of curiosity after hearing all these great things about Esteban. I have to say, do not believe the lies. Esteban may be a talented musician but his guitars are cheaply made and have a terrible sound to them. I chose this guitar because it received great reviews on HSN and had a low price. The only reason you should buy this guitar is if you do not plan on playing it and would like to set it up in your room or something, as the finish looks very nice at first. All in all, this was not worth the buy. Terrible quality, terrible lessons, terrible everything. Please, do not buy this guitar. // 3

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overall: 9
Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Reviewed by: psquartsoff01, on december 08, 2008
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Price paid: $ 225

Features: Esteban Cadillac Guitar White Diamond Limited Edition Includes: Cadillac guitar with 3-band equalizer - measures approx. 41"L x 16"W x 4.5"H, Nylon hard-sided guitar case - measures approx. 43.5"L x 17.5"W x 6"H, Numbered certificate of authenticity, Custom guitar strap , Guitar case strap, Allen key, Polishing cloth, Chord chart poster, 6 picks, 6 extra strings, 10 Esteban Master Class Steel String Instructional DVDs Product Features: 'Cadillac' is written in cursive on sides of guitar; back has circular Cadillac symbol that reads 'Cadillac Motor Car Division,' 10 Esteban instructional DVDs - get over 220 hours of instructional lessons, Handsigned label by Esteban, Guitar top made of spruce wood; sides and back made of linden wood, Neck made of maple wood; fingerboard made of rosewood, Case exterior is black nylon; interior is silver velvet, Requires 9-volt battery for equalizer,Steel strings, Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty. // 10

Sound: The main reason I bought this guitar is because I wanted some varity in my music instead of just playing my electric guitar. Now, due to learning off the instructuional dvd's, I'm starting to like acoustic styles more. So as far as sound goes I began to play My Name is Jonas by Weezer on it and sounded very good on the acoustic guitar. I rate this guitar over all of the electric guitars that I've owned. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Upon recieving the guitar, it looked nice when I took it out of the case very carefully wrapped so it wouldn't get scratched the finish was fine it had a little bit of a 'glittery show' when you put it up against light. I could due without the part with the Cadillac signiture on the side and the Esteban signiture on the back. But I give it's fit and finish a good. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I highly recommend this guitar for performances due to the incredible sound it gives off when you play it. This guitar seems that it will last me a long time, as long as i keep good care of it. Then again there isn't very many guitars that will break as soon as you get it. // 8

Overall Impression: Sinse I got this guitar my style of playing has been slowly changing, not that I don't play my electric guitar anymore. I had no regrets since buying this guitar. Since this guitar has good durability I don't plan on getting another guitar for a long while. // 9

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overall: 2.2
Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 23, 2010
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Price paid: $ 120

Purchased from: Birthday Gift

Features: It was made around 2003. There were 24 frets. I'm not sure if they were maple. They felt really cheap like some sort of fake wood. The body felt like pine. It probably wasn't but that's what it felt like. It had a standard Acoustic peg and nut bridge. No electronics. No picups. Standard tuners. The accesories were 2 sets of poor quality steel Acoustic strings, a case that was very thin and didn't really fit over the guitar. The case was probably the cheapest part of it. // 4

Sound: The sound was very low quality. It could hold some okay sustain, but other than that it was terrible. It was hard to play, and when you hit a note it was an uphill battle to hold it down. The sound was very loud. It was the loudest Acoustic I have ever played, partly because it was very large. Way to big for a child (probably the person who's going to wind up playing it). Every note seemed to resonate loudly, but in a generally bad way. Listening to it was sort of like hearing a nice guitar through a mile and a half long sewage drainage pipe.a // 3

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was okay most of the time. Sometimes a peg would get messed up and the string would have really high action just on that one string. The wood was very poor quality. The way the strings sat on the guitar hurt your fingers to play. And I don't say just that because I was a begginner when I got it. I came back to it a few years after I started having played on Electric Ibanez guitars, and the Esteban was just aufull. My guitar teacher, who has been playing for around thirty years said it was a challenge to play the esteban. It was so terrible he said he would play it just for the challenge of how it improved his playing on other guitars. You might think that's good, but unless you are a deticated musician with many guitars to choose from, its very stiffling. The finish was low quality, but very durable. // 2

Reliability & Durability: It would never work in a live setting because it was very phickle. Often times my friends joked about how it was cursed because other guitars leaned up on a wall around it would always go right out of tune the first note you played in the Esteban guitars presence. No, this would be terrible to play lice. The tuning pegs seem to wabble and go out of place. The strap buttons are the one good thing about it. You can't depend on it because whatever way you least expect it to fail when you really need to depend on the guitar, it fails. The finish seems like it would last, but doesn't withstand dings at all. // 1

Overall Impression: I play a lot of metal of many variety's: Steve Vai, Yngwei malmsteen, Tool. This guitar is a horrible match for me.It is without a doubt the worst guitar I have ever played. I've even played a hanna montana guitar, and that was 2 or 3 times better, and it only cost $30 or $20. I've been playing for about 5 years. I asked for an electric guitar, but my father insisted I start with an acoustic. Which is why when a child wants to start playing guitar, if its not to expensive you really should get them what they want. They are much more likely not to quit (which is really what all parents worry about when it comes to their child learning the guitar) if they have a guitar that their idols play, or a similar representation ( I think Epiphone makes a model similar to a Gibson sg, but it costs $250 instead of the $1,000 price of the Real sg) but most importantly, don't just buy them something, take them to the guitar store and ask a sales accosiate for help. They are great at recomending things that are less expensive and a higher quality than whatever you usually have in mind. I hate everything about this guitar. If it were stolen I would be happy. I often considered smashing it on stage in some sort of impromptu live performance at my schools cafeteria ( the stage is in the cafeteria) so I didn't really regret giving it to my high schools music program. And that was more of a joke than a real gift. // 1

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overall: 6
Deluxe Steel String Guitar Pack Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 01, 2010
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Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: HSN

Features: Made in 08, USA, 20 Frets, Thin, painted black fretboard. Its a solid top. Finish- painted black. Body style- Dreadknought. Tune-O-Matic. No Electronics. It is completely Accoustic. It came with a crappy gig bag which has broken more than three times. I just purchased a hard case for it. It also came with a tuner, picks, 5 DVD lessons, a strap, tols. // 6

Sound: I like to play Classic Rock and some Country. I also specialize in all Metallica Accoustic Songs. My guitar performs great. Its Sound ressonates through the body like a charm. I don't use amps, its not noisy, Its full/Rich sounding. The Most I make it do is bend the strings. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: This Guitar Was almost perfect when I bought it. The only problem is not with the guitar itself, but with the gig bag it came with. Its a piece of crap. The top and bridge are all properly made and adjusted. The guitar had no flaws when it came. I was completely impressed with the quality of these guitars. PEOPLE BUY THEM! // 6

Reliability & Durability: I haven't tried a live show with it, and don't know if I should. I hate to break a great guitar. Strap buttons are pretty solid, though I don't use the strap. I wouldn't go into a gig without a back up. I have worn more than half the frettboard from playing, but I play for hours every day. // 6

Overall Impression: It is a great match for what I play. I have been playing for two years now.its all I got right now. I have learned everything I know from Estaban's DVD lessons. I think I would buy a different Estaban Accoustic, maybe accoustic-electric. It is a light guitar, It stays in tune for an unbelievable long time. I love it. I wish it had som electronics. // 6

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