DG-5 review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.6 (18 votes)
Fender: DG-5

Sound — 8
This actually sounds surprisingly good. Very nice mellow sound that's perfectly balanced. It has the punchy low end that a good will give and the highs cut through very well and are clear as a bell. The mids are all in tact as well but personally I think it could use a bit more in that department. Good for any kind of acoustic music that has that punchy bass. I use mine for Blues mainly. The downside is like most cheap acoustics the sound starts to get muddy if you strum really hard.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall I would say you would be best staying away from this guitar especially if you're a beginner. You will probably get frustrated by trying to play on the high action and it wouldn't be very fun. It fits pretty much anything acoustic that has a nice boomy low end where the highs come through but if you're looking for a bright sounding guitar this isn't it. I've been playing for about 4 years and my main Acoustic is a Sigma (basically an imported Martin) and the quality and sound of that guitar is much better. If it were stolen I would definitely save up for something else. This thing sounds pretty good but that's really about it. I would say it's strong point is that it sounds better than most acoustics in the price range but the quality and action don't exactly make it worth buying.

Reliability & Durability — 6
Not sure how much gigging this thing could take. There is no way the stock hardware would have lived up to the abuse. The strap buttons seem pretty secure but there is no way in hell I would gig this thing without a backup. Like I said overall it just doesn't seem like it's built very well.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
Action on this guitar is a mile high. I took out the plastic bridge and replaced it with a bone one that I made and it still wont get low enough to suit my fancy without getting a terrible buzz. The high action on this thing can be very frustrating, especially for the target audience (beginners). The stock tuners were terrible. They would slip constantly and I would have to tune it every 10 minutes or so. I replaced them with some Grovers I had laying around and it fixed that problem. The frets had sharp ends which I filed down. Overall the quality of the construction of this guitar was pretty poor.

Features — 7
This is your typical acoustic import guitar made Indonesia with 15 reachable frets with 20 frets total. It features a laminated Basswood top and body with a Nato neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. The finish is a beautiful stain stain that compliments the guitar really well. Standard Dreadnought body with a rosewood bridge. It came with stock die-cast tuners that. It's got everything that a standard Dreadnought has but it's not fancy or anything.

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    thinking about buying this guitar second hand... price is 120 euros what do you guys think?
    hey i have a black one and one of the strings broke, i want to know what type of string the guitar has and can you send a link of the strings of where to buy.
    Traded my daughter for one I got and learning on. I find it serves me well, I play with many other cheap brands in jambs lol, this Fender always gets a nod. :
    I picked up mine 19 or 20 years ago for about $100. One thing to remember is the action will always be different between electric and acoustic guitars. I agree with the overall ratings, but would be really disappointed if I had paid much more than I did.
    I've got one and it's my go-to guitar. Got it off a friend for $40 years ago and haven't owned one I liked more. The action on mine, however, is as low as an electric though. It was like that when I got it.
    have had my fender for 8 years now and it's still sounds and feels as amazing to play when i bought it, depending on the type of strings that are used you can actually get some pretty mellow tunes out of it. bought it for 1000kr (Swedish currency, about $200 AUS)which was fairly cheap.
    Don't think you payed $225 considering its laminate basswood top! It's not even a solid top guitar lol. Are you sure you're not getting mixed up with the DG8 which looks the same but is a solid top. If you did than you were ripped off. I've had this guitar for years and although it looks nice it sounds AWFUL the reason your mate probably put it in the trash is because it belongs in there. Fender should stick to making electric guitars
    My dad got this for me at a yard sale for 35 bucks and it has been a GREAT beginers guitar. But mine is a unique color not sunburst and not the light wood. it is like a really dark and rich brown. I have pictures of it in my profile here.
    I saw one in a pawn shop today for $90...That's why I am reading the review .But I'm just starting ( looking, not even playing ) ; I don't need something beginner -unfriendly .
    hey guys im thinking about buying this guitar second hand 120 euros not sure about the price though let me know what you think!!
    mysteroosh wrote: LDMEXICO wrote: umm, what's the price on this thing? almost $250.
    my friend found one in the garbage LOOOOOL. And it still played well! who the **** throws a fender in the trash lmfao.
    I've had my Fender DG5NAT for 5 years and it only cost me 35 English pounds new !(I got a deal on it in Toys R Us, of all places, as it had the tuner and a peg missing). It says inside that it was made in China, not Indonesia as stated in the above review. The guitar isn't that well made for a Fender branded instrument, and in all honesty it feels like a cheap Chinese knockoff. The fretboard is a very light rosewood, I think, I only found this out after I had scraped off all the black paint they'd used to darken the fretboard ! The fret work is a pretty poor job too, all sharp edges, and the 12th fret has come loose and risen up causing fret outs. On the positive side it sounds not too bad, looks pretty, and the action is good and low without buzzing, and it only cost me £35 ! Alright for a beginner or as a festival camping guitar !
    I bought the one I have over 15 years ago brand new for about $80 from a local music shop. My first acoustic. I still play it a few times a week. It's not a Martin but its great to have sitting around if you gotta get a song out.
    I just scored one today at Guitar Center for only 60 bucks. Definately worth what I paid for it.