MG104N review by Herald

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 2
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 4.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.1 (34 votes)
Herald: MG104N

Purchased from: Argos

Sound — 5
If you looking for your first ever guitar, do not buy this one, because it's probably the worst guitar you'll ever see. You cannot plug it into an amplifier, and the sound is horrific. The D string gets very rusty in no time. It is very noisy and annoying, especially if it's out of tune and the strings are rusty. I can't believe I bought this as my first guitar, well, to be honest, I knew nothing about guitars before I bought this. However, it does suit my music style, because I love playing acoustic songs on it, especially by Oasis and it doesn't sound bad, but it don't sound great. My other music style is rock, but it sounds awful playing rock songs. But if you wish to play different music styles, don't bother.

Overall Impression — 3
Before I had a electric guitar and a bass guitar, I normally played rock music rather than acoustic music. I actually used power chords and it sounds dreadful on this guitar. Using barre chords sounds completely awful. I wished this guitar could be able to plug into an amp and have a strap holder, so I could use this for playing Oasis songs in performances. What I liked about this guitar was that it helped me a lot with learning basic skills on the guitar. What I hated about this guitar was that the wood doesn't last very long and it sounds awful. If this guitar got stolen/lost (Who would steal it), I would buy a much better acoustic guitar. To end this review, if you are interested in buying your first ever guitar, avoid buying the Herald MG104N.

Reliability & Durability — 2
You can never play live with this guitar, because you cannot plug it into an amplifier. There are no strap buttons either and it would be very awkward to play live with this guitar. Despite the finish is wood, it don't last very long, because my guitar fell of my bed one day and the fretboard almost came off. I had this guitar for over four years now, and I just cannot depend on this guitar no more.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
It was set up well at the factory. There was no flaws with the guitar whatsoever except that the strings go rusty quickly, especially the D string.

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    Neo 2.3 Hylan
    I just registered to comment here, so this'll probably be the only time you see me. OK, what the hell, this is the only guitar I own, it's lasted me since the turn of the century, with the problems I've had with it is that the wood is scratched and that the fretboard makes the strings buzz, but I've been able to cope with that. You must've bought a really faulty guitar for it to break when falling off your bed, because my MG104N has gone through a LOT more, my friend. As for sound quality, I've been able to record a whole EP with this thing. (using a microphone plugged into the computer) Sure, the sound's a little buzzy, but that's it. I laugh at the fact that you wrote "you cannot plug it into an amplifier"; what do you expect, it's a freaking acoustic guitar, not all guitars can be plugged in, you know. In conclusion, try getting another MG104N, you must've got a faulty one. And to let you know how a MG104N sounds like - 7)/05_trogdor.mp3 ^This should give you an example. AND that was played all on barre chords.
    skater dan0
    this guitar is a brilliant first guitar an wtf how could u expect it to plug in to an amp its a 7/8 spanish acoustic not an electro-acoustic. It was my firt guitar 9 years ago and i have never changed the strings and the D is only slightly rusted (no more than the other strings)
    guitar dude_07
    This was also my first guitar and it was great i had no problems but you did buy yours from argos. Sometimes they can have faulty items
    Shot G
    this was my first guitar 2 years ago i also bought it at argos and mines is fine i also told my friends to buy it and they loved it there is something wrrong with u if u think this guitar is rubbish
    only worth buying if you are starting off playing guitar because you get loads of thing for 50 from argos.
    My first guitar was an MG104N and its lasted ages so I dont know what you're on about cause it's actually a pretty good guitar.
    This WASN't my first guitar but yeah i agree with people on the fact that not all guitars have to be plugged in.
    It was my first guitar also, bought for me. I didn't actually buy it. But nevertheless why the hell does it have to be plugged in? It is fine without being plugged in, just use another guitar like a real electric one for power chords or whatever. And I have had mine for 7 years now, since I was 10 and it is still in mint condition, and I still use it a lot, although not as much as my electric. =] It helped me learn a lot
    this guy fails. you cant knock it because it cant be put through an amp as its...a spanish style acoustic! power chords sound bad on most acoustics! and why are the strings ryusty when you should be using nylon strings? fail
    I've just bought a Herald HL44 in a junk shop in Devon for 15.00. It needs new strings and a clean but the sound seems excellent and the action OK. I normally play an Ibanez AE410 and have been looking for a guitar to do some finger-picking.
    For what it is, you can't really complain. It does sound quite bright though compared to other spanish styles and the nut isn't glued on properly.
    I've finally upgraded from an mg104n to a fender cd-60. thank god. I don't know why everyone's defending this terrible guitar so much. If you need a guitar or you want something to start with or practise on, it's fine. But I've had it for 10 years now so it's great to finally move on. It sounds like a cheap ukulele. The bass strings do rust and at this point I can't play it without it rattling. It sounds okay when fingerpicking, but strumming isn't as good and playing with a pick is awful. I'd recommend to people just starting out guitar. But boy is it good to be rid of it!