MSC700 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.4 (8 votes)
Ibanez: MSC700

Price paid: € 320

Purchased from: local store

Sound — 8
It really sounds good when unplugged, with a full round sound that really fits my tastes; obviously, it hasn't got a great punch since it's not really meant to be played unplugged, but it's good for me. The amplified sound can be shaped as you want, since you can get a blueish sound from magnetic only, or a sparkly brilliant acoustic sound from the piezo; I'm not really into the Drive sound, but when you have to switch fast for a quick solo without having pedals around it's more than enough. Reverb adds really something, especially with magnetic pickup, to get a blue and curvy tone that suits me well.. Now I'm totally into Opeth acoustics! Chorus isn't a big deal, only on/off, and it's quite aggressive.. Won't use it many times I think. I needed to open the back panel to fine tune the trimmers in the back to set up the volume range for the piezo and magnetic pickups for the piezo one had a really low volume; since the guitar has a mix knob for the two sounds, it was kinda hard to get a balanced mix with volumes so different! Only problem around is a bit of noise with the high tones slider up, this preamp is not the cleanest ever... But I don't really like to pump up the highs so it's perfect for me.

Overall Impression — 9
I'm an electric guitarist (own American Stratocaster and B.C. Rich Warlock 7 strings) and bassist (Ibanez Ergodyne 605edb) I'm kinda new to acoustic guitars, so I went for this that has many different sounds. It's a good guitar, I'm falling in love with this one and will keep it with me for a long time I think! The sound fits my needs really well; maybe in the future, when I'll need a more acoustic sound, I'll go for a full acoustic one, but the Montage won't leave my room in the case.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The guitar seems very sturdy, but I won't stress it right away. I needed it for some home recordings and to get more into the acoustic guitars, so it will not face action for now. Anyway the overall construction is solid and, considering it came with a really good hard case, it can travel anyway without fearing much. The strap buttons are quite solid and bigger than any other I've ever seen, so they will not give up so easily.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I had this guitar as an ex-demo, and it was setup right as I would have. The action can go really low and can be setup really quickly with the F.A.S.T. System. The truss rod was almost perfect, no buzzing or anything. It's really a pleasure, (and lighter and faster than any other acoustic guitar), to play this guitar. The guitar had some scratches on the back, but it was nothing compared to the discounted price!

Features — 9
The Ibanez MSC700NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a hybrid acoustic guitar that has piezo and magnetic pickup with onboard reverb (knob regulator), chorus (on/off switch), distortion (gain knob + volume knob), phase canceling (on/off switch), dual notch filter and tuner; it also has a 5-way selector to get piezo, piezo+magnetic, magnetic, magnetic+drive, Drive sound. It has dual 1/4 jack outputs for active sound or direct magnetic pickup sound. This guitar features a Cedar top and rosewood back and sides with a Natural gloss finish. It has a sleek cutaway semi-jumbo body with Ibanez adjustable mahogany F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Set-Up Technology) that lets the player quickly setup the action to their personal playing style. It also has a rosewood fingerboard (20 frets) and bridge and gold die-cast tuners with brown pearloid knobs. It was made in China. Since it has almost endless features and an overall good build quality I'm really pleased of price/quality.

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    Boer Goat wrote: sstony wrote: Thats a phase inverter, not phaser. Glad your looking out for my spelling, wanna cookie?
    It's not the spelling he's correcting you on. A phaser and a phase inverter are two completely different things. So I doubt he "wants a cookie", he was correcting your mistake so the next person doesn't think this thing comes with a built-in phaser too.
    Boer Goat wrote: !SOAD! wrote: question, how hard is it to reach that 22nd fret? impossible while keeping hand on neck Well, depends on what string your playing, the fretboard cuts off at a angle like this \ so only 1 string actually has 22 frets (e) And, to answer your question; next to impossible.. sstony wrote: Thats a phase inverter, not phaser. Glad your looking out for my spelling, wanna cookie?
    Wait, I'm confused. Didn't you mean "ur looking out..."?
    Boer Goat
    I'd like to apologize for previous statements from earlier this year, I am not a dick and defiantly did not mean to come off that way, sorry for the stupid, remedial statements.
    does any one still have one of these guitars around? I'm a blind multi instrumentalist looking for one of these fine guitars to use for some shows I'm doing, and it's next to impossible I've been scouring google, ebay, craigs list, Kajiji and you name it, if some one has one in Canada that would be awesome if they want to sell it. you can find me on facebook or email me at I live in Winnipeg