Elite TX 2078TX-5 review by Ovation

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.4 (18 votes)
Ovation: Elite TX 2078TX-5

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: ebay

Sound — 10
This guitar suits my style the best so far of any guitar I've owned and/or played. My style is percussive first (Stephano Barone, Erik Mongrain, etc), fingerpicking. My gear is listed in my Elite TX DS778TX D-Scale review, but have since added an Ovation OPi Idea pre-amp (which is now in this 2078TX). The 2078TX has a deeper sound than my D-Scale, but the 2078TX is a boomer, it shines for percussive playing, taps, heal hits, etc, it's like a bass drum. But it also shines in every other style, tunings, challenges that I've thrown at it. Unplugged tapping on this neck is louder and cleaner than any guitar I've EVER played. I also use drop tunings so this just adds to the depth of this beast. Amazing separation of sound especially for the rosette being where it's at, yes it's very deep, but amazingly the mids and highs are distinct and powerful. Plugged in Ovations are hard to beat, the best that I've played, the 2078TX certainly shines bright, the electronics are glorious. So far the 2078TX has met every "sound" demand that I've thrown at it, and I'm sure it's capable of handling any. I also stated that the CC11 was my favorite sounding guitar, I meant percussive heel taps, but the 2078TX is now the king, booms like the CC11 just deeper.

Overall Impression — 10
The 2078TX has captured my heart, now my D-Scale is jealous. Lost or stolen, I would weep like a little ____, and then buy another. I love everything about it, dislike nada. Favorite feature would be the fat tones, I now call this beast "fat bob". My favorite traditional guitars are Martin & Takamine( natural series), and I think the 2078TX is close to these in overall unplugged sound, but plugged in the 2078TX outperforms these and other top guitars(that I've played so far), simply stellar. And to those who like to troll 10 reviews, refrain, if I found an issue I would state as much and rate accordingly. This here is a gem...

Reliability & Durability — 10
Again, this guitar looks bombproof, and so far it is, especially for my style of playing. All hardware seems rock solid. I have depended on this guitar for any and all my demands, and would gig with it alone, but I always bring a #2 anyway (now the D-Scale).

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The factory setup was perfect, as Ovations go the action is a little high for me, but again Ovations Shine with the shim setup, this is not an imperfection, just preference. The finish is killer, the ultra-thin textured enamel black finish seems bomb proof, but still "allows the soundboard to resonate freely", true. Bridge is perfect. The deep contour body fits me like a glove, doesn't slide, easy to control and maneuver.

Features — 10
Made: 2010, N. Korea - Body Type: Deep Contour Cutaway - Top: Solid Spruce, ultra-thin textured enamel black finish - Bracing: Scalloped X - Neck: Hard-rock maple - Scale Length: 25 1/4" - Fretboard: Stained Rosewood, 22 Frets - Fret Inlay: None - Bridge: Stained Rosewood - Rosette: Multi Bass Side - Pickup: Ovation Thinline - Nutwidth: 1 11/16" - Machines: Black - Preamp: OP-Pro

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    I've $100 that says it wasn't made in NORTH Korea. Try South Korea (free country).
    Seeing as I play almost exclusively metal, I'm not one for acoustics / electro-acoustics. But that is one gorgeous looking guitar =)
    locorogue wrote: To zigras, how do you want to pay me? And where should i send the photo of the "made in N. Korea" on the label?
    Are you absolutely sure? Because North Korea is basically Airstrip One.
    l have an ovation CC-44 & i just love it. as for it's making place ... it has a sticker saying made in china ... but at a closer look inside the bowl i saw ... Bowl specially made in U.S.A ( it is engraved & not a sticker ) ... after looking into the small booklet i got with it ... the guitar was only assembled in china .... Non of the less Ovation makes awesome acousto-electric guitars !!!
    LeakyFlask wrote: locorogue wrote: To zigras, how do you want to pay me? And where should i send the photo of the "made in N. Korea" on the label? Are you absolutely sure? Because North Korea is basically Airstrip One.
    Yeah, the Elite 2078TX is N. Korean, my Ovation Baritone and my CS-347 both say Korea, i would assume they meant N. Korea on those. And my CC29S-4C was a china model(and it certainly took the quality dip).
    Correction, my 2078TX was made in 'Korea'(not that anyone gives a !@#$), i moved my label so it's not such an eyesore looking straight at the soundholes, and i noticed the area of the label where "made in" was(worn somehow), and it's definitely Korea. Assuming that means South Korea because it's "free" is to each persons interpretation, let's not forget how much communist crap from China you Ovation haters buy. But as long as you Ovation haters have anything to hang on to, your ignorance(never having played and/or owned an Ovation) will be your guide. Korea is still not China you ignorant pieces of !@#$. Because i'll take the 2078TX to any Pepsi challenge against any guitar...any day...and it will win
    To zigras, how do you want to pay me? And where should i send the photo of the "made in N. Korea" on the label? @ Air_Stryker, fair enough, but if given the chance to try one of these out don't hesitate, it plays and sounds as good as it looks.
    with respect to all, & what do i have to gain, this guitar was made in N. Korea, and i'll drop a photo of the "made in N. Korea" on the label to anyone who wishes, to anyone who doubts this. I do understand the passion, seriously, i'm a huge Ovation fan and do understand that quality has seemingly taken a hit moving to China. BUT THIS GUITAR WAS MADE IN N. KOREA, AND IS STILL OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY... And the 10 rating trolls are just ignorant idiots, this is another guitar which is not "mainstream", most of you "10" trolls probably never even heard of this guitar(losers), so stick with youtube trolling, this is serious