Elite TX 2078TX-5 Review

manufacturer: Ovation date: 10/15/2012 category: Acoustic Guitars
Ovation: Elite TX 2078TX-5
This guitar suits my style the best so far of any guitar I've owned and/or played. My style is percussive first, fingerpicking. The 2078TX has captured my heart.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.5
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 10
Elite TX 2078TX-5 Reviewed by: locorogue, on january 06, 2012
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Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: ebay

Features: Made: 2010, N. Korea - Body Type: Deep Contour Cutaway - Top: Solid Spruce, ultra-thin textured enamel black finish - Bracing: Scalloped X - Neck: Hard-rock maple - Scale Length: 25 1/4" - Fretboard: Stained Rosewood, 22 Frets - Fret Inlay: None - Bridge: Stained Rosewood - Rosette: Multi Bass Side - Pickup: Ovation Thinline - Nutwidth: 1 11/16" - Machines: Black - Preamp: OP-Pro // 10

Sound: This guitar suits my style the best so far of any guitar I've owned and/or played. My style is percussive first (Stephano Barone, Erik Mongrain, etc), fingerpicking. My gear is listed in my Elite TX DS778TX D-Scale review, but have since added an Ovation OPi Idea pre-amp (which is now in this 2078TX). The 2078TX has a deeper sound than my D-Scale, but the 2078TX is a boomer, it shines for percussive playing, taps, heal hits, etc, it's like a bass drum. But it also shines in every other style, tunings, challenges that I've thrown at it. Unplugged tapping on this neck is louder and cleaner than any guitar I've EVER played. I also use drop tunings so this just adds to the depth of this beast. Amazing separation of sound especially for the rosette being where it's at, yes it's very deep, but amazingly the mids and highs are distinct and powerful. Plugged in Ovations are hard to beat, the best that I've played, the 2078TX certainly shines bright, the electronics are glorious. So far the 2078TX has met every "sound" demand that I've thrown at it, and I'm sure it's capable of handling any. I also stated that the CC11 was my favorite sounding guitar, I meant percussive heel taps, but the 2078TX is now the king, booms like the CC11 just deeper. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The factory setup was perfect, as Ovations go the action is a little high for me, but again Ovations Shine with the shim setup, this is not an imperfection, just preference. The finish is killer, the ultra-thin textured enamel black finish seems bomb proof, but still "allows the soundboard to resonate freely", true. Bridge is perfect. The deep contour body fits me like a glove, doesn't slide, easy to control and maneuver. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Again, this guitar looks bombproof, and so far it is, especially for my style of playing. All hardware seems rock solid. I have depended on this guitar for any and all my demands, and would gig with it alone, but I always bring a #2 anyway (now the D-Scale). // 10

Overall Impression: The 2078TX has captured my heart, now my D-Scale is jealous. Lost or stolen, I would weep like a little ____, and then buy another. I love everything about it, dislike nada. Favorite feature would be the fat tones, I now call this beast "fat bob". My favorite traditional guitars are Martin & Takamine( natural series), and I think the 2078TX is close to these in overall unplugged sound, but plugged in the 2078TX outperforms these and other top guitars(that I've played so far), simply stellar. And to those who like to troll 10 reviews, refrain, if I found an issue I would state as much and rate accordingly. This here is a gem... // 10

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overall: 9.6
Elite TX 2078TX-5 Reviewed by: Nikko85, on october 15, 2012
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Price paid: A$ 720

Purchased from: Billy Hyde/Allans Music

Features: My 2078 is a current model (2012) as far as I'm aware as it was one one of the latest batch in to the country through our only distributor. Most features are already described in previous reviews so I won't go too far down that path. I will say that mine came with a semi-hard case which in more than adequate for local duties - I would only consider upgrading should I suddenly become famous and need to fly with it... I have been looking for a good acoustic for quite some time now and my research led me to this brand mainly due to their claims of durability and play-ability. This particular model appealed to me due to it's no frills and no fancy/pretty stuff looks and it's tone upon hearing it. // 9

Sound: I play a lot of blues and rock and heavier stuff, but love doing acoustic covers of these genres. This guitar have a wonderful acoustic tone for the heavier tunes as it is quite bass-y (though, definitely not muddy!) and has a full, rich tone about it. I played it at a wedding just this weekend gone with no effects, straight into the PA and it sounded great (and it got me a lot of compliments on both sound and looks!). The OP-Pro system works amazingly well with little complication and getting the right sound is readily achievable when plugged in. Everything I've attempted from warm, rich acoustic sounds through to sharp rock sounds are all accessible (as an electro-acoustic can allow!). // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Overall (assuming it were straight from the factory) it was perfect. The strings were slightly worn and just a bit of dust (from being played by one or two customers prior to me getting my grubby mits on it) but absolutely no blemishes/cracks etc. This may not even be immediately noticeable due to the (awesome) matte black finish (which matches my Gibson SG Special 3 Pickup nicely!). Action was fine from the factory, but I still took the smallest shim out when I out the new strings on which is incredibly simple to do! Big props to Ovation on this design! Intonations all perfect straight away - although I understand this is checked and correct where necessary by the chain I purchased through so this may not be accurate... I'm giving this a 9 due to strings and battery (which are probably not Ovation's fault anyway) just because that's how it was when I bought it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Have used it a couple of times, though not extensively and I would like to think that it would be able to put up with a lot of punishment - though it won't find much of that with this owner! I wouldn't worry about a backup guitar, but would definitely take backup 9V battery and strings. All hardware looks like it will go the distance so no worries in that department and I'd say the finish and materials this guitar sports are very well suited to longevity! Looking forward to a long life together! // 10

Overall Impression: If someone stole this guitar I would be a blubbering mess and once I saved up enough money I would definitely find another one! The only bad thing I can say about this guitar (and this is a STRETCH at "bad") is that they put the god-awful "Made in Korea" stickers in obvious places all over the thing! One the headstock, clearly visible inside the sound holes etc. Not a massively hard thing to rectify, so no points deducted for the stickers or for being made in Korea for that matter; plays and sounds heaps better than many American, UK, Chinese and even other Korean instruments I have played! I did a LOT of research before purchasing this guitar as money is hard for me to come buy and I wanted one for life. The durability, sound, finish and looks are better than anything I could have imagined! I had never owned an acoustic where the action didn't sit uncomfortably high (but this is more likely due to my technique being as poor as it is) and until came across this brand and model I had almost given up hope - I had begun researching how to simulate acoustic sounds on my Gibson. Once I found this and played it I haven't looked anywhere else for acoustic solutions - this one ticks all the boxes for me. To all the purists out there, seriously, give it a try and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised! // 10

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