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manufacturer: SX date: 04/02/2013 category: Acoustic Guitars
It's a good choice for beginners but not as a main instrument. Don't depend on it too much though.
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
 Reliability & Durability: 7.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6.5
 Features: 7
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overall: 6.8
EAG1K Reviewed by: sandman101, on june 12, 2012
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Price paid: $ 210

Purchased from: Guitar store

Features: - 2010. Made in China. - 20 Jumbo frets. Ebony Fingerboard - Solid Spruce Top. Basswood back and sides. - Natowood neck. Glossy Black finish. Folk body with cutaway. - Nubone graph and saddle. Rosewood Bridge. - Dr. Parts EQ400T 4 band eq with Chromatic tuner. Piezo Electric or something. - Standard SX chrome tuners. - Included accessories: amp-AGA1065, capo, gig bag, etc. Didn't expect so much feature for such a low price point. Came with D'Addario EXP's as well. Dot inlays and multiple bindings on neck and body. SX lofo on headstock. Not to mention the two-way truss rod and x bracin (couldn't tell if it was scalloped or not) the neck was glossy and I didn't like it so I sanded the finish a bit. The fretboard looked a little cheap but with a little polishing nd mineral oil it was beautiful. // 7

Sound: I have been playing for 2 years and played a lot of different guitars. In fact a lot. The guy in the store is a good friend and I always go there and try new instruments. I needed a budget instrument and this really fit the bill. This guitar for the price point has wonderful sound quality. Resonance is really good and its fun to play. But don't expect it to perform like any higher end Martin or shit. The action was lowered to my liking and I had the neck adjusted. A real treat to play. For the budget you won't get better than this. The fingerboard was relatively fast and the cutaway was an added benefit. I play everything from metal to counter and a little blues and it works well. A great practice guitar for messing round with. I've tried different settings and played different songs including a bit metal. Good for strumming because it has a really bright sound.the sound is relatively deep and has a fuzzy tone. I gave it a 7 just for the price and the fact it came with an amp and a lot of sh-t. The amp is pretty decent but at high gain the sound becomes distorted. Not the greatest amp but definitely not the worst. Price considered. I've also plugged it into my computer and the rec quality was decent. Plugged it into my Ibanez troubadour and it was a really fuzzy and decent tone. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was damn too high for me. Couldn't even play barre chords right. Well the guy was kind enough to have the action adjusted to my liking. I use D'Addario Med Gauge 80/02 ni-bronze. The guitar was well built but strap buttons seemed plasticly. Placed strap locks in replacement. The tuners are pretty decent and would hold tune really well. The pickguard is barely noticeable as the guitar is black. The glossy black was well done but was a bit too much for me. I had to make a few major adjustment and after that it was awesome. The finish was decent and I can still see my face clearly on the back of my guitar. Pickups were fine and the bridge was properly adjusted. Beside the action which was corrected the guitar didn't have any flaws and the bracing was ok. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is fairly decent practice guitar and the eq was excellent. I kept it as a backup acoustic. I did a few performance. My main acoustic is an Alvarez but its string broke on one occasion and it performed really well on stage. The pickups produced a clean tone and the guitar looked great on-stage. The finish albeit a little thin for me seems to be well done. I once dropped it and it fell from my chair. Its got only one scratch on the side. The paint is well done and ain't chipping yet though I wouldn't recommend using it in gigs. Its a good backup though. The guitar seems pretty solid to me and will seem to last me for a fey years to come as I need a cheap backup reliable instrument to practice or to mess round. // 7

Overall Impression: This is my first review and I did it on experience as any guitarist not that I worship this guitar or such but I want people to know SX makes decent acoustic for practice or backup. They are really good for messing around and for having an all time guitar at hand for playing and taking with you. For the price point SX did a really good job of keeping the price down while maintaining quality. I've got an Alvarez Dreadnought and a Yamaha. I've also got a Schecter Blackjack Avenger sls and a obey Tele and a Randy Rhoads RR3. (Can't help buying new instruments). Thought I'd try something cheap for a change and this was worth it. I take it with me and use it for practice but it ain't my main instrument. If it were lost or stolen I'd buy another SX but different instrument for practice. Love the fact that quality can also come cheap. Its a good choice for beginners but not as a main instrument. Don't depend on it too much though. I wish the parts were a little higher quality and wish the amp was better. With it. If you've got more money then get something expensive otherwise if you only need a guitar to toss in the thunk this is the guitar for you. This is my opinion and my first review. // 7

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overall: 7.2
EAG1K Reviewed by: Krizsi, on april 02, 2013
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Price paid: $ 250

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: - Made in China. - Electro-acoustic. - 20 frets. Natowood fingerboard. Dot inlays. - Spruce Top. Basswood back and sides. - Natowood neck. Glossy Black finish. Smaller jumbo body with cutaway. - Nubone graphtech saddle. Natowood Bridge. - Belcat Prener-LC 4 band eq with Chromatic tuner. - Diecast chrome tuners. - Included accessories: gig bag, stand, strap, capo, string winder, picks, cable, a DVD and amplifier (AGA1065). I don't know which year it was built, but I got this guitar from my parents back in 2006. This was my first guitar. The body and neck is very comfortable. The action was a little bit high at first, but a general set up fixed that. It stays tuned surprisingly well, considering the guitars price. Thanks to the cutaway the higher frets can be reached easily. The 4-band EQ features: bass, middle, treble, presence plus a volume knob. And it also comes with chromatic tuner. Also features 2 outputs: 1 jack and 1 XLR. The only thing I disliked about this guitar, that the fretboard is painted black, and the paint came off easily from a lot of practicing/playing. // 7

Sound: Unfortunately you can hear that this s NOT a solid top instrument, however the sound is fairly good considering it's a budget guitar. Resonance is really good and it is fun to play. Good for any kind of music genre. The guitar produces a bright sound, and it's overall good for strumming and for solo stuff as well. I used it for minor recordings (plugged it into my computer), and the sound was really good. The only thing I dislike, is that the bass sound is not that strong. It has a piezo pickup, and it works great when I plug the guitar in. The sound what you get is very good for beginner guitar players, but in fact you can get better sounding acoustics at this price point. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The Action was a little bit high at first, but after a general set-up it played very well, and was really comfortable. You can play this guitar easily when sitting down and even standing up. It only has one strap button, so you must tie your straps other end to the headstock. The manufacturer should have put another strap button on the body, but fortunately this is not that big trouble. My guitar came in a black finish, which is very nice. The tuners are decent, and stay in tune really good. The guitar is built very well, there were no flaws or anything on it. // 7

Reliability & Durability: It is a perfect beginner guitar. Really good for practicing and for home playing, and even jamming with friends. It may also survive smaller gigs as well. But for more serious performances I would buy a much better sounding acoustic. However it might be good for a backup guitar. You can really depend on this guitar to play great at any time. I Think I would also use it without a backup guitar. But as I mentioned before, for serious gigs I'd definitely buy a much better sounding elctro-acoustic guitar. // 8

Overall Impression: This guitar is my first guitar. when I got this I knew nothing about guitars. Over the years I learned a lot of stuffs, practiced hundreds of hours, and played lot of music with it. I really enjoy playing with this instrument. I would definitely recommend this guitar for beginners. I consider myself as an intermediate guitar player, and I still use this guitar for practicing. And fortunately it has never failed me for the last 6 years. The sound it produces generally fits the music that I play. With a solid spruce top this acoustic would kick a-s. // 7

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