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manufacturer: Taylor date: 12/07/2009 category: Acoustic Guitars
Taylor: 214CE
On this guitar I play mostly Acoustic, Classical, Rock, Ballads, Blues, and country songs. Great match for everything!
 Sound: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.7
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 9.6
214CE Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 07, 2009
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Price paid: $ 1060

Purchased from: Kley Zemer

Features: Type/Shape: 6-String Grand Auditorium Back & Sides: Indian rosewood laminate Top: Sitka Spruce Neck: Tropical American Mahogany Fretboard: Indian Rosewood Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood Bridge: Indian Rosewood Nut & Saddle: Tusq Tuning Machines: Enclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated Strings: Elixir Light Gauge Strings with Nanoweb Coating Truss Rod: Adjustable Number of Frets: 20 Bracing: Scalloped, X-brace Finish: Satin varnish Cutaway: Venetian Electronics: Taylor ES-T Made In 2008, and it also came with a hardshell. It has only 2 tone knobs and a volume knob. // 10

Sound: This Guitar Is Amazing! I remember searching an Acoustic guitar, I remember trying to find a sound as similar to the Acoustic tone on "Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Bizkit, and I remember searching so hard, I thought it was almost hopeless. I couldn't believe my luck when I heard this guitar, and instantly bought it! This guitar actually hits the small balnce between warm and full, to trebely and metallic! It sounds the best with open string chords, and I've been playing this guitar and composing with her for over a year and I savour every moment! I haven't ever plugged it to an Acoustic amplifier, but I assume it sounds good, though it doesn't sound the best plugged directly to the monitor... // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Onw word - PERFECT! Sounds amazing! No flaws! Strings set to action perfectness! The string holders at the bridge were so tight, I actually needed my Ladderman to take it out. I use Elixir 0.11 strings with this guitar and I just can't find any better strings to put on her! // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar withstanded a Live playing easily! Solid strap buttons! Unremovable! It fell once or twice, and except a small scratch nothing happend. I will definately use this guitar without a backup. Once I've accidently dropped it. The guitar was not damaged, and the hardshell protected it fearlessly! // 10

Overall Impression: On this guitar I play mostly Acoustic, Classical, Rock, Ballads, Blues, and country songs. Great match for EVERYTHING! I've been playing for 3 years, and never heard an Acoustic in this price range better then this one, and even my guitar teacher loves this guitar more then his. I compared it to the 1000$ Martin, Takamine, and Cort guitars. It easily won the competition. If lost or stolen, I will definately buy another one! // 9

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overall: 9.8
214CE Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 24, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 1025

Purchased from: Tom Lee

Features: I believe this particular guitar was made in 2009. It was made in mexico but don't let that take your interest away. It has 20 frets the frets are as smooth as can be and perfectly made 25 1/2 inch scale length. Indian rosewood laminate back and sides and a sitka spruce top. The back sides and neck are satin finish which I personally prefer on my guitars. It a grand auditorium style body which is perfect and feels amazing. The pick-up systems the Taylor es-t expression system and it sounds beautiful. It comes stringed with elixer light gauge nanowebs and also comes with a Taylor gigbag which is just as durable as the hardshells yet much lighter and easier to carry around! Its simple without too many expensive aesthetic features but the sound is something else. Taylor acoustic are just soo beautiful but I'll talk about that in the next section. All the features the guitar comes with is the most basic Taylor has to offer that's why I've given it a 9 but they're made to perfection perfect intonation, action is amazing it feels great looks great and plays beautifully nothing I could complain about except for the fact that its made in Mexico and cost over $1000 but hey its well worth it! // 9

Sound: Honestly I play a bit of everything but for when I play acoustic I play more open chord stuff. From Mraz to Mayer to worship songs and even good old classic rock. This thing is simple and sounds great. The pickup system is very easy to use even put some fuzz and it takes it well very full sounding great for church, jamming and songwriting. I've even used this thing on stage for a semi acoustic gig and I loved the sound! Taylors generally have that bright magical sparkle beautiful highs and rich lows this ones definitely a keeper! I compared it to a $900 Takamine I saw which looked stunning but sounded so dull compared to this beauty. I don't know what else to say you gotta try a Taylor to understand what I'm talking about! // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: As I previously mentioned this thing was built to perfection. I honestly couldnt find a thing I was upset with about this guitar. The strings after a playing everyday for about 2 months needed a change but that was about it. I strung the guitar with martins and it sounded great for about a week. Elixers are really the way to go worth every penny! This was my first really expensive guitar and the people at tom lee even gave me instructions on how to take care of your acoustic and keep it from getting water damaged by humidity. Thankfully my guitar even after 6 months still sounds and looks great. I'm not gonna like I've dropped it once or twice and often bang it on the side of a table or the grand piano but it doesnt't bruise easily she still looks and sounds stunning and I'm not lying or being biased at all! // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've only had the pleasure of playing this thing twice on stage but very often in church. I've had no problems with it all. The tuners are great. The guitar very rarely gets off tune not like my strat. This gutar is extremely dependable and I love everything about it. I've played the hell out of it even until the strings coating begins to peel and yet it still sounds great. I've had it for awhile now restrung it a handful of times and every time I restring it she sounds as beautiful as she did when I first picked her up! Great sounding acoustic! // 10

Overall Impression: I'm kind of a perfectionist and I'd spend the money on something more expensive if I know I'm getting my moneys worth. I feared this Taylor wouldn't be as good seeing as its one of taylors entry level acoustic electrics part of the 100/200 series but honestly this guitar fantastic. I am definitely a huge Taylor guitar fan they make great acoustics. Way better than any Martin under $3000 that I've tried. Honestly this things sounds just as great as any of taylors 300 or 400 series and tons better than any of the other 100 or 200 series. I'd buy another one of these in a heartbeat. I'm planning to get another Taylor acoustic in the future they're just so damn expensive but hey its worth it they're beautiful guitars I love my 214CE it sounds as stunning as my Gibson Les Paul Traditional does. The only other acoustic I'd want on my wishlist is an 814CE but who has $5000 to spend? Taylor acoustics are the best acoustics out there bar none! // 10

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overall: 9.2
214CE Reviewed by: Tentaphane, on september 19, 2013
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Price paid: £ 840

Purchased from: PMT, Birmingham

Features: This guitar is a Grand Auditorium style electro-acoustic with a "Venetian" cutaway. It's got a solid Sitka Spruce top, rosewood laminate back and sides, Sapele neck, rosewood headstock and ebony fretboard. This basically means it's a standard acoustic shape, with a warm, glossy top and a dark, rich back and sides. It wasn't what I went into the shop looking for - but it's a gorgeously well made guitar! It's equipped with the Taylor ES-T electronics, which minimise their visual impact by providing no tuner but just three rubbery dials on the top of the guitar. At first I was slightly perplexed about not getting a tuner (apparently most guitars in this price bracket don't have one). Then I started using the thing and I realised why it didn't have one! Everything about the way this guitar is put together is quality. Even the machine heads and strap buttons are very good quality (as you'd expect from an £800 guitar). It comes supplied with a rigid Taylor soft case and Elixir Light strings (which really are the ones to put on it, bronze or bronze/phosphor). // 9

Sound: Walking into the guitar shop I wasn't really looking for anything like this Taylor. I was thinking exciting dark coloured woods, multi-featured built-in-tuners, perhaps a Takamine (my friend had a particularly nice one). However after picking up and playing several Takamines, Yamahas, Faiths, Martins and a few other Taylors, the sound of the 214ce blew me away. In comparison to the £400-£600 the tone was (as you'd hope) in another league. Even amongst the £800-£1000 guitars the 214ce stood out. While a few of the other Taylors sounded great, and the Martins boasted solid woods and a strong tone, the 214CE had a sensitivity and versatility that the others didn't have. While the Martins had a consistent tone throughout their range, and some of the other Taylors sounded beautifully bright, the 214CE coupled the brightness with a deep, woody richness that gave it an incredible tonal range and much more character than its Martin counterparts. I've played this guitar in Christian meetings, for acoustic gigs, a carol service, for everything from low-down strumming to high-up picking, plugged in, acoustic - it's a dream. Acoustically this guitar shines - it's big enough to have a sound full of tone, depth and character, but not too big. When it's plugged in, the electronics also do the guitar justice, replicating the natural tone of the guitar well. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was beautifully finished, and set up perfectly. The Elixir Light strings really are the ones to use. I've also tried some light phosphor/bronze strings which are supposedly a little mellower, and also sound great! I wasn't sold on dark/light wood combinations on guitars, but the ebony parts really do look and feel great. The neck is smooth and narrow enough to be playable, and just generally the build quality and attention to detail are exceptional. The electronics unit did break on my guitar within the year - however as it was still under warranty it was shipped over to the workshop in Holland to be replaced free of charge via PMT. I wasn't colossally impressed at the speed of repair, but I've had no problems since! The guitar also came back thoroughly pampered and well set up with new strings. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Aside from the faulty electronics system, the guitar is solid! The strap buttons aren't ever letting anything off (particularly as the cable goes into the one at the base). Despite the electronics failure as mentioned above, I would now trust the guitar completely. While the problem didn't fill me with confidence, the build quality of the guitar is such that I would not expect a component to fail under normal circumstances, and so I reckon I must have been the exception to the rule and got the one guitar with a faulty set! // 8

Overall Impression: This guitar is a total dream! I play everything on it from hymns to rock to singer-songwriter stuff to Christmas carols. It's versatile, reliable and just sounds so good. It's had many compliments and it's really helped me improve as it's just so lovely to play and easy to get a good tone out of. I've played a lot of other guitars - I also own a Vox HDC-77 and some cheaper guitars - you really do get the quality you pay for at this price point. The Taylor compares favourably in tone and playability to all of the Takamines, Martins, Yamahas etc I have played - a fact attested to by all my friends asking to play it whenever they come round...! I bought this guitar after playing through a shop and falling in love with its tone. Electronics issues aside, I'd buy another in a blink if for some reason I lost this one. // 10

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