APX5A-12 Review

manufacturer: Yamaha date: 01/15/2009 category: Acoustic Guitars
Yamaha: APX5A-12
APX-series 12-string, thin-bodied acoustic/electric guitar with spruce top, rosewood back, sides, fingerboard and bridge.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
 Features: 8.5
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overall: 9.6
APX5A-12 Reviewed by: Trunx, on april 22, 2006
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Features: This guitar is the 12-string version of the APX5A. Here's some details: - Top: spruce - Back & sides: nato - Neck: nato - Fingerboard: rosewood - Bridge: rosewood - Tuners: Die-cast chrome - Frets: 22 (23 on the E-strings) - Warranty: Yamaha limited lifetime. // 9

Sound: I play nearly everything, except for hard rock. This guitar suits allmost everything, but you have to be a good 12-string player too. I have used this guitar with and without an amp, and the sound is allmost the same. The sound is rich/full and really cool, because of being a 12-string. There is a large variety of sounds that you can make with it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I haven't noticed any flaws. The guitar came without strings, and it was a bit odd to put on 12 instead of 6 strings. But everything was good. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I think that this guitar will easily withstand live playing. I would use a backup on a gig, but I'd use a backup with any guitar. The hardware will last. I haven't had this guitar for long, but I think that this guitar won't wear off with lots of playing. Yamaha's even given this guitar a lifetime warranty. // 10

Overall Impression: I own about seven guitars. I have one Aria, one Ibanez, and the rest are Yamahas. I tried to compare this guitar to them, but it was weird because all of the other ones are 6-stringed. If this guitar would be stolen, I'd get this again, because I love 12-string guitars and this one is the best! I love the cool 12-string sound, but I hate that I had to use lots of time learning to play with 12 strings. // 10

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overall: 9.4
APX5A-12 Reviewed by: Stud_Muffin, on january 15, 2009
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Price paid: £ 175

Purchased from: P.S.S Music (Grimsby, UK)

Features: I'm not sure when and where it was made, but it features a spruce top, with nato back sides and a rosewood fretboard on a 22 fret nato neck. I got mine 2nd hand, explaining the cheap price, but I got told it'd be worth a lot more new. I didn't get any physical extras, but I got a few words of advice from the shop assistants about the instrument itself and 12 strings in general, which have been very helpful. // 8

Sound: When I play acoustic, I play a lot of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz etc, but I play a lot of instrumental music, like John Butler Trio and Andy Mckee. It really suits my style of playing, which involves a lot of alternate tunings, which it accomodates very well, mostly being open C#5 (C#, G#, C#, G#, C#, C#) and DADGAD tuning. The sound is incredibly rich and bright, especially unplugged, but plugged in, a wide variety of tones can be coaxed from the in built electronics. Overall, a very versatile guitar. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I got this 2nd hand from a customer Who traded it in at my local music shop. Never met him, but he must have been quite skilled, as it was setup nearly perfectly, with the lowest action I've ever played on a 12 string, which are notorious for high actions. Incredibly easy to play and very playable. I haven't found any flaws so far, it was obviously well taken care of. I hope to keep it in this condition, as I wouldn't change anything about it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This is a very tough guitar, the strap fell off while I played it at my mums friends party, didn't even go out of tune. Never played it at an actual gig, but I've played it at 2 open mic nights, did very well and got a few compiments about 1, my playing and 2, my guitar, which attracted the attention of many regulars on the circuit. Overall, very dependable and a dream to play! // 10

Overall Impression: This is an ideal match to my style, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Might be a combination of amazing playability, great tone and something else, maybe the fact that it's been played for a long while by a very capable guitarist and been treated well. I'm not sure. But I do know that I'd definately look into getting another if it got stolen, but I seriously doubt I'd get the same guitar, as it has a really amazing character, set up perfectly and I feel that I've made a very sound purchase. I couldn't ask for much more for the price I payed. Excellent! // 10

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