F310 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (382 votes)
Yamaha: F310

Price paid: $ 140

Purchased from: thompson music store

Sound — 8
The sound is completely crisp. Its perfect for country. It does other genres particularly well too. It has a deep, sort of a bassier sound. That makes it suitable for rock. All in all, a great entry-intermediate level guitar. The stock strings are fine (had them changed in a few months) but put in better strings and you can hear wonders.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, a great guitar. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to start learning the instrument. As I said, great beginner - intermediate level guitar. If it were stolen, I might not buy it again, that's cause I prefer electrics now, but I guarantee this guitar, if well handled, will not let you down.

Reliability & Durability — 7
The guitar is quite solid. I have had it for more than a year and half now. I have dropped it once or twice and one was really severe so got a few scratches. But the sound did not change. It will certainly withstand live play, but I would suggest you change the strap button, and always have a backup in case any string breaks. The sunburst is hand painted (or so I heard) but the finish is perfect. The pick guard is also quite sturdy. Remember to clean it once in a while and it will shine.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The guitar was perfectly set up. It stayed in tune quite well. I have had no major problems with this guitar. The only thing that troubled me was the loose strap button (though I did not observe this in my friends F310's). So yeah that was the only faulty thing.

Features — 8
Year of production - 2008. Place of production - Indonesia. Number of frets - 20 (can reach upto the 15 without difficulty). It has a rosewood fretboard. Top is made out of spruce. Sides are made out of meranti. So is the back. The neck is made out of nato. The body comes in a dreadnought shape. Mine is a tobacco sunburst. Also comes in natural and cherry sunburst colours. The tuners are standard Yamaha. I got mine along with a gig bag.

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    I just bought a yamaha f310 and got it home. I played like for half an hr and it back board has developed cracks.. I dont know what to do.? I will take it to the shop 2mrw but dude it was just new. I spent so much that I could practice but this is just gonna take ages now. Lets hope that the service is nice.. Ll keep posted..
    I bought my F-310 in 1998, and it's now 2013!! Shortly after purchasing the pick gaurd started coming off the top of the guitar, and poking my fingers. This got annoying, so I took the PG off. When I took it off, some of the wood went with it. 15 years later, the guitar has close resemblance to Willie Nelson's. The only guitars that I have played that have close to the same tone as this, is a Martin DCX1E, and Breedlove. I would not play any other guitar than this. It has taken a beating over the years, and I've replaced 3 frets, and added a pre-amp and pickup. I had the action slightly lowered a few years ago, and had a very minor setup done. I was affraid the tone would be jeopordized, but it wasn't. I love my guitar, and have no plans on ever replacing her. 10 out of 10 for sure. Geoffrey Wiseman, Naples NY
    I bought this guitar a couple of months ago. Pop in some new good strings and you're ready to go
    I bought this guitar tomorrow, it has nice sound and more importantly, playbillity is just awesome. one of the best choice for the price
    I have this guitar and for the money it really is superb, great tone and a nice playing action, I would happily gig this guitar as my one has been solid as a rock, the finish on mine is as new but I'm very careful about my guitars, string choice is important but not uber critical, as long as you use good quality strings then the sound is very good (deep and clean) and it stays in tune for a long time too, if this guitar was stolen or damaged I would happily buy another one to replace it.
    First of all this guitar does not have a solid top. Laminated spruce. If there is a better value guitar than the classical Yamaha C40, it is this one. I got this for my sister and I got myself a slightly more expensive Cort MRE (which is actually quite a basic guitar too albeit with a solid top and electronics). I find the F310 more comfortable to play and they sound exactly the same. (maybe my ears are not sensitive enough) I have to say this the "bestest" guitar. Cheap and made almost like an expensive guitar. And I don't work for Yamaha =)
    Sorry hjalmar000 - you are totally wrong ; there are loads of reasonably priced solid top guitars out there. This Yamaha is just one - check out the Vintage brand as well...
    How is hjalmar000 wrong? You can't of read his comment properly. You can't get a decent sitka "solid top" guitar for less than 200 euros. This guitar is laminate it's not a solid top. Who ever said it was a solid top in the description is wrong. That being said it's a fantastic sounding guitar. I just bought the Yamaha FG730S for myself because i'm more of an intermediate/experienced player. My young sister who is very much a beginner bought this guitar. I was really surprised how good this guitar sounds. It completely destroys any fender or squier we tried in the shop. It actually humiliates the other brands. I think Yamaha are just so consistent and because of this they will probably be a life long choice for me when choosing guitars. If I ever become an expert or ever get enough cash I will obviously move on to a taylor or a martin but for now these yammys rock!
    I said he is wrong because he is... If a guitar is described in the UK as a sold top it has to be a solid top. SO as far as the UK is concerned the F-310 has a solid top. It is under Euros200 so it is a great guitar with a solid top at under Euros200. Also, if you have a look at thw Vintage brand you will find many solid top acoustic at under Euros200 that are brilliant...
    If you genuinely think your 90 guitar has a solid top they go ahead my friend lmao. I'm pretty certain that the FG700S is the cheapest yamaha with a solid top and that's over twice the price of the F310
    Sorry dude .. this is not a Solid top.. is laminated top You couldnt get a solid sitka top for under 200 I bought a F310 for about 99 and its great sounding ! for its price though i know that the sound of a solid top for ex. a yamaha FG720S is much much better.. gonna get one :p
    It cant be 10 years old, it did not exist then :\ Yamaha had a F210 which was discontinued and replaced with F310. Bottomline: with reference to price range, Hofner HAS-01's durability and ruggedness VS Yamaha F310's sound Choose what you prefer ..... strange this comment is because I bought mine brand new in 1998 came in a solid case with extra strings, guitar cleaner, a tool for turning the tuners also a wrench that I am guessing is for adjusting the neck, I havent even opened the plastic bag the wrench came in also had several picks and a guitar cleaning cloth. I have not played it as I was notable to learn to play the instructor I went to told me I am tone deaf because I was unable to tune this or his guitar. I am planning on selling it as it is as it was when I bought it as in brand new condition of course the hardcase shows signs of being moved around but is still in excellent condition. I only started to read this site to get an idea what it would be worth now.
    I play guitar for about two years. I started when I got some old acoustic, but it isn't that good now, so I am thinking about getting a new one, and I don't have a big budget so I found F310. I play some grunge and alternative, so I wonder can this guitar work for that?
    I have this guitar Since one and Half Year, Spend almost every penny I saved for about 6 months , to buy. Tone of the Guitar is simply brilliant , among all same budget I felt this was the best one. I previously had a JD but Yamaha F310 sound and Tone is exceptionally KEWL! The only thumbs down is that its a classic , so reaching the 15+ frets is very difficult , and the action only increases slightly over and over at the bottom of the neck. Overall its a GO for anyone who would like to learn , play look good on stage