FG700S review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (168 votes)
Yamaha: FG700S

Price paid: $ 199.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center, Tonawanda, New York

Sound — 10
The style of music I play is pretty much what I feel like playing in a given moment. Lately, though, I've been on this kick where I take "hard rock" songs and play them "unplugged".And for doing this, the guitar is perfect. The FG700S comes with D'Addario strings.I went ahead and changed the strings to Elixer 80/20's to give it a "brighter" sound, but in my opinion, it did'nt seem to resinate well, so I changed them back.In other words... if you get this guitsr, stick with the D'Addarios.I've had the guitar for a little over a year now, and still NO "buzz"!

Overall Impression — 9
Whatever style of acoustic music you play, this guitar would probably be a good match for you, it is for me anyway.I also have the Washburn D10SCEB, which I like, but I tend to gravitate to my Yamaha for every day play. If it ever disapeared, I would probably replace it with the same or, get the 730 model, just for styles sake. All in all, the sound, the reliability and the durability, for the money, it can't be beat!

Reliability & Durability — 10
So far the guitar is putting up well with all of my abuse.Unless I decide to go "postal" on it I can foresee it lasting for a long time to come.Dependability? This giutar is great, once you've tuned, it stays tuned! Reliability? Well put it this way... I have no reason to take another with me when I go out to play.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Well the Chinese Folk in the Yamaha factory did a pretty good job building and assembling this guitar.I only found one flaw... a little glue overlap where the neck meets the body. Though I was somewhat disapointed that the guitar did'nt come with a fortune cookie. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

Features — 10
Well the Yamaha FG700S that I have was made in the year of our lord two thousand seven. And it was made in the far off mysterous land of the east, yes, you guessed it, China! It has a twenty fret rosewood fingerboard with very small fret makers, from even a short distance, you can just barely see them.It has a solid spruce top with some great lines in the wood.The finish is natural, with a thick coat of acrylic.The sides AND back are made of some of the most beautiful mahogany I've ever seen.The tuners are non-locking chrome plated generic ones.But it holds it's tune better than any other guitar I own.When I got the guitar, it did'nt come with any extras, but the sales-guy threw in a free strap and a bunch of picks.I thought that was cool.Yeah I know, hard to believe from Guitar Center? Huh?

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    I own this guitar as well as the FG720s and I can definitely say that the FG720s is better. Has better bass response and is less stiff/twangy. With that said, I really do love this guitar. It's the perfect beater for traveling or letting friends use. Great for the price. I originally purchased it at Guitar Center for $250 (Sandburst) until I found the exact same one of some guy on Craigslist for $125 in mint condition.
    I just bought it at Guitar Center as well, and I am pleased to see that no one has had any problem with it.
    I bought my Yamaha FG700S a little over a year ago and started learning to play it. In my novice opinion, the guitar is awesome. I was convinced I was not going to go overboard and spend a ton of money on my first acoustic guitar. I looked around Guitar Center like a kid in a candy store just waiting for that perfect guitar in my price range to jump out at me and yell BUY ME! BUY ME!! I looked at some Epiphone's, Fenders and Ovations as well. The FG700 was the best looking and best sounding for the price in my novice experience. I would have liked to have gotten it with a sunburst finish but over all I'm not complaining one bit about it. Yamaha also makes this guitar in a 3/4 size for kids and people who do not have extremely long fingers such as me. I went with the full size myself and it's great. I would love to own a Martin eventually when I get better at playing guitar but I will never part with my FG700S, It's my first love as acoustic guitars go anyway and I'll have it forever. Happy guitar playing to all and I hoped this helped.
    if y'all ask me, this is the only yamaha guitar that isn't over-priced
    I have it for a month and so far I've tried to take it off everyday without success : Great bang for the buck!