Five 15 100W review by Ashdown

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (41 votes)
Ashdown: Five 15 100W

Price paid: $ 439.2

Purchased from: Speed Music

Sound — 8
I have played several basses through this amp, the latest being a Yamaha BB404, and I am more than satisfied with it's performance. It produces a really warm tone with the mid setting high, but can get equally deep and throaty when the bass is turned up high. For an extra kick, pressing the deep effect button lowers the tone even further, and with the addition of flat tuning on the E string, can produce a genuinly effective metal sonud. As for other styles, including rock, blues, jazz and even counry the performance is admirable, but I believe metal or hard rock are this amp's main applications.

Overall Impression — 8
The key to this amp is simplicity. It has enough features to warrant intrest, but not so many as to be confusing. As I mainly play rock, this amp is damn near perfect for my needs. It is as solid as a rock, and the average buyer would find themselves hard pushed to find a better quality amp at this price. Buy one now, you won't regret it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp defines quality. Over the two years I have owned it (and used it in the odd gig) nothing has gone wrong with it. I'm not sure if the people at Ashdown had intended this amp for the use of regular gigging, but I would gladly use it for such a purpose. With only a small amount of care and attention (a touch of electrical cleaning spray every so often) I am confident this amp will keep on rocking for many years to come.

Features — 6
As a basic 100W amp, the Ashdown was never going to win any features awards, but it lives up reasonably well to any demands. It has basic bass, mid, treble controls, as well as obvious input and output levels. Another couple of nice touches are the headphone jack and the CD line input. This makes it a tad easier to practice jamming with your favorite CD's, and generally is a useful tool. There is also an external speakr jack, which comes in handy if you need extra volume. The mysterious Deep button works Ok, but is nothing special.

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    Hello! Can anyone help me. I have this amp and love the sound it gives to my electric guitar (not bass). However, when I use it with pedal effects the sound is too sharp and loud. My ultimate question is: can you use this bass as a cabinet with any head, and if so can anyone recommend the suitable combo. With regards Rob
    that review just says it all =P Nice amp, but if the price you payd is in dollars or euro's, you got ripped off. over here it's about 240 euro's, and where i guitar/bass gear is often expensive.
    I really like this amp. It gives a really warm touch to the sound. I love it!!!
    Bought this amp a few days ago, and I love it. Great value for its price. Give a warm, deep sound.
    I bought it in a shop were they always ask to much(I saw them high the price of a guitar from one day to another with 50 and the price was already to high!!!) I payed 242,5 euro in the start I thought it was amazing but when I think about now I can say only one think it sounds even better than when I bought it!! you have to play a few months before you can experience its real power I love it I use a yamaha RBX 375 with it perfect rock combination if you aren't a rich bastard
    I'm thinking of getting the Ashdown Perfect Ten (the next model down from this) does anyone know if the sond is the same but with less volume?
    @blinkjoe every amp is different. Before buying one you should always try it out at a local music store. @vonroden depends on the size of the club and what type of music you play and what your other band members are using. For example if you're playing rock music on a gigsize of about 12x11 meters of floor space while your guitarist packs a 450W amp you'll need about 450W-500W to even come close. If you play jazzy music this thing would do just fine. But again what I said before you should try different amps before buying one. ----- I tried this amp at a local musicstore yesterday and I must say that I'm amazed. I tried both the Ampeg Micro VR and this little badboy here and this amp definately favors my liking, even though she has lower amount of Watts. The Ampeg sounded rather shallow for it's price class, sure it has some nice looks with a top and a cabinet but the Ashdown gave a warm nice feeling no matter what bass I played (tried both a Ibanez GSR190 PJ bass with the J pickup off and a Lakland P-bass).
    probs gonna try this amp out tomorow and if it is as great as u guys say im gonna buy for 159 or if im lucky 149 uve got me really tempted now u say its good for metal and thats what i play btw ive heard ashdown are pretty quiet is this true cuz i really wanna piss of the guitarists in my band lol
    Hello! I havent been playing bass for that long (6 months) and i am wanting to get a new amp. I play any kind of metal/rock/grunge, and practice in a reasonably big church (brilliant for playing as a band). Do you think this amp would do the job? From what you said i get the impression that the Ashdown Five Fifteen is ideal for me! thanks
    i have this amp for my yamaha bb200 it is a great amp and i love the fact you can plug in music and practice along with it or have music playing while setting up for a gig
    Its Chris 96
    Does anyone know of this amp could pull off a 150 capacity gig? I think it should have pa help aswell
    believe it or not, I actually use this as my main guitar amp. not bass guitar - regular guitar. I use a digitech rp1000 with it along with a schecter C-1 Jerry Horton signature and it absolutely hums! Next to no line noise on distortion, great low end and cut - raunchy as hell. Get LOTS of comments about the sound we get through it, have unplugged marshall, peavey, randell etc backline in favour of this, it mics well, and quite often leaves the sound tech going OMG! >... picked this amp up for $150 bucks in Melb.. lol