Ultrabass BX4500H review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 3
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.8 (31 votes)
Behringer: Ultrabass BX4500H

Price paid: $ 315

Purchased from: Thomann

Sound — 8
As said I can get a pretty good sound out of it for my playing style and I use my defretted Squier P-Bass most of the time. I took all the 5 EQ-knobs and turned them to full and then just rolled them back until I found a good bassy yet able-to-cut-through vintagey sound. I can also get a nice clinky Iron Maiden sound out of it if I cut down on the mids and use the "bright" function and a fretted bass.

Overall Impression — 6
This is really good for the price I must say, it's nowhere near Sunn O))), Ampeg or Orange in sound quality but for about 250 euro it's defintley woth it. Plays good with nomal tunings and downtuned and 5-strings aswell. One cosmetic thing I don't like is the fluffy-fabric cover, it's easy go get stains on it and tolex looks a lot better but that's no big deal. It's got a nice handle on one side so it's easy to lift it.

Reliability & Durability — 3
Behringer is not synonymus with reliability at all. The 1x15" cab I had at first died just like that when I was playing. Now the head has started to stop sounding for a few seconds at a time at high volumes. The pre-amp section is very easy to overdrive if a distortion pedal is used, even when using the active input. The construction on the head itself is really durable though, compact and heavy and has never broken.

Features — 7
I bought this solid state head, together with a 1x15" Behringer cab, in 2004 because it was the cheapest with most power. It's got to many EQ-knobs for my taste but I've managed to find a good sound for downtuned fretless playing. With the Behringer cab it made some unwanted distortion, even at low volumes with zero gain, but when I got a Hartke 8x10" cab the sound became a lot cleaner and punchier. As far as power goes it's enough for rehersals and small gigs (50-100 people) without running it through a PA system. Once you get past the 12 o'clock position on the output knob it hardly changes in volume.

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    sorry bout that man..i paid $200 for it..i think its went up now..around $240 or something..check musiciansfriend.com for exact prices..
    i've just picked on up for 199, you just cant moan at the price and it sounds great with my variax.
    this is the best amp you can buy for this price. I bought one of these a year and a half ago and i haven't a single problem. i think that anyone whos looking for a good sounding powerful amp at a low price this is the way to go.
    You cant beat them on price:quality ratio. I've had one of these heads running my 2x10 and 1.15 cabs and it hasnt skipped a beat. I've used it for small gigs of less than 50 people right up to a massive gig we did for over 1000 people and didn't need to run it through the PA, it was that clear! I flog my gear, and I wouldn't use anything else for the price.
    I have a crate BT100 bass amp at the moment and im selling it and buying a head and a cab are behringer any good? this is the head im thinking about buying along with either a Behringer Ultrabass BA115 or BA210 cab. I hope they are good because i am VERY low on cash. Please Email me matthew1559@hotmail.com check out my band www.myspace.com/madeforradiouk
    I used this head on top of the behringer 410 for almost a year. First of all let me say, behringer solid state amps are built to last. Ancient civilizations left behind stone henge, the pyramids, and the great wall. We will leave behind behringer. The cab I will tell you, is built like an ox. The wheels on it really only are worth using if you don't care about the health of your back, or are roughly the size of an oompaloompa, or smaller, and if you use it on concrete, it may tip over, which mine did a few times. You'd think with such a heavy cab, you'd get some damage. Besides some scratches, not a single thing happened. The corners have plastic cover things, the names for which I can't think of, but they break of very easily, but there's not a huge point in having them, since the construction of both head and cab, is both heavy, but very very strong. Its a behringer, and like most solid state amps, you're not going to get amazing tones. I did play about 30 gigs one summer with this, and it was both reliable with its sound and and volume. If you've got a good bass with good strings, you get good (not great) sound. If you've got bad strings on it, and you're looking for either a bright "clanky" tone, or just a tone that is not farty old string, the shape control knob can save you for quite some time. Though its no substitute for good strings or a better bass. Like the review above, the carpet cover is dumb and inconvienient. Rips in carpet are gross, and aren't easy to play down. Its built in a way though that it would be very very easy to take off the carpet and put on your own cover, and it would look very good. Some new metal corners and whatever color tolex cover you wanted, and you'd have a fine looking amp. For the money, this amp is good, but it will never be great. You can get great tones out of it, and its big which is rad, but for the money, in retrospect I probably would have spend about the same if not a little less, and gotten a little ampeg combo, because most of the places I've played are able to line out, or mic your rig, and smaller cheaper ampegs sound A LOT better. Good back up amp. I'd depend on it, but probably not buy it new again.
    [quote="DehumanizeR"]The pre-amp section is very easy to overdrive if a distortion pedal is used, even when using the active input.[/quote] I believe you don't quite understand what a distortion pedal does. Please, check your facts before making a fool out of yourself on the internet.