Ultrabass BX4500H review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (31 votes)
Behringer: Ultrabass BX4500H

Price paid: £ 120

Purchased from: Digital Village

Sound — 6
First thing I noticed with this amp was low level hum so I returned it but the replacement was the same. I popped the lid off and took a good look. The internal grounding scheme on the I/p was wrong so I modified this and the amp became "silent", fantastic. I wrote to Behringer to tell them the news that the I/p stage was incorrectly wired on their BX4500H amps but they were pretty arrogant about the whole thing, whatever. Other people at this time were having the same problems and I was able to help them out, anyway... At the time I was using this amp (I still have it) I was playing plenty of hard rock and I was shocked how powerful this amp is! It really can deliver some oomph! I would say it doesn't have much character tonally but if you want sheer power and tons of deep bass this boy really does go, I'm impressed. Not that impressed with the "Ultrabass" feature though, more like a very low end fart. The shape control seems to be a variable "scoop" which has very good range of adjustment and can give a real "thick" creamy sound. It's impossible to overdrive the o/p stage of this amp due to design which works extremely well, I'll explain later. For what it costs this amp is a very powerful beast and is really very good value for money. If you want lots of thunderous bottom end this can do it, easy. Otherwise it's tonal character may be a little dull, but hey!

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I'm impressed with this amp, considering the price and it really is powerful. I did test the o/p power and I do remember it produced just under 450W RMS (445W) @ 1KHz into a 4ohm resistive load at clipping (sine wave), impressive, and is more than can be said for other amps! The o/p stage is designed to limit when overdriven and it's almost impossible to make the amp clip, excellent feature. So, taking price, performance and features into account I rate this amp very well indeed, surprising.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I used this amp for a few months because my Ashdown had blown up! This Behringer performed perfectly and impressed me with its power and really didn't get that HOT either. It's quite heavy due to the pretty large power transformer and the case seems strong enough. It didn't falter and I know people say Behringer stuff is unrelable but this amp still works perfectly to this day. The internals are well designed, particularly the power amp section which is well heat sunk with a tunnel design for the temperature controlled fan. The only down thing was the "hum" problem which I had to fix myself but I'll have to rate this amp with my personal experience.

Features — 8
Thought I would add a few comments regarding this amp which is still current. Must have bought this about 6 years ago (2006)? I needed a spare and this seemed like a bargain so I took a chance and bought one. Its features are nearly identical the the earlier Ashdown MAG series and it was said these were copies, in actual fact this is NOT the case at all if you look inside. This is a fully transistorised single channel amp. Has Low & Hi Z I/p's, deep & bright buttons, effects send & return, tuner out, DI out (post EQ), footswich for shape and ultrabass function, 2x 1/4" & 1x speakon speaker o/p's. The five tone controls giving a pretty good range of adjustment. There's also an illuminated VU meter which is really for decoration. A limit LED comes on when the amp is driven hard.

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    Just bought this used. Kinda beat up lookin' and the fuzzy upholstery doesn't help it win any beauty contests - but this thing exploded with bass blasts all over the place. It banngs out solid thumping sonic booms. I loved it immediately upon connecting it to my 1x15. Fat sound, thin sound, bright tones, muddy slurry - whatever I wanted to dial in, the sound came out. Rock, blues, jazz, country, punk, folk, americana, bluegrass - I thought it all at this Behringer BX4500H. Sounds great! Spend a few minutes with this unit yourself and you won't be disappointed. Glad I have 'er.
    I purchased several Behringer BX 450H heads and they all work well. For those of you who have blown up equipment, was due to miss use. If you use a foot peddle or some type of preamplifier, this would not be recomended for you will overdrive the Behringer preamplifier causing a world of trouble with any amplifier. I was taught not to run one preamplifier into another preamplifier. I also have vintage tube and solid state equipment purchased 30+ years ago without any issues. No I did not drop it out of a moving truck or had it thrown down a set of stairs. I take care of my things. This head along with all of my equipment will go on performing years after I am gone.
    I'd sure like to know what it is you grounded so I can silence mine's buzz before I say pawn shop junk.
    Did you ever figure out the hum issue, would like to correct mine as well. May just buy an external hum eliminator. jeepthing1@yahoo.com