Bassola 10 review by Dean

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 3.3 (4 votes)
Dean: Bassola 10

Price paid: $ 60

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 7
I normally actually plug in my electric guitar because I like the boom it has a little more than my guitar amp. It handles it pretty well and sounds just as clean. The only thing it doesn't handle very well are chords, it sounds a little fuzzy when i try to play those. It suits my style of play pretty well, I normally play rock (like you'd hear from ZZ Top, AC/DC, etc.) It can be pretty noisy, but as I said, it does get a bit fuzzy: the sound is super clean on volume settings from 1 to about 3-3.5 but after that it starts to fuzz a bit. If you crank up the bass knob and presence knob and turn everything else down you can crank the volume knob up to about 5 and it sounds distorted like a not-so-expensive effects pedal, but it sounds good nonetheless.

Overall Impression — 8
I play rock (like ZZ Top, AD/DC, etc kind of style) it sounds pretty good with the Bassola 10, but if I wanted to really get a sound I liked I'd get a bigger amp with more features. I've been playing a few years, I own a few Acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, electric guitar, and a few amps. The only thing I wish I would have asked is if it could be bought outside of buying the starter kit it came with. If it were stolen or lost, well, i'd probably end up buying a bigger amp with alot more features, but that's just me. it IS a pretty good reliable little amp. I love the sound it makes, it's nothing special, but it sounds more natural and clean than alot of the other small amps I've had.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had the little guy for over a year now and I play on it anywhere from 3-10 hours a day, and it sounds just as great as the day I picked it up. It's never broken down, it's a pretty tough little thing. The knobs stay pretty smooth, they don't get dirty and start having that fuzzy sound when you turn them like some other amps have. The only thing that's broke on it is the input jack, but that's my fault for dropping it. It doesn't take that much maintenance work to keep it in excellent condition, as long as you don't drop it too hard or hit on anything very hard, it'll stay working just fine.

Features — 5
The Bassola 10 came in a starter set with my Bass guitar. It was made in 2008, and I really enjoy it. It doesn't have much, just treble mid and bass knobs, and a presence knob which changes the tone slightly and distorts the noise a bit, but overall just adds a little bit more boom when I'm using the bass guitar, but hey that's pretty nice for a cheap little amp! I wish it had a bit of distortion.. That would be nice, but I doubt the amp would handle it very well. I mainly use this amp in my apartment room since I can't make much noise in the complex, it has a good clean sound when the volume isn't cranked up and I like that about it.

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    No. This amp is horrible. I got it in my starter pack well over a year ago, and before 6 months or so it had shorted out and sounds absolutely terrible. I upgraded to a 100Watt BA-115 Ampeg, and it's beautiful.
    its a stater amp! anyone who expects more than average is a moron! and it is merely a bonus if it is!
    i'm not the biggest fan of dean, but this is not a biased opinion. my bass player got one with his bass pack (we're poor, so i'll try not to judge it) and for a month or two, it was fine, sort of. it was loud enough if the drummer didn't smack too hard, but after about 2 months, all hell broke loose and it just started breaking everywhere that could be broken. we would solder something to fix a bad connection, and after one practice, something else was broken. i guess that's what you get for starter amps, but oh well.
    I got this amp with my bass starter kit and its been working fine for me for about 6 months now. There is some fuzzy noises when turn the volume up, but it is good enough for me.
    it's a starter amp. what do you guys expect? it's nothing special, i've said that quite a bit. i don't crank up the volume either. i play with it at about 4 or 5 most of the time, so that's probably why it's lasted me so long. any amp that you put to the limits will eventually break down. specially small starter amps. besides it's all in the name: STARTER amp
    ive had no problem with my Bassola 10 (yes, i've had it for almost as long as this guy) and the only, the ONLY , problem i've had with it is the input jack coming a little loose, making it buzz a little. but that's about it. Take care of your amps, and they'll usually work well.