Rumble 60 review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (15 votes)
Fender: Rumble 60

Price paid: $ 249.99

Purchased from: Musican's Friend

Sound — 8
I use this with my Peavey Grind 5 BXP bass. It is great for versatility. You can get the tone for slapping, or get it for a nice warm rumble. I find it great for almost any musical style. With the volume and treble EQ up it tends to make a slight static-type sound (like many amps) but it is no problem because as soon as you start playing you can't hear it at all. I only wish it could go a little louder, but it IS only 60 watts.

Overall Impression — 8
This amp works great with any type of music you play. I like the tone, quality, and the looks of this. It is great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-cheap amp for small gigs and shows. For the price range I think I made the right decision buying it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is the most durable amp I have owned. It has carpet padding all along the outside, as well as oversized corners to keep it safe if it falls. I would deffinately use this at a gig without a backup, though it would only be powerful enough for small shows.

Features — 8
This is a 60 watt Fender solid state amplifier. It has a 4-band EQ the makes it great for playing different tones and music styles. It has two seperate inputs for active or passive, as well as a push Switch for mid-scoop. There are "pre amp out" and "power amp in" inputs which I still have yet to try. There is also a headphone jack and an output jack for sound reinforcement. And of course, the little red light that flashes at the bottom when you play. My friends always have fun watching that.

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    i will kill you! rogue basses are great for the money and if you can play bass at all good you would know that idiot!
    goldenslumbers wrote: i will kill you! rogue basses are great for the money and if you can play bass at all good you would know that idiot!
    rouge basses suck, their VERY unrealiable, weak in sound and are basic basses for begginers mostly. for begginers sure but nothing more than that.
    just a note to anyone who orders this amp, i ordered one and got a strange ratteling noise on notes (NOT FRET BUZZ) this happened on the actual note, with multiple basses. with headphones you cant hear it so it has to be something inside the amp. I just recived a replacement from musiciansfriend, and rhe same thing!! i personally think there was a **** up on the production, and so far fender is being cool with this and is going to refund my money, im just going to end up getting a peavey speaker cab and a behringer head for something that wont do this, and im buying in person incase it was a shipping problem