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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Fender: Rumble 75

Price paid: £ 210

Purchased from: Abbey Music Shop

Sound — 9
I have been playing bass for only a year now, and I currently play a Squier Jag Bass. The amp sounds amazing. I love how clean it sounds. With the 'Punch' preset on and the treble boosted, you get the perfect 'Funk Rock' tone. Whack on the overdrive, boost the bass and set the gain on full, and you get the perfect Hard Rock/Metal tone. As you can tell, I mainly play Rock, Funk Rock and a little bit of Metal, yet I am sure this bass combo could easily do jazz, blues and all sorts. This amp is also LOUD. I generally practice at quite high volumes at home, and most of the time the volume isn't even at the quarter mark. It has plenty of bass, treble, and having the 'Low-Mid High-Mid' really helps you get the sound that you're looking for. Another thing to add is that recording is a breeze with this combo. The Audio is really clear, (obviously it isn't as good as a proper studio setup) but for demo's and quick recordings, the line out is ideal.

Overall Impression — 10
I mostly play anything rock, grunge, metal and funk. Whether that's the Foo Fighters, RHCP, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana or even a tiny bit of Blink 182, this amp gets that sound perfectly. What do I love the most? I love everything to be honest, yet I love the 'tilt back' feature, really helps 'booming out' the sound, and I am sure that I could easily hear myself over other band mates (haven't used it with them yet, but I can't wait until I do! ' What else is there? 2 Inputs, frikin' love that feature! It means one mate can bring his guitar over, plug it in, and away we jam! Easy as that! One final thing; the 'Scoop' feature. I use this for my slap bass stuff, you know, "Can't Stop" and "Know Your Enemy" are some of my favorite song to play at the moment. I don't hate a thing. I'd definitively buy it again, really affordable for what it is. I was looking at the Ampeg BA112 yet because it has less features, and is more expensive, I went for the rumble (and I'm glad I did! ) All round, this amp is excellent. Get one. Now. Thanks.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing is built like a tank. It weights quite alot, yet it won't break you're band (yet I would advise whacking it in your car and driving down to rehearsals. You have been warned :)). It am convinced it won't break on me, I have only had it for 3 weeks or so, yet I know it will easily last over 10 years (If your treat it properly) I would definitely buy it again. For me, it is perfect. The steel thingies on the corners of the amp, and the general solid build of the thing, mean you could really chuck it around the place, and there wouldn't be any damage done to the amp itself.

Features — 10
The Fender Rumble 75 is a solid state bass combo with a 12" speaker. It features 2 inputs, a volume control, a clean/overdrive channel, 'Gain' and 'Blend' controls for the overdrive, 'Punch' and 'Scoop' style presets, 4 Band EQ (Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid and Treble controls) an Aux In, Headphone output, Line out and Line in for a footswtich (The footswitch itself strangely wasn't included with the amp... ) All in all, it has everything need, and nothing I don't. I love the '2 inputs' feature, me and a guitar friend were practicing a few songs together, and it sounded excellent! Not exactly crystal clear, but the audio (with 2 guitars playing at once) is really good.

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