MB112 Review

manufacturer: Gallien-Krueger date: 07/14/2011 category: Bass Amplifiers
Gallien-Krueger: MB112
The MB112 is a conveniently small, 28 lb. amp by GK. But at 200 watts, has some great sounds. It's a simple, one channel amp with active/passive inputs, a gain knob, a mid contour switch, and a 4 band EQ.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 7
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overall: 8.8
MB112 Reviewed by: Charley2715, on july 14, 2011
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Sound: I play into this bad boy with an Epiphone T-Bird Pro bass, and it sounds great. I'm able to achieve not only good rock tones, but great mellow motown tones, and incredibly great slap sounds. It stays clean for a good amount of time, and it's cleans are very articulate and resounding. It will eventually dirty up with enough volume and the right eq, and though it sounds good, I found the cleans are so great I simply prefer them. I'm not sure if its the cab design, but this has the most low end of any 12" I've heard, and given that it doesn't fart out, I could be fooled into thinking its a 15". // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've only had this amp for a few months, so I can't speak on it's longevity, however I have yet to read where one has broken down. The amp runs very efficiently, and even though it has a fan on the back, it's never had to come on. I would gig without a backup if I had too, though I'm my bands guitarist who just wanted to learn bass, so I guess I won't gig with it much at all for now. I trust this thing for a while. I'll give it a 10 in good faith. // 10

Overall Impression: Given that I play rock, with some slap and funk thrown in, this amp performs like a champ. I haven't been playing terribly long, and a bass expert might hear better amps, but for me, I can't think of anything more cost effective since it is only 340$. It's made for portability. And it does well. It's a little deep, making it somewhat awkward, but it's still pleasantly light. I have no regrets buying the amp, as I'm totally fine with a simple set up. My one gripe is that there's no Ground Lift switch, making recording a challenge. If it were stolen, then some guy needs to check his priorities given that there are considerably easier things to steal than an amp. Regardless, I'd get another one. // 9

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