35B review by Gear4Music

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 3 (7 votes)
Gear4Music: 35B

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Sound — 6
I currently use a 5 string bass with it and it has no problems with handling low notes. The EQ works brilliantly and gives you a nice variety of tonal options and turning up the presence helps you cut through the mix a little if you're practicing with a band. Unfortunately it struggles to maintain tonal clarity if you turn the master volume anywhere near 3 quarters max, fortunately for me it manages to be loud and clear enough to be used for practice (even with the noisiest of drummers). This makes it adequate for practice, during a live scenario however the distortion from having to turn up the volume completely destroys the tone.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall it's a fair little practice amp, nothing mind-blowing but at the same time it's not crap either. It's perfect for its purpose however it's just shy of being viable to use for even the smallest of gigs. The main bonus for me is that it's easy to carry around, it's no fun lugging an 87LB amp around just for practice.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It seems to be solid enough, I haven't come across any problems with it in the 3 years I've used it. The sound quality hasn't diminished during this time despite being used regularly for practice, as an amp for my electric drum kit and for a few months (reluctantly) gigged with.

Features — 7
For a cheap practice amp, it comes with a decent amount of features. It's a 35w solid state amp with a 3 band rotary EQ (along with master volume and presence), high/low input (which is handy for basses with active pickups) and headphone output on the front. The back sports a line out and effects in/out. The speaker is 10" and it comes with a solid carrying strap on the top. One negative point about it is that the power cable is really short, unless you have an extension then you'll have to play ridiculously close to a plug socket. I use this for band practice since I'm too lazy to lug a Crate BT220 with me each time.

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    there is a sinister reason for gear4music being so cheap....those are thieves who endlessly resell the very same item...if you have received the item it means that they have your address now and they might get "their" guitar back, very soon... but most of their "customers" (victims) never receive the item they have paid for, cause gear4music usually "works" together with ukmail thieves.... endlessly re-selling the same item... for 10 they obtain "proof of posting" from ukmail, but the instrument never leaves the shop.... they keep on reselling it ....if you complain to gear4music they show you "proof of posting" (good value for money: cost them just 10, and they can keep goods worth hundreds and thousands of pounds) .... this is "as far as their concern goes"...but if you complain to their partners at ukmail you can only do so by calling the premium phone number which is never answered.....from their point of view this is better (cheaper) than catch22....it is catch10...
    Don't know what you're on about mate, my friends and I have been using them for years to buy guitar and bass equipment at some of the cheapest prices going! My stuffs always been delivered within two days with the free savers delivery!
    Indeed - Whilst I try to support my local shop as much as possible, I too have purchased plenty of stuff from Gear4Music. It's always arrived promptly, in perfect condition, and has been great value. Some of their own-brand stuff is far from being amazing quality, but that doesn't mean it's bad value. You gets what you pay for don't you!