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manufacturer: Laney date: 10/31/2005 category: Bass Amplifiers
Laney: R2
The R2 combines high power with flexible tonal options such as its versatile Enhance and Presence controls in a compact kickback unit. Featuring a 12" Custom Voiced Celestion Speaker and switchable HF horn along with 120 watts RMS output, it will move a serious amount of air when called upon, but it still goes in the back of the car at the end of the night!
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 8
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overall: 8.5
R2 Reviewed by: callingknopfler, on october 31, 2005
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Price paid: $ 457.5

Purchased from: TRvor Davies Music

Sound: I use an Ibanez 405QM with active Bartolini pickups. It has a 3 band active EQ with bass (boost/cut), treble (boost/cut) and mid frequency pot and mid boost/cut. I can also change the amount each pick up is being used which can alter the tone dramatically. The amp and the guitar suit the rock sound really well and folk. however when I play jazz I use an old Yamaha BB1100S with with the standard P pickups and rotosound Jazz bass strings. The amp really helps and creates anice warm resonant tone. The amp can get quite loud but dont turn the bass up too much! The sound can be well manipulated with the EQ: bass, treble, parametric EQ (level/frequency) enhance and presence. It distorts quite a lot when the volume is up too much, so if volume is what you need, don't get this one get the next one up. // 9

Reliability & Durability: If I used it in a gig with my rock band I would definately have a back up. No way could it handle it. The amp has never broken down and Laney are very helpful. It is also very tough. On the way to a gig the other night, the boot of the mini bus we were in flew open and the amp went flying out. My dad had made a wooden cover for the front and that protected everything, unfortunately, the corners took quite a bashing and one fell off. It still worked perfectly though! // 8

Overall Impression: Overall this amp is very good, and if I go to anything bigger I might just get a bigger Laney richter amp. I'm still not pleased though aboput Laney saying that the amp was 120 watts. // 9

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