LowDown LD150 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (32 votes)
Line 6: LowDown LD150

Price paid: $ 399

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I use this amp with a Dean Playmate, and for such a cheapo bass, it sounds awesome with this amp. The lowend is totally awesome and rattles the windows. The gain can go from the slightest hint of overdrive to the heaviest possible distortion (although the distortion does suck out a bit of the lowend, just like a Big Muff or Tube Screamer would). The overdrive is great though, and responds to how hard you are playing, as does the envelope filter. The volume will go as high as you want and the clean channel stays clean. The only thing making unwanted noise is the pictures on the walls. It suits just about any style: Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk, Jazz, or Metal.

Overall Impression — 9
This amp is a good match for just about any style. I compared this to an SWR WorkingPro, a Fender Rumble, and a Fender Bassman, and they just didn't compare. This thing has an endless array of tones. If someone stole this baby I'd get it again, except maybe I'd go for the 300 watt model. Believe me though, this ones already loud enough for any small or medium gig. I've been playing for less than a year and in my opinion this is a way better second amp than the Fender Rumble 100 that everybody seems to have. This ones louder, sounds nicer, and has so many more features (ok, so it doesn't have the pretty red light, but oh well). The only thing I wish it had that it doesnt't is maybe a horn for the more trebly sound. I usually go with the earth shattering low end a la John Paul Jones, but occasionally I want the more modern feel. The larger models with the 15 inch speakers both have the horn, but apparently they couldnt find room for it in the 12 incher.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This amp is very sturdy and rugged. The cab is made of some nice hard wood, and covered with thick carpet. The speaker is protected by a metal grille, and the knobs are nice and heavy. It's just barely too big to carry with one hand, but one person can easily carryy it by themselves. It's never broken down on me, and I don't think I would need a backup for it.

Features — 10
Made in China, probably late 2006 or early 2007. Solid state amp with versatility good enough for any genre. It has 5 Amp models, a synthesizer, and 3 effects. The amp models are: Clean (bright and funky), R&B (deep and bluesy), Rock (modeled after an Ampeg head and 8X10 cab), Brit (modeled after a late '60s Marshall, with just enough overdrive), and Grind (heavy distortion). The Synth has resonance, envelope, attack, decay, cutoff, and waveform controls. The built-in effects are an Envelope filter, sub-octave, and bass chorus, which all can be dialed into varying levels of intensity. There is a 4-band EQ and gain control, as well as a built-in studio compressor. The amp has 4 channels which can be modified at any time at the push of a button. Pick your amp, EQ, gain, level of compression, and effect, then push the button and the amp saves it until you overwrite it. The amp is 150 watts and has a 12 inch speaker. It can stand up straight or be tilted back for use as a monitor. Other features include: Headphone jack, effects loop, MP3/CD input for jamming along, direct out to an extension cab, ground lift Switch, Passive/Active inputs, and a special Line 6 jack for use with a Line 6 pedalboard or Variax modeling bass.

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    great bass amp for any style, great sound, fat lows even with the amp models and the smart FX activated
    I started playing Bass a couple months ago, and have been saving up and shopping for my second amp. I compared this to the Bassman, and Rumble series, and after doing some research on Line 6's site, I went into Guitar Center and found the amp, and the same bass as mine. now i'm a huge heavy metal, punk, etc type of person (Fender Squier series) and holy shit, it was absolutely amazing on "Grind" with it extremely low. I am definitly buying this model.
    I own one of these and it has served me really well ever since i bought it a year and a half ago. I found it did a great job for pub size gigs. brilliant piece of gear!
    shadow of deth
    the only down side of this is it makes evrything in my room rattle and vibrate... when it gets nice i'm gonna take it outside and unleash holy wars or peace sells... on all the neighbors!!!!!
    i got the 300watt version, and i am very impressed, it has such nice tones on it that really impress me, would love to get a head version of this so i can get a nice stack going, very nice tone for a good price!
    I played one of these in a shop today, and I'm going to buy one of these. I compared it to a GK Backline 115, and this one spanked the GK in all aspects! Especially the distortion. I'm a huge Fear Factory fan, and I hate all distortions I have tried so far, except this one! It sounds really close to the sound of Christian Olde Wolbers/Byron Stroud. I did some research and found out that it's based on a Sans Amp distortion. Don't know if it's the same as they use, but it sounds awesome!