Little Mark II review by Markbass

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (16 votes)
Markbass: Little Mark II

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
Holy crap! I am blown away by this baby after 6 months. I use it through a Line 6 Bass PODxt Live that it shares my case with. Just to prove how versatile the amp is, without my Line 6, I play whole metal shows with just the markbass plugged in! Plus, when I play jazz and worship, I just turn up the VLE nob and out come the smooth tones without the raspy attack of my active bass. I have pushed this little baby up to 7 and then I have to leave the room because of how loud it is. I know that volume is a relative thing, but for that, just head down to guitar center and try any markbass for that matter.

Overall Impression — 9
Being new to the brand, I came in skeptical. And left as a huge fan. I would promote this over any Ampeg or GK. Solely because it can do both! Being a bassist for 3-4 years, I knew what tone to go for. I play everything from worship music to heavy metal. This amp does it all! I must say that the construction would be something to change, but that's if you can't afford a bag or a rackmounted case.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Being a switching amp, it produces pure-tones without the susceptibility to heatsinks like most tube powered amps. I have to say I will never need to back this amp up. I say that because it sits safely inside my road-runner rack. I bought the warranty not for sound and gig purposes, but at the time, I didn't have the rackmount. Be prepared to either buy a case from Markbass or buy the $30 rack ears. It has a very sturdy construction, but it does not come enclosed.

Features — 9
When I first saw this little guy, I was immediately put off by the size. This thing is tiny! Weighing in at 6lbs, it packs a huge punch! I don't know the ohm rating off-hand, but it pushes 600w. On the front, the Markbass Little Mark 2 comes equipped with an 4-channel EQ, as well as VLE (vintage loudspeaker enhancer) and a VPF (variable preshape filter). In simple terms, the first promotes overtones and excessive tube-like tones. The latter is compared to a mid-scoop on a guitar amp. With these two twins, you can go from Ampeg-like classic to Gallien-Krueger slap style with just a turn of a nob. Gain, Clip light, and master volume complete the front. On the back, besides a built-in fan, it sports a speak-on out with an optional class 2 wiring as well for 1/4" connections. A XLR line out with an addition tuner out. All of that, with an effects loop and ground-lift. A basic amp with lots of power.

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    I just bought my markbass 4x10 with the R500 head. Simply amazing. The tone range with only a 4 band eq, gain, and master is unbelieveable. I play a Peavey Millenium BXP 4 and my bass sounds great with this amp and head!
    the best part about this amp is the fact you can run the EQ at 12 o'clock across the board and it sounds fantastic. i rarely touch the amp's EQ and i just dial the tone in on my basses. couple this amp with a sonic maximizer and you'll have a very defined sound for metal.
    I didn't think much of them because of the price. I just put a deposit on a CMD102p (500w 2x10 combo). Looks little fluffy bunny but grawls like a bear. I'm just trying to get a bit more money into budget to pick it up. I played a jazz and a musicman then a SR905 all came out sounds the way they should. The only bass that freaked out the 2x10s was an E on the B string punched hard (mosts amps and cab have issues with that anyway. I was looking at a GK with quad but really the size and portability have won me. I play a variaxx with effects. I play in covers band mostly atm and require a great range of tone to set the mood/atmosphere. I think this beast is exactly what i want. ps I have read a lot about people whinging about the DI settings (or lack). Who uses a pre DI anyway? Why let the sound eng set your tone (I'm also a trained audio person too)? You need the FoH to just amplify your bands onstage sound not change it.