Crush PiX 50BXT review by Orange

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  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Sound: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (10 votes)
Orange: Crush PiX 50BXT

Price paid: $ 260

Purchased from: Marshall Music

Ease of Use — 8
It's a simple to use, 3 band EQ, great gain control, built in tuner, line out and a aux input together with the usual headphones out too. No editing patches, manual is self explanatory - all you want to do is play the crap out of it anyways. Don't think its been upgraded, just that it is the "big brother" of its 25watt previous counterpart which is pretty tiny. One step up would be the 100BXT which in size isn't much bigger than the 50 watt, but the volume is just 10x more sensitive - you would never be able to use it as a practice amp. Anything more than that and you're looking at cabinets and bass heads. Overall, I'm really happy with mine and if you're doing research and thinking about getting one then I highly recommend getting this amp, it's really fantastic and I don't ever see myself getting rid of it.

Sound — 8
First of all, I'm doing this review because the previous one was really crap and hardly offered any help at all. My music style ranges anywhere from British Bass (Arctic Monkeys and Zeppelin) to Hard Rock Bass (Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against and Muse). The Orange Crush Pix 50BXT is my first Bass amp and it surpassed all others I tried such as the Line 6 Low Down and the Roland Bass Cube. At the moment I play into the amp clean as day without any pedals but I am leaning towards a Boss ODB-3 in the not too distant future. The only time it gets noisy is when you're standing right in front of it and the gain is anywhere between 1/2 and 3/4. Tone wise - I'm able to get everything from a pristine clean bass tone to a chunky sound for slap and if I pump the gain past halfway you get a really cool fuzz, break up sound which is great for Muse covers. Loads of variety.

Reliability & Durability — 8
The amp itself is a really solid box, Orange Amps are known for their top build quality and this is much of the same, the orange road tough exterior combined with metal corner protectors ensure that wherever you take it and however you transport it, it should be able to take a beating. Also, its not light - a clear indicator of quality. Hardware is right on top of the amp and will definitely last as the knobs don't protrude outwards so there's no chance of you snagging one on something and it coming off. The 12" 50 watt 4 ohm crush speaker is by no means soft, I mainly jam at home with friends and I've never been able to turn the volume up past a quarter because its that powerful, should be fine for gigging though, its also got a line out if you're going to be playing into a PA system too. Plus, the built in tuner just makes life that much easier.

Overall Impression — 8
It's a great amp, for beginner to intermediate, weather you plan to gig with it or just practice at home, its a really decent little amp. It's simple because it's a combo amp and thus theres no need for a head unit. I've been playing bass now for just over a year, first on an Ibanez acoustic bass into a Troubadour TA-30 (not mine) as well as an Ibanez soundgear bass with a Behringer 100 watt amp at a gig this year (also not mine) and then finally managed to get my ass in gear and get a black Cort Action 4 bass and the Orange Crush Pix 50BXT about 3 months ago and its never let me down down yet. The only thing I would suggest is that you raise the amp, so place it on top of a crate or something, about 5-6inches off the floor, makes such a major difference to the tone, much more full. If it broke or were stolen id be pretty upset but I'm pretty sure that id go out and grab the same one again. I love that its easy to use and practical, my favorite thing by far is the gain setting and that awesome break up you get from it even at low volume, also the front grate is removable so maintenance is a real breeze and it looks cool with it on and off. I compared this to quite a few amps, the Line 6. Low down range is very monotonous and you can mess with that EQ and get no results whatsoever and the Roland Bass Cube was cool but nobody wants to gig with an amp that inst taller than their knee. Honestly, it was between the Orange and a TC Electronic BG250-115 which I couldn't get my hands on anywhere.

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    Thanks for the info. I've actually considered this one as a practice amp for my apt. But I'm holding out a few more weeks to see what's In store at Namm.
    No problem, glad i could help! Its a very cool amp especially for practice at home. Have a rad time at Namm !