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manufacturer: Peavey date: 12/04/2012 category: Bass Amplifiers
Peavey: Max 158
The Max 158 combo bass amp is an awesome practice amp, designed for all levels of players. Whether you're just learning to play or warming up backstage, the Max 158 is a great bass amp to own. Peavey has added exclusive TransTube technology giving you two separate voicing selections Vintage and Modern each with its own distinct tone. With 15 watts of power, low, mid and high EQ controls driving an 8 inch speaker, this little amp really puts out some bass.
 Sound: 5.5
 Overall Impression: 7
 Reliability & Durability: 7.5
 Features: 6.5
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overall: 4.8
Max 158 Reviewed by: Brad_Bassist, on march 03, 2008
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Sound: I don't know what my pick-ups are (I'm dumb that way). It isn't really loud on any setting, in anywhere but in a 6' x 6' room haha. The amp gives a basic tube amp sound it doesn't have that much of a variety of sounds actually barely any just a tube amp sound(I'm really bad at this I can't explain if my life depended on it). // 4

Reliability & Durability: You can't really use this in a gig without a backup since it is only a 15 wat amplifier so using it at a Live gig wouldn't be the smartest thing a person could ever do but using a back-up with it still wouldn't be very good Live. If you do buy this just use it in your house with headphones that's basicly the only time it will sound loud. // 5

Overall Impression: I play thrash metal that style of music doesn't make a good match with the Peavey Max 158. I've been playing bass for about, since X-mas no other gear stuff. If stolen I would not buy this anagin I would buy the Peavey MAX 115. I'm pretty much neutrel about everything about this amp. I wish I had the Peavey MAX 115. I know this might sound like this is a very bad amp but it's not it is good but not Live. // 5

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overall: 8.5
Max 158 Reviewed by: passifid, on december 04, 2012
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Price paid: £ 85

Purchased from: GAK Brighton

Sound: I am using Fender 2010 American Special as standard with Twin Jazz pickups and the Greasebucket tone circuit. I play mainly: Funk, Rock, Grunge, reggae and pop. Does it suit: Funk: some, it will suit funk with a very bassy bass line such as bootsy Collins but requires ALOT of Eq to get a reasonable RHCP/Incubus style sound. Something like bass reduced by 50% and rest increased a lot. Rock: Fine, if not a little muddy but its ok if I have to put it into words those who own Ashdown amps, its got the same bassy qualities as the large amps but a big lack of note definition. That being said I can still make out individual notes. Grunge: Works lovely for this due to the minor distortion problem adding to the effect, also I personally find it easier to get note definition at Drop tunings Reggae: Fine, the muffled bassy sound makes this a lovely amp for me to play with for the slower songs, on the faster riddems I have to roll tone on a bit more and some more bridge to increase clarity. Pop: this is fine as no one really minds my tone when playing pop its all about the catch lines... It has large distortion starting at about 2 and getting annoying at around 4 and up, however playing at 4 means you are being obnoxiously loud if you live in anything but a detached house in which case I would get a larger amp for practice as you can have rehearsal sessions at home. For a 15 watt amp it is really quite loud. // 7

Reliability & Durability: It seems solid and well built I would depends on it for years as a home amp. If I was practicing/trying to gig with a small acoustic group or practice with a electric drummer (I stress not a live drummer) I would say it should survive well as long as you don't crank it. I would never take this to an outside gig or a gig with a drummer or a loud audience as it is simply a practice amp at heart and isn't powerful enough for a gig. If you regularly play past 6-8 I have this feeling you are gradually coning the amp and it will become a horrible muddy mess. Remember just because it can go JUST loud enough for a drummer practice doesn't mean it should. // 10

Overall Impression: Nice amp, nice full bass sound compared to the Hartke 15 watt bass combo I tried alongside. It can throw out anything I want it to. I have been playing bass for 1.5 years and I played guitar for 2 years previously and have owned, cheap 20watt electric guitar amps, Roland Micro Cube, Crate 210 combo for guitar, 10 watt bass practice amp Gear4 own brand I think, Ashdown Electric Blue 180 12 Inch Version and this. For basses I own: Peavey Zodiac BXP and Fender American Special Jazz Bass. If it were stolen or lost I would like to try out the Ampeg 108 however if that wasn't satisfactory this is the best practice amp I have tried ever which is no accolade as it is only better then a Gear4, Hartke and a HiWatt. I love the very bassy tone which I couldn't find without EQ on other practice amps which allows me to play the music I want to such as grunge and reggae without having to bring a larger combo to my uni flat.

// 9

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