TNT 115 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (20 votes)
Peavey: TNT 115

Sound — 8
Well, I play my Squire Jazz through it, as well as anyother basses I get my hands on, they all sound pretty good. I Play mostly classic rock as well as punk and any otehr songs I think sound cool, the only problem is it has a little trouble getting the slap sound I want, but that may be because of the bass. This amp is loud, 200 watts. When I'm practicing I hardly ever turn the volume past 3 and my 2 guitarists use a couple of 100 watt combos, so volume is never a problem.

Overall Impression — 10
It seems to be a good match for anystyle of music I've tried so far. I've been playing a little over 2 years, my first amp was a Peavey Minx110, which I liked alot so I looked into this, it was all the sound I was looking for and better. If it were stolen, I'd buy a new one for sure, I love mine. I wouldn't take an extra amp with me to gigs because it's very reliable and it also has a little light that flashes when your getting a little rough on the speaker, so no worries there. Very good amp.

Features — 10
The Peavey TNT 115 Bass Amp is great for the pro who needs an amp for small clubs or gigging around. It's our most popular bass combo amp. - 200 Watts RMS into 2 Ohms - 150 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms - 1/4 inch input jack - Active/passive input select switch - Pre and post gain controls - Bright boost switch - Contour EQ switch - High and low active tone controls - shelving type - 7-band graphic EQ with in/out switch - Post EQ effects loop - footswitch controlled - DDT speaker protection circuit with defeat switch - Status LED indicates power on (green) and DDT active/clip (red) - Low noise, electronically-balanced XLR output - pre EQ - Ground lift switch for XLR output - Thermal, over-current and DC crowbar protection circuits - 15 inch Blue Marvel speaker - Horn-loaded tweeter - External speaker jack - Headphone jack.

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    btw the one i played had a 15" black widow. my bud says the marvel is a piece of stink
    hells bassist
    i got one of these its quite old but sounds good at first i fourght there was rattles but its just the immense power rattles everything thats made of metal in my room rofl
    Man i own this amp. It pretty good. whenever we play outdoor shows i have to turn my amp way down just so i can hear the guitars. best amp i've bought so far.
    I got this amp about 3 months ago. It has a really great range, if for one part you want it deep and the other you want a bit more treble to it. Weights a ton though
    Small Print
    They have one of these at college, and it is easily the best Bass Amp there. Sounds great, very fat and full sound to it.
    a good friend of mine has one of these. i played my Warwick through it, damn she sounded purty in there. plannin on getting my hands on one as soon as i have the cash