Action 4 review by Cort

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (77 votes)
Cort: Action 4

Sound — 9
This bass is for a bass player that's more into hard rock music and can play that genre of music. It has the sound for hard rock music when you try this bass out. I play this with a Stagg 40BA Amp and it gives it a good vibration and a good fill of the bass. I haven't got any effects yet and haven't used any yet but I think any effect will be good for this bass. This bass is certainly for more metal players because I play Indie rock on this bass and it doesn't go as well, so if you like playing metal music, heres the bass for you.

Overall Impression — 6
Overall, this bass is quality and worth the price it is. All metallists Who play bass guitar, get this bass! there is nothing bad about it, it's all good. I wouldn't buy it again though if it was stolen because it is a good bass, but I would try out a different bass.

Reliability & Durability — 7
This bass guitar I recon has a good lifespan and a good sound so it is good for performances. The strap buttons are perfect and never become loose or anything. this bass would be brilliant as a backup bass or a first choice bass if you were doing a gig. this bass is thick and wide and lasts a long time. I have smashed it a tiny bit, but it seems to have no effect on it at all.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
This bass has lots of colours for it including: black, amber satin, blue, red and walnut satin. This bass keeps getting out of tune for some reason though when I don't even touch it, but other then that, this bass is brilliant. This bass guitar also comes in different sizes as well like 1/2 size and a 3/4 size.

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    I've had my Cort Action IV since 2001, when I bought it second hand from a guy who used to play in the only band in my high school. It's dark natural red, with the grain just showing through, with all the chrome hardware. I learnt on it, dragged it to band practice every weekend for 2 years, used it at gigs about twice a month where it would get dumped in a pile with everyone else's shitty instruments, or piled in the trunk of a car. I threw it off stage onto a crash mat in a school gym once. When I got a bit better and my band was doing regular gigs I bought a beautiful Ampeg 100w, all valve - it was spectacular. Perfect, amazing tone no matter what you wanted to play. It really brought that Cort to life. Couldn't make a bad sound with it. I put flatwound strings on it, just for fun, and they were so cool I kept them. Everyone who played the bass thought it was awesome that it had flatwounds on it. I was in a punk band, so they didn't really suit but whatever. Then I lost interest in it for a while, and it sat. I played more guitar in those days. Traded the Ampeg for a guitar amp.In 2010 I moved to the UK, and forgot about it. My mom put it in storage. I never even detuned it, so the strings sat there tensioning the neck for maybe 5 or 6 years in all. This year, in 2014, I flew back to South Africa. I took it to a guitar shop and had a guy clean it up, reset the action, etc. I bought a hard case for it - for more than I paid for the original bass - and I flew it back with me to London. It still sounds as beautiful as ever. I've played a lot of P-basses and Jazz basses, and an amazing Ibanez, and I could now afford one of those. But if I ever played bass in a band again I'd never need anything besides my Cort. It's an amazing instrument. It's the only one of my instruments I consider to have a real personality, and I love it.
    Hello mother****ers! This bass is awesome, it looks like it cost 1000$, and it is really affordable. The sound is great for any style of music, but especially for rock and roll. I even wrote an e-mail to Cort in which I thanked them for making such great low-priced instruments. GET IT - NOW! You wont regret it. My Cort Action was soaked in beer, set on fire, and has benn dropped a thousand times, and it sounds even better than when it was new (or is it just me, lol?)
    I had an Action as my first bass, and loved its playability and tone. One of my friends had a MIM P-Bass Special (i.e. w/J-p/up) and I would say that the tone was equal. The neck is very playable, and I found the slap tone curiously appealing, not to mention that its easy to slap. I now play a E-Ball Musicman SRay HH, and I find it more difficult to pop smoothly on that than the Cort. My gripes would be that the finish is very prone to scratching and that I struggled to get good bottom end out of it. Considering the price, its a real winner. The tuners are great, the range of tone is good, from P-Bass meat to J-Bass punch and the neck is seriously playable. Definately better value than the Squiers that seem to dominate this end of the market.
    mowgli bear
    it true i love my cort and its out played (and i think looked better) basses in much higher price ranges but i would only buy one if you plan to get a better bass within a couple of years i've had mine for just over 2 years and as well as it has served me it is starting to wear out the electric need maintaining on a regular basis. but irrespective of the fact is so cheap i don't think i could own a better first bass. also i play loads of different style with different band and it suits me for everything from blues (i play lots of blues) to metal (i play slightly less) but i discovered my style with this bass and i never felt limited by the tone or electronics.
    I've got the cort action 4 in that exact exact colour, it's really nice to play light weight and very smoth neck. it was my second bass and the best of the two, i play this bass with a Laney hard core max amp, exceptional! really worth the money
    amazing bass for the price. ive had professional recording studio people (ive recorded twice) mention the quality of the sound
    cort is from south korea, they used to be cortez. cort also makes budget models like fender squier and for ibanez.
    Great bass for the price, frets are a bit sharp on mine but i dont even notice it while playing and it sounds so good, great for metal and rock.
    Yep have had my cort dlx for a year now active pickups am trying to sell it now and get a fender p-bass i think it would suit me better
    i recentley bought it and its is awesome!!!!! yeah it plays in a way that you can't believe it is just 350$ the only problem is fretboard the rest of it is perfect