Artisan B5 review by Cort

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (44 votes)
Cort: Artisan B5

Sound — 9
In my spare time I play everything from trebly punk to rage style and the Bartolini's can be EQ'd to do anything. In my band I play emo and punk and this bass can tackle it all. My only complaint is that sometimes when I haven't plugged in for a while, the active EQ takes a minute to "warm up". If I cut all the bass and mids and boost the treble I get a 60-cycle type hum from either pickup. Even with those two problems I would still give the sound a 9.

Overall Impression — 10
I play everything from punk to ska to metal and this bass covers them all. If this bass where stolen I'd cry for a long time. Then I would trade the thief for a hit in the head with a bat. I love everything about this bass. She is my soulmate.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I haven't had the chance to gig with this bass yet but it performs flawlessly through my GK rig. The strap buttons where fairly large and I hadn't had any problems from them but within a week I put Jim Dunlop Straplocks on anyway just to be safe. When I gig, I plan to bring my fretless jazz bass just in case something would happen but I tend to be a bit too anal about those things.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I bought mine new from an eBay store so I don't know if he set the bass up after the factory set-up but I haven't had to mess with the action, truss rod, etc. I haven't had to do anything to the pickups. This bass was made perfectly. The oil finish is very sensitive. I made a stratch in the wood from a pick.

Features — 10
The Cort Artisan B5 is the middle line bass in the Artisan series. It is Korean-made and comes stock with Barolini active pickups and a Bartolini active pre-amp. The bass comes with hipshot lic. tuners and a hipshot bridge that weighs about a pound for insand sustain. The controls are master volume, pickup blend, treble cut/boost, mids cut/boost, bass cut/boost, and a mini-toggle for EQ on/off. The body is swamp ash with a dark mahogony oil finish. The neck is a wenge with maple and it looks like mahogony stripers. The neck is a bolt on but it sill has a good amount of sustain.

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    actually is a very nice bass... it would be better if you could switch it to passive though...but thats just me i dont particularly like an active sound for like punk music.
    Nice review man! Sounds like you really love your Cort! i have a little problem. I want 2 buy my first bass but im not sure whether i should buy a brand new Cort Action 4 Series bass or a second hand Cort NB4 Artisan bass guitar with Bartollini MKII active pickups for the same price similar 2 yours but quite a bit older? please can you give me some advice!
    ive played the action 4 and i thought it was ok if the older NB4 is anything like mine then you will definitely want to go with the NB4
    A you can switch it from passive to active and vice versa.....just thought Id let you know. Its the switch between the knobs.
    GunLeatherGuy wrote: A you can switch it from passive to active and vice versa.....just thought Id let you know. Its the switch between the knobs.
    Sorry GLG, the switch is an EQ Bypass only, not active/passive mode switch. I have a 3 month old B5, and you can check this by simply removing the battery and trying it in "passive" mode. Still, I rate this bass as one of my favourites to play, and tone-wise those Barts seem to cover nearly any musical style that I have thrown at it. No problem recommending this beauty, just like boogs!
    I bought my cort b4 (the same, just a 4-string bass) some months ago in a little shop in turkey and i really wasn't sure if i should buy it cuz i have never heard of cort basses before. i bought it anyway because the price was just fine for such a good sound dude.
    i wanna buy this cort b5 ,, but the problem is to many people told me to buy IBANEZ guitar ,,, so its lettle bit confusing ,,, do u advise me guys to buy this cort ????? plz response
    i have ibanez gsr205 and it's pretty awesome bass! but i wanna buy this cort b5 too...
    JJ McBlaze
    Well, Band 2010, that depends on the wedge in your wallet and if you're willing to reduce the size of that wedge for name-sake only... See Cort builds (almost) the same guitars/basses as Ibanez, albeit a lot cheaper. When I went to buy a five string bass, I was initially looking for an Ibanez but ended up buying the Cort B5... It played just as well (or even better) than a slightly more expensive Ibanez, and from the money it saved me, I bought some spare strings and an extra stompbox.
    well in our place.. cort b5 is a little expensive than ibanez gsr205... and i wanna buy that cort b5
    well in our place.. cort b5 is a little expensive than ibanez gsr205... and i wanna buy that cort b5
    I have my eye one the 4-string version, B4? can anyone verify that this bass also comes lefty? Because it's second-hand I'm a bit suspicious.