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manufacturer: Encore date: 07/12/2012 category: Bass Guitars
Encore: PK40
These full size, long scale beauties really are the bass business! Low enders will appreciate the timeless shape of the double cutaway bodies with their vibrant finishes, the elegant maple necks with dark rosewood fretboards, and the stylish headstock design with its four large, easily-adjusted tuners.
 Overall Impression: 7.3
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.8
 Features: 6.3
 Sound: 7.3
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overall: 8.5
PK40 Reviewed by: 4-string-4-eva, on may 21, 2004
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Purchased from: N/A

Features: - 20 frets - 4 strings - 1 tone and 1 volume control // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: Apart from a loose tone control knob this bass came as perfect as they come great! // 10

Reliability & Durability: This is a very durable bass, I have knocked it about a bit and it has never let me down, it only has one scratch to show for being in the house with an especialy clumsy owner, an even more clumsy owner's sister and a cat. Allthough the strap does have a tendancy to come off and that isnt good at a gig but apart from that full marks. // 10

Overall Impression: If you have never had a bass before and you want to get a good bass to learn on, this is for you, if you have been playing a bit longer and you want something with lots of tone controls and the like then I suggest you look elsewhere. // 8

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overall: 6.8
PK40 Reviewed by: the_guy, on october 09, 2006
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Features: 20 frets, 4 strings, 2 controls (volume/tone), single coil pickups, Precision style tuners and body, beautiful pearlescent pickguard, body finished in dark blue, passive electronics, came with Kustom KBA10X 10W bass amp (reasonable), gig bag (rubbish), strap (uncomfy), cable (broken), and the worst tuner known to man. Luckily it did come with a very helpful tutorial video. // 6

Sound: The bass has a nice deep low end tone, however it can become boomy if the amp EQ is on a very bassy setting. The high end is very uninspiring and thin. I'm using it with a Hartke A100, and it sounds pretty good, however it also sounds reasonable even with the 10 watt Kustom amplifier. If the tone knob is turned all the way up it makes the amp crackle, the single coil pickups are of poor quality. However, for a beginner's bass it has quite a nice full sound. It's not great for slap (no precisions are) and it isn't very versatile because you have to keep the tone knob quite low down to stop the hiss from the amp, leaving you with only one setting. It is quite a good setting for rock however, full and deep. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is okay, a bit high but not intrusive when playing. The pickups were not screwed in brilliantly as they came a bit loose. Bridge is solid and the neck is straight and true. Most of the cosmetic parts are generally solid. However a tuning peg came loose, and both the volume and tone controls came loose and fell off. They wouldn't go back on either. The neck is finished in a horrible shiny gloss and it looks cheap and nasty. // 5

Reliability & Durability: The guitar will withstand live playing, but it won't be used for live playing. The hardware and electronics are very reliable, especially for a brand which make cheap Precision/Strat copies. I can depend on it, there is never a feeling it will completely fail. The strap buttons are not very solid as the strap keeps coming off. I wouldn't use it at a gig, but it would definitely be reliable enough to withstand live playing without a backup. // 9

Overall Impression: I play rock music and the Encore is a good match for it, because of the rich tones not usually seen in basses of this price. I have been playing for nearly 2 years now and also own 2 amps (as mentioned earlier). As I knew nothing about guitars when I bought this, I wish I tried out the Squier Precision Bass, with its better quality and amplifier. I wouldn't buy this guitar again if stolen or lost because I feel there are better basses out there for the same price made by more proven manufacturers (Squier, Epiphone etc). The things I like about this bass are: it has good sound for the price; it looks like a Fender Precision; it has a beautiful pearlescent pick guard and it is easily upgradeable, fit some Seymour Duncan SPB-3 pickups and possible a Badass II bridge and you've got a very good axe. The things I hate about this bass are: the finish on the neck; the volume/tone controls are weak; the fact that it's an Encore and the uninspiring high end sound. My favourite thing is the way that it looks, but it sounds OK to. I wish this guitar had more features like another tone control, but it's a beginners bass. Overall this bass is good enough for beginners but I would spend slightly extra to get a Squier P-Bass/J-Bass or an Epiphone EB-0 because they are of better quality made by proven makes. // 7

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overall: 7.8
PK40 Reviewed by: nesveikuolis, on april 21, 2008
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Features: 20 frets, 4 strings, 1 tone, 1 volume controls. It was in a big cardboard box, witch screamed "hey, I was a tree once". The box was really big for a relevantly small instrument and apart from the guitar, it only had paper work for the warranty, a newbie guide (which mainly talked about the classical guitar, and only a few sentences about bass). When I got it, it was already in good tune and had very decent strings on it, but they were too soft for me. // 7

Sound: I bought this bass half a year ago to start playing. My bass has a considerably clean and warm, but still very low sound. I use it with a Hiwatt Hurricane (small, yet has enough power for "bedroom sessions") and a Zoom B2 effects pedal, to achieve my desired sound. Without the B2, the guitar sounds great, but not versatile enough. I play many different types of music, from rock to funk to grindcore. It has a very good tone for such a small price. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Pickups were great, had very little noise. The action was a little bit too low, but the fret markers got grinded away so fast, that I didn`t need to adjust that. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The body is rugged enough to take the beating of a anxious newbe. Well, from what I see, this bass is not for live playing. First of all, have you ever seen somebody perform professionally with a 125 euro guitar? I thought so. This guitar is solely for learning purposes only. The strap buttons failed after a month, but a quick fix was all it needed. As I said in the sound section, it is not versatile enough on it's own, to achieve a sound worthy of a good bass player. I bought it solely to learn the basic stuff. Just because this bass took the beating of usage, it deserves a 10, but the failed button strap made me angry. // 9

Overall Impression: It is reletevly good for any style (If you are just starting out). I've been playing it for half a year now, and the button strap is the only thing that failed. I play it with a Hiwatt Hurricane and a Zoom B2. From my other options, this was the best bass for the money. If it were stolen, I would not buy it again. It was just for learning. Overall, it deserves nothing more than a 7, just because it's a trainee bass, but good for the price. // 7

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overall: 6.8
PK40 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 12, 2012
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Price paid: £ 125

Features: This bass has a single passive split coil pickup, 1 volume control and 1 tone control. The rosewood fretboard features 20 frets, on a full-scale bolt-on maple neck. My particular model has the laminated sunburst finish, which in fairness looks great with the white 3-ply scratchplate. The bridge is face-mounted, and easily adjustable. When I had this, it came with a cable, tuner, 10W "BB Blaster" practice amp, strap and an extremely cheap carry bag. As you can probably tell from the accessories list, this instrument is firmly aimed at beginners. Thankfully, I'm yet to find a "Made In China" sticker. // 6

Sound: The basic sound that comes from this bass is extremely rich and warm, although it can become slightly twangy and metallic when the tone pot is turned to max. It certainly isn't designed to fit in with heavy metal, but is perfectly matched with rock/jazz/soul. The volume pot isn't the greatest I've come across: the only realistic options are on or off. The 10W BB Blaster amp supplied with it is quite poor. Whenever the volume is turned above half-way the amp can hiss, and at higher settings all tone seems to be sacrificed for volume. This bass sounds excellent for it's price range when connected to a better amp (I'm currently using an old Laney PL65B), and I have had relatively good results when throwing an Ashdown Drive Plus pedal into the setup. I've replaced the supplied strings with a set of Rotosound 45-105 strings, which have increased the warmth of this bass further. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The bass arrived in a relatively good state. It needed to be strung, which could present problems for its beginner customer base! Pickups needed minimal adjustment on purchase, and the same can be said of them since then. The bridge was also close to the ideal setting at on delivery too. However the fretboard is finished in a cheap gloss, and the scratchplate covered in a annoying cling-film material. The nut is rock-solid and hasn't visibly moved/worn at all. The two controls haven't loosened, and still turn freely. None of the hardware has oxidised/perished, and the finish hasn't faded at all. One thing to note is that the frets have worn very quickly, and therefore it seems to lower it's own action over time! // 8

Reliability & Durability: Considering the price, this bass is fairly well-built. The only non-user-related problem that I've had in two years of playing is the strap buttons coming off. However, this was easily fixed by partially stuffing the holes with match sticks (minus the head of course) and using a higher-gauge screw with larger replacement strap buttons. I have broken the tuning heads through drop-related incidents, but they are easy to replace. The body and neck contain a few nicks/gouges, but there isn't any splitting. I have played this bass at small gigs with friends and for school events, but I wouldn't recommend taking it much further than that. I mainly use it nowadays as a backup bass, and as something to practice on when at my mum's house. // 6

Overall Impression: For any beginner looking to take up playing the bass, this particular instrument is perfect. It's inexpensive, durable and sounds great. I've had this bass for over 2 years, and it's more than stood up to a fair amount of punishment. With some TLC, I can see it lasting for a very long time. If it were stolen/lost I most probably wouldn't purchase another, purely because I have moved on to a much more expensive, professional-quality Overwater bass. However, this is the bass I recommend to any beginners I come across. Whilst I know many people buy the low-range Squier basses instead of the PK40, in most cases I think the price difference involved isn't completely justifiable. If Encore created a higher-range model with a set of PJ pickups and better strap buttons, then I think they'd become serious competitors for the likes of Squier and Cort. // 7

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