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manufacturer: Ernie Ball / Music Man date: 01/13/2004 category: Bass Guitars
Ernie Ball / Music Man: StingRay
This bass would satisfy any bass player, it's sound is unmatchable, along with its well known sleek look, and great feel, it's definitely worth the buy.
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.5
 Features: 9.5
 Sound: 10
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overall: 10
StingRay Reviewed by: ACDC_5, on january 13, 2004
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Price paid: $ 1501

Purchased from: Mothers Music

Features: A 2003 musicman Stingray, it was custom made with black pickguard/body, with matching headstock and rosewood fretboard. It has the famous massive active Stingray humbucker which has become renowned for its rocking low end and tone versatility, also comes with chrome nobs. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This bass was setup extremely well, musicman has always built a rock solid bass and this one is no exception, kudows to the company. No flaws at all, built with extreme precision and quality. // 10

Reliability & Durability: With proper care, you will not need another bass your whole life, the standard set by these is amazing. // 10

Overall Impression: This bass would satisfy any bass player, it's sound is unmatchable, along with its well known sleek look, and great feel, its definitely worth the buy. // 10

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overall: 9.2
StingRay Reviewed by: Ampeg SVT, on february 05, 2007
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Features: I bought my Stingray about one and a half years ago, it's got the made in San Luis Obispo, California. It seems very well made even though the previous owner put some dings on the bass, it doesn't detract from the feel of the bass. It's got 21 frets and a Rosewood fretboard that unfortunately gets dirty very fast. The neck is very fast and has the feel of a P-Bass neck, it's unfinished so it does get dirty pretty fast. It's a little heavy because it is made of Ash but that's nothing a Wide Levy strap can't fix. Some people think the Stingray is a ugly bass, that's because of the egg shaped pickguard, with that pickguard comes the famous MM humbucker. The massive polepieces are much larger than the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pole pieces. My only gripe with the exposed poles is that they tend to hit your fingers and the edges are a bit sharp so it might hurt after a while. The 3 band avtive EQ adds a a lot of variety to the tones you can get with this bass, Ernie Ball makes Stingray's with pickup options now so I can't really say how those are. Ok I've probably said too much, lets get to the sound. // 9

Sound: Now the Stingray has been phenomenal for the distinct sound it has, people like Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers have made this bass famous. I usually play rock music like Stone Temple Pilots and the Foo Fighters. When I play with my bass I use a mixed setup that consists of a Mesa Engineering M-Pulse 360 and a Kustom 410H cabinet filled with Eminence speakers. I get a very punchy growling sound with my bass. I can also get a very midrangey sound with the basses midrange dimed, I can also get a scooped sound that gets rid of the Stingray's killer bite. You can get a super bright sound and a punchy sound. I sounds great when played pickstyle but I don't really care for it Fingerstyle, there isnt much low end there and it doesnt't sound good to me. However the Stingray's shining sound is when it is slapped, the thing sounds like a freaking monster especially when I use DR Hi-Beams. Some people might not like the aggressiveness of the Stingray so it's a acquired taste. I give it a 10/10 for my uses. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got my Stingray it had these super old Rotosounds on it, I immediately put on DR Black Beauties (I no longer use these) and it sounded great. I can't comment on the factory set-up but from what I have heard it's pretty high and the come with Ernie Ball Super Slinkies (.45-.100). I love how the Truss rod adjustment wheel is so freaking easy to adjust, it is a dream. The Bridge on this thing is amazing, I could not imagine anyone replacing it. I did have to clean it up a lot though because the previous owner neglected this thing. at it's current state I give it 9/10 but for a new one I'm not so sure. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Hell yes it will survive! It's built like a freaking bunker, I cannot imagine this thing falling apart. The bass has already seem to been through live shows as it has a lot of dings and it was dirty all over the neck, it seems like the previous owner loved this bass a lot. I think the hardware is topnotch as it has Schaller BM tuners and a great bridge. The bass had Schaller strapbuttons on it but I know they do not come stock with any Musicman. I absolutely despise Schaller Straplocks, they have ripped out of a previous bass I had. I use Dunlop Dual Designs exclusively and they rock. I think no bass is safe from problems, there can always be something that goes wrong. I'm getting a Musicman Sterling soon and this bass will become my backup. The finish is pretty thin so becareful because the previous owner put some dings on it. I'll give it a 8 because of the fragile paint. // 8

Overall Impression: I think this bass kills for rock but of course there are probably better basses. I've been playing for 2 years and I'm going to get a Musicman Sterling soon so I might get rid of this bass or put in Bartolini pickups. If it were stolen I will find the person Who stole it and personally hurt you. I think it's great there are so many things that great about it, however I don't like how the paint cracks easy and doesn't look good when that happens, I would prefer Nitro Cellulose over the Polyurethane they used. I actually had a American Jazz Bass that I'm selling because I love the sound of this bass. I wish I could send it to Musicman to put in another Humbucker and make this a HH Stingray. // 10

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