60th Anniversary Precision Bass review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (10 votes)
Fender: 60th Anniversary Precision Bass

Price paid: £ 1168

Purchased from: Fuzz music, Nottingham

Sound — 8
I play a good varitiy off music but mostly metal, but if I wanted to play some really low tuned metal I'll go try my ESP cus I really don't think this bass will cut it, although it did suprise me then I did use it for playing children of bodom! So I would use this bass for heavy metal and would not complain. I use a ash down five fifteen 100 watt rig which gives it a nice tone dispit the amp doesnt't have meny opions to it. But the bass sounds like anything av ever heard though it so am not complaining. its a bit silent next to my Mexico Fender and my Dean but has a better tone so it makes up for it, it does fill out and give a very nicefull sound. It is a great all around bass.

Overall Impression — 10
For what am playing atm yes, for what am gonig to be playing soon with luck am sure it can handle it. I have bin playing coming on 2 years now, and have tested plenty off bass's and this even owns a custom bass I was looknig at. I wish I had more time to think about it and tryed out some other models which they didn't have at that time but am happy with this. If it got stole I would not by enougher one cus I would spend rest of my life hunting the basterd down until I got that one back! Unless all else failed then I would highly consider it. But might try somthing a bitdifferent But yes I would make sure I had enough one! Or that same one.I love the bass in general its already a collectors item and a rareity and I love the feeling of owning one. Don't like the thin skin laquire as av said meny off times but hay hoo it makes it smell and feel nice and sound great. I also have a issu with the neck finnish, it gets scikch after a lot of play or if you have sweaty hands like me it starts to feel manky so polishing it regualy is a must. I tryed the 50th Jazz out which was supurb but after owning my mexican jazz and playing that I profered the shape sound and feel, also tested out a Music Man and rik (3'500!) and it made minsmeat of them! And 2 Sandberg one being a custom 6! This was the cheapest bass of the lot and by far the best. I am getting into useing a 5 string a bit more but I after thinking on it a lot I wouldn't add a extra string with out adding a extra jazz pick up liek on the delux USA P bass's. But I'm happy with it how it is. I love this bass. Don't play it was much as some because I want to keep it safe but I will use it when ever I get a good chance to sit down and addmirer it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haved gig this in a 2 hour concert within weeks off having it and it was amazing didn't let me down one bit I loved it, only bought a back up becuase I needed a different tuning for 2 songs so it seemend easyest way. I have used it at other gigs no back up needed this this will tour the world and back with easy am sure off it! strap buttoms where ace although I put gold strap locks on which am not fond off but are supurb and work well. I would take no back up with this bass its ace. Thin skin laquire scratchs and dints so easy. So take care and it will last. I polish mind every 2-5 days if that.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I got it from the shop and it was set up prefect. But I changed the strings of it and I might change them back or get a different set on it cus my black dr's are to flappy. but the bass was very well set up. I highed the pick ups a bit to give it a bit more punch into it. Bridge was set up fine string though body the whole thing was superb. Only flaw is the thin skin laquire but that's what the bass comes with to 10/10!

Features — 8
Made in 2010 in the USA. Come with 20 frets 34 scale, C shaped neck like on most modern Fenders. Maple fret board which has a good feel to it. Made out of nice ash with a natural finish. Very light laquire on it so scratch's like a bitch which has made me slightly cross at times to see millons of marks which will never come out. Standard P shape but does have anice tele caster look coming though it as well which I like a lot. Don't no the name off the bridge but its on most high end usa fenders with neck though or top loaded for the strings. Passive which I don't mind at all being fair. Got a volume and tone which will take you from a ass load of treble which cuts though really well or turn it down to get all the bass in the world but less cut in it, I have it mid way but more to the bass for my playing style. Single P Bass split coil Vintage pick ups, same as on 62 model if am right? Could be mistaken. Light wight Fender turners this thing is always in tune I never even have to check it most days. Hard case strap and stuff included, being a 60th anniversary case which I didn't get I got gaven the wrong one which they haven't replaced it with the right one yet but I shall go and complainin the morning. Or when ever but that's the shops mistake not the manufactorer or bass's.

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    its a bit silent next to my Mexico Fender and my Dean
    What do you mean by silent? Hum?? You make it sound bad that it's "silent". It's supposed to be.