Standard Jazz Bass review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.2 Good
  • Users' score: 8.1 (203 votes)
Fender: Standard Jazz Bass

Sound — 8
Bridge pickup is punchy and tight. Neck pickup is warmer, but a little sloppy. If you turn the tone knob all the way down, you can get rid of a little bit of punch. Works especially well if playing with an acoustic group or you just want to stand in the back and make stuff vibrate. I would play the neck pickup at full volume and bridge at half volume for jazz or blues styles. Bridge up and neck down for something like punk rock. Generally, I use my effects (Zoom 506 II) and amp (I've played it through just about anything you can think of. Fender, Crate, Carvin, Ampeg, SWR, GK, Ashdown) to shape the tone, so I just turn all the knobs up. I play with chorus a lot. That's basically the only effect I'd ever use for bass. Maybe distortion for metal.

Overall Impression — 8
If you change the bridge, the thing is amazing. It's sound is so versatile. I like the passive pickups. I find actives are too overdiven for my liking. I play anything from jazz, to rock, to death metal. It's just a nice bass. Everyone Who has ever played my bass says "this this sounds and play so well!"

Reliability & Durability — 7
I've had this guitar for about 3.5 years now. It's never given me any problems except for the faulty bridge. Only ever once used a backup, and it was for an alternate tuning. I've played it at practice/studio sessions/live gigs quite a bit. Never failed me yet.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The finish is semi-disappointing. It has some bubbling, and it's a little uneven. Tuners could use some work, but unless you're slamming the thing full force, it stay in tune pretty well. I had it set up shortly after buying it. The bridge drove me crazy for the first 2 years of owning this thing. The little screws that go into the saddles to adjust the action are not properly fitted to the holes they're going into. After one song, the vibrations would leave my low E string hugging the bridge, very close to the pickups, giving me a very boomy low end sound. After I replaced the bridge, I've never had a problem. I added a thumb rest for more ease of play, but I generally never use it. I still opt for the thumb against the bridge pickup. Personal preference, I guess. I still have the original bridge lying around somewhere. It's a little rusted. Also, the poles of the pickups have become corroded. I was a little disappointed by that.

Features — 7
Fender Jazz Bass. Slim neck, 2 single coil pickups, Fender standard "Vintage" tuners. 2 volume controls, one tone. 21 frets (don't quote me on that, I never really counted). Bridge is a piece of stamped sheet metal. Yea, not very reliable there. I ended up changing the bridge.

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    strat monkey it isnt hard to hear bass over john's playing the bass is more the tune than the guitar is somtimes
    just got one of these in midnight wine! IT ROX! IT BEATS MY THUNDERBIRD!!!!!
    This is a great bass for anyone ANY genre of music and it doesn't need to be messed around with to get a great tone. The only I had with mine was a little buzzing on the high frets (Just adjust the string height) I got it for 200 at a pawn shop. Bass players are just as talented as guitar players. Most guitar players that say bass is easy never even played the bass. Also bass playes are usually smarter (Just an opinion).
    Dude, fender basses are incredibly versatile; there is a reason why they're so popular, and are sold anywhere that sells basses. They don't have a wide range of tones (because for the most part they're passive ), but the Jazz itself can alter its tone in quite a few ways. Active basses are the ones to look at if you want to alter and control every single aspect of your bass's sound. Also fender basses don't need thousands of tones available, the sound they have is fine enough for many, many of the genres of music.
    never thought much of fender basses myself, dont get want i want from em which i think lets em down cause to me it dosnt have the wide range of tones that some basses have
    i agree. bass players dont get enough credit. i play both bass and guitar and playen bass is just as hard as playen guitar
    bass players are friggin under rated dont u think? i mean in some songs their parts are just as hard if not harder than the guitar
    evryone who puts down bass go listen to any song and turn the bass off...see how it sounds then...also well said rainbowbassist
    why the hell are people discouraging bass? imagine rock without bassists. Theres gotta be tons of people that play guitar already and half of them suck. No offense to guitarists but guitar is getting overpopulated.
    wtf. okay, first of all, I am a chick. and i don't get attracted to guys who play guitar. if anyhing, guys who play the bass, or drums. all my guy friends who play guitar can only play frickin power chords and green day and blink, and they suck at it!!!! play bass like me. btw, strats are alright.
    wtf guys? lol I mean come on, no one plays guitar to get chicks Thats why Fender made an electric bass...
    yes, i agree that all those bassists are very good, but no one can be compared to THE ALMIGHTY JACO. His jazz bass skills are better than the skills of a god. HE INVENTED JAZZ BASS!
    Yeah, Imprisoned. I play guitar and I still really admire bass players. They have slapping and popping... guitarists pretty much just strum and pluck. There are a lot of good bassists- Jah Wobble, Aston Family Man Barrett, James Jamerson Sr., Flea, Bootsy Collins and still more. And getting chicks isn't what playing guitar is all about. I play because that's what I love to do. Man, I'm thirteen and I don't play for chicks. Man...
    damn imprisoned your an arrogant ****er...bass has evry single technique that guitar has plus a few that guitar hasnt..and there are many more excellent bassists, victor wooten,flea,billy sheehan,les claypool...don't put something down till you try it yourself
    even if you suck at guitar chicks will still pick you up...just play one note and they will ripe there cloths off for you im dead serious
    I was just about to get one of these, but then I saw my current bass for a better price, and more of the features I wanted. But If I get another bass, I think this one may be it.
    mmmm...I want this bass but I like to play fast but also be heard over the guitar, somtimes, what do I do?
    Hey, Flea (from RHCP, in case you live under a rock somewhere) almost always uses one of these and you can pretty much always hear the bass in their songs both live and on the album.
    scottishbass123 wrote: mmmm...I want this bass but I like to play fast but also be heard over the guitar, somtimes, what do I do?
    Maybe try a pedal. A bass distortion pedal works well for me. These are easily criticised as some believe distortion must be left to guitar alone, but it does sound awesome and can really come through the guitar.
    good call imprisoned, yeah it is true guys guitar gets u the chicks, but bass is still cool. Jaco def the best with victor wooten and bailey and that mob and id def say that jazz bass is in my opinion the coolest and best sounding bass u can get. If you're not a retarded spastic pick bassist then anyhting to do with bass is cool. And if u want to be cooler get a fretless neck, or if ur like my lefty bro who is left handed make it fretless urself. Leave the picks to guitarists fags!!!!!