Standard Jazz Bass review by Fender

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (203 votes)
Fender: Standard Jazz Bass

Sound — 9
It's the very very greatest of the great sound and tone I was looking for it has that beautiful fretless sound and when I turn off the neck pickup it and turn the tone off and after setting my Fender 15b Frontman amp to 10-low, 5-mid, and 1-high it sounds damn near like a stand up bass if I play it the right way (just like Jaco Pastorius Who is the greatest bass player to ever live on this world nobody will have ever been better than him and none ever will). It came with flatwound strings (total score) which is the best for the style I play jazz mostly on bass. I think they are worth around $100-170 if you buy them seperate. It has a variety of sounds I can set it to cool up-beat fast stuff like Jaco would play or if I set it to the neck pickup it is not bad for slapping but then again it's a fretless and it's hard to get a good slap sound from a fretless.

Overall Impression — 9
I play jazz on bass mostly and it is THE perfect match. I've been playing for 3 years, I have to use a Fender 15B frontman at the moment for I cannot afford a good big bass amp (I want a Laney half-stack guitar amp before hand for playing my electric at gigs in my metal band) but after I get that with the money that I get for my birthday and after trading in my Cort X-6 because the floating bridge is too hard and annoying to Switch tunings I am going to trade that in and get an Ibanez RG7123 (7-string with fixed bridge) for that will be far more kickass for playing metal and a hell of a lot easier to Switch tunings and will be fun to play crazy 7-string stuff. And after I get those things with the $ I'm going to make working in the summer if I get the Laney and Ibanez I am going to get an SWR workingpro 15 I think because you cannot go wrong with any of those brands. Back to the Fender standard fretless bass if it were stolen I'd hunt the bastard that stole it down and get it back how I'm going to leave that as a no comment. I love the fact that I finally have a kickass bass that I can play fun jazz stuff on and make it sound really nice. Before I bought it I thought about getting a 5-string Cort but decided I want a fretless much much more and could use it for much much more. So I looked around for a fretless for a low price and I found out Washburn made one but I tried out a Fender and got addicted to it so I saved the $ and bought one. After I bought the Fender I saw that they had a Washbrun fretless in a different store and tried it out the fingerboard looked like and felt like plastic, it was out of tune horribly, and it sounded like shit. So I thanked Jesus for bringing my eyes to that fretless Fender bass. And I have named all of the things that I wish I had and if everything goes smoothly and my parents don't say nobody gets nothing for there birthdays or christmas because were going to Hawaii then I will get all of those things hopefully. Buy a Fender I garaumtee that you will never doubt yourself. Have a good one.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This bass will definently withstand live playing, the hardware will last as it seems, I changed the strap buttons for ones that came with the stap-locks that I bought and they are completely fine. I depend on it completely there is nothing that I can see that is wrong with it. I had to trade in my beginner bass for this to help bring down the price so I will have to use this at gigs without a backup for a while.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
It is completely fine the way they set it (I don't know if they set it at the store or if it is just left from when it came from the factory in Mexico. It is completely fine the way everything on it is set up. However this is the one bad thing about the bass that really pissed me off after I took off the white pickguard. Iwanted to see if it looked muich like Jaco's bass if I took the pickguard off. after I got it off there was no joke a hole from a drill under where the pick-guard was covering over it. I mean honestly who drills a whole in a bass (unless they were smart enough to figure that people would do this so the bass could look like Jaco's signature which I could have bought for more than twice the price of the one I bought which would make sense). So now that I can't have it pick-guardless I have found a solution to the problem and I ordered a black pickguard so it will look a lot better than the blande white one. And I'm thinking of buying some metal control knobs to replace the black plastic ones but they are exopensive to get 3 alan key tighten one for a Fender Jazz bass (you can only buy normal priced ones in packs of 2 and they can't be tightened with alan keys so if I get the $ for them I will get them.

Features — 9
It was made in 2005 or 2006 and was made in Mexico, it has 20 frets (I have the fretless model), It has a rosewood fingerboard with a maple back and head of the neck, I am not sure wut the body is made of, it has the sunburst finish, it's a Strat style body, it has a Standard Jazz Bass bridge I think, passice electronics, it has 2 volume controls (one for the neck pickup and one for the bridge) and a tone control, the pickups are just jazz style pickups that came stock with the bass, it has non-locking tuners, and it came with a nice Fender deluxe bag I think because my Squier bass that I had before hand had a case made by Fender that is not nearly as good as the one that came with this bass. It came with a white pickquard and I'm not really diggin' the style of it so I ordered a cool black one (should be in soon hopefully).

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    Quintin wrote: even if you suck at guitar chicks will still pick you up...just play one note and they will ripe there cloths off for you im dead serious
    playing a insterment will get you chicks it doesnt matter as long as your in a rock band youll get um
    I fought like an animal to get into Med School, succeeded and never got laid. Ever. Before that I tought skydiving which any 8 year old of normal intellect can be tought to do, and every weekend I thought I was a chick-magnet. What this has to do with the bass guitar, who knows, but people sure are strange when you get down to it. It may be shallow, but if consciousness has ever taught me anything, it's that between the ages of 13 and 75, most everything people do between 1am and the following midnight they do to get laid.
    How freaking shallow do you have to be to just play guitar for chicks? I've been playing bass for almost 2 years, and I've had my girlfriend way longer than that, so you don't need a guitar or bass to get chicks. And if you do need an instrument (musical or not) to get chicks, you really can't be that interesting, not-shallow, or just good all around, so thats pretty pathetic. Also, I also think bass is way more fun and experimental than guitar because guitar has become boring, expecially with the popular crap music of today.
    nikk axx
    Oh and to end the discussion on Steve Harris or Cliff Burton...the answer is Jaco Pastorious....If you haven't heard of him then you both have a lot to learn.
    nikk axx
    The standard jazz is one of favorite four string basses. Depending on the chemistry you might stumble on the greatest bass that you've ever owned. Leo Fender got it right the very first time and you might be lucky enough to get a great one...good luck
    Triviumfan54 wrote: Homer F. wrote: Cliff Burton is the best bassist! You friggin idiot! Have you not seen Steve Harris? He is blatantly better.
    You kind sir, are a fool. they may both be good but stevie doesn't quite measure up to the Cliff.
    ok most of u guys are so freaking dumb i play guitar for the hell of it not for chicks all though it helps get u the girl most of the time and imprisoned or w/e the hell ur name is u call urself a guitar player keep in mind bass is a type of ghuitar and u anit gonna get no where with that attitude u freaking tard how can u have a band without bass although some bands like metallica have admitted to turning down the bass to an almost indetectable level they still wouldnt sound the same without it and sure maybe guitar is starting to get over populated but mostly with wannabe players like imprisoned and sure drummers have the rhythm (cept mine hes to white to keep a beat)but who cares a band has all of these things u cant have a band with one person there are good guitar players ( kurt cobain was not one of them) and good bass players and good drummers and it takes all of them to make a real hardcore band
    there are times when bass is used as lead such as sometimes when i play in my praise team
    for all you guitarists looking for chicks, remember that the drummers have the rhythm second, bass is incomparable to guitar as it is not frequently used as a lead instrument (trying to add harmonies and rhythms to a guitarist's leads can be just as hard as making those leads yourself) ApplesForAndrew is definately right as well, guitar is getting overpopulated (start punching out the low end)
    Homer F. wrote: Cliff Burton is the best bassist!
    You friggin idiot! Have you not seen Steve Harris? He is blatantly better.
    not to undermine the fact that it is a scientific fact that chicks dig cool musicians (mainly guitarist, bassists, and drummers) it all depends on how good you are the better the song=the better the chicks
    well i do mainly guitar but also alot of bass. but youve also gotta be good at whatever you do. you cant suck and expect women to flock towards you. evry goofball can play smoke on the water, but thats doesn't make them a womanizer. besides real musicians play for music and let chicks be a nice side affect.