ME105 review by First Act

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 1.8 Junky
  • Users' score: 3.9 (36 votes)
First Act: ME105

Sound — 2
I play metal\blues and it does nothing for me. I used an Drive 20 watt combo from Musiciansfriend. I have never heard such a sucky noisy pickup in my life. The sound I get out of this thing are nowhere close to what a bass should sound like. All I hear is buzzing and a few notes occasionally.

Overall Impression — 1
As I said before I play metal and it does nothing for me. I have been playing guitar for a little under 5 years and Bass for about a year. I also own a Fender P-Bass and J-Bass. If I had a chance I wouldn't have bought it. I would pay somebody to steal this guitar from me. I don't like anything about this bass when I got it. I compared this to a Squier P-Bass Special. It was nothing compared to the Squier. The only reason I kept it was to upgrade it. I put a seymore Duncan pickup in it. I replaced the bridge. I had it refretted. I had the tuners replaced with Ping tuners and I had the entire bass rewired. All in all I would have rather bought the Squier if I had the money to.

Reliability & Durability — 1
This bass wouldn't make it through the first song at one of my gig's. The hardware is substandard and always coming loose. The strap bottons fell off at one of my bass lessons. I couldn't depend on this bass to be a backup bass for me. The finish won't chip as easy as everything else breaks on it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 3
The factory set-up is horible. The strings were dead when I got the bass. The pickup had to be replaced becouse of the noise. The only thing that was right was the bridge was routed right. The finish is decent. The frets are pointy and have to be filed the intonation was really far off and like I said before the whole thing is made of plywood.

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    pie_man_25 wrote: lets face it, wal-mart stuff sucks, you'd be better off making one out of a kleenex box and rubber bands.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Yeah man, totally! If you want something cheap, buy a used bass, don't go to Wal-Mart!!
    James_M_Hendrix, how do you play metal/blues? Those two genres are pretty much opposites.
    Ok listen guys. You can easily go and drop what 80 bucks on a crappy bass thats going to give you crappy results. Its not worth it. If your going to learn how to play an instrament, at least start yourself out on something thats actually worth playing. First act is most definatly not worth it. You can go easily get a fender for 100. So if your looking at playing bass, dont even look at a first act.
    Hey duff, you really can't give it a bad review if you play it through a piece of shit like a Fender Rumble.
    True, but at that time, that amp was awesome to me. But regardless, that bass still sucks. I've moved on to guitar since that time and I still have this bass. It's still laughably horrible.
    I buy groceries at Walmart, not First Act bullcrap. This is straight up garbage, I wouldn't even buy this junk for my enemy, no one could stoop that low. And wait, you buy a ghettobomber bass and put hundreds of dollars of stuff on it?! Puhaha, you're killing me Smalls.
    John Peverelle
    My first guitar was a second hand ESP B-50. Bought for 80 bucks. I tried a first act out before i even knew what an eighth note was, and even then i thought 'what a shower of shit' Why in your right mind would you buy something that sucks so bad! Fu ck
    I am punk "BF"
    you would be so much better off going to target and buying a lyon by washburn guitar. Not a first choice, but man it beats wal-mart and first act by a whole lot.
    i got this as my first bass, and i loved it. I was young and just happy to have a bass. now i no it sucks and a m getting a pbass
    lets face it, wal-mart stuff sucks, you'd be better off making one out of a kleenex box and rubber bands.
    You know these basses were bought at Wal Mart..... Order a custom one.
    OK so I've only been playing for ... a 2 years but seriously guys look at this bass as the percet pick-up for a begining bassist. When you first start you really don't care what you have as long as you can play it. This was my first bass, and I will testify to that because it serves as a great learning bass. When and if you new players buy it replace the strings, because Wal-Mart strings suck, and you are set to go. And plus one you get your second bass it will seem all the greater after moving on from this one. One last thing, I use this bass as a practice kinda "bang-around" bass and it has held up to the job for 2 years. A great begining bass in my opinion.
    Hey duff, you really can't give it a bad review if you play it through a piece of sh it like a Fender Rumble.
    why didnt you just buy the squier instead of putting all that work into this piece?