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manufacturer: Gear4Music date: 08/04/2009 category: Bass Guitars
Gear4Music: G-4
This bass is ideal for people on a budget, maybe first time buyers, but also good for semi-pros.
 Sound: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 7.8
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overall: 8.6
G-4 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 04, 2009
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Features: I better just get straight to it, this bass has no amazing or new features. It is a cheap yet quite good bass. Brilliant value for money. The G-4 is a standard P Bass with split coil pick ups and white pick gaurd. The body is made form basswood, neck maple and fretboard is rosewood. Butterfly tuning keys. Comes with a 15W amp, carry case, cheap lead, plectrum, set of spare strings and a strap. Comes in a range of colours, most standard paint, but also a sunburst can be found. 1 Volume 1 Tone knob. Strings arn't bad, but I would suggest buying some better ones, I'm currently using some Rotosound strings which sound good. // 9

Sound: Very good sound for it's price. I tend to keep the tone lower, even when not using a plectrum, because it has a some what twangy sound, unless you like that. I've mostly been using it on the small 15W amp that comes with it, but have tried it on some better amps and it sounds good. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was nice for finger plucking and plectrum, it isn't impossible to slap and pop, although the action could do with being lowered if you want to dedicate it to just slap and pop. Slight buzz when playing with the amp that comes with it, but I think thats more the amps fault. Neck is good, thin, easy to play on. I've had no problem with the bridge, alls well on that end. A few minor chips on the fretboard, and one on the body, not noticable at all, doesn't effect playability. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've been playing this bass pretty much everyday for about an hour or more since december and it is holding well. The top strap button has come loose though so I use duct tape to hold it on, not a major problem, but of course if you were regualry gigging not ideal. I have not used this bass Live, but my friend has the same model as me, just in a different colour, and he uses it quite often, he has no complaints about it. // 9

Overall Impression: I play punk/rock and a bit of slap and pop, handles well for all types of playing, except for slap and pop lowering the action would be ideal. I've only been playing little under a year now but have been told I'm good so I feel some what qaulified to review this bass, especialy as I have played it constantly since december, have played this and a few other cheap J and P basses but prefer this hands down. This bass is ideal for people on a budget, maybe first time buyers, but also good for semi-pros. I love how good it is considering how little it costs. Quite frankly I love this bass and will carry on playing it once I get a new better bass. // 9

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overall: 7.6
G-4 Reviewed by: BassBen, on november 26, 2010
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Price paid: £ 98

Purchased from: www.gear4music.com

Features: I bought the bass on its own it came with a gig bag, a strap, spare strings, jack and a tuner all for 98. It only has one volume adjuster and one tone adjuster, they work perfect but not much choice. It has 21 frets, 4 strings and some nice pick-ups even though they are standards. // 8

Sound: You can't get much variaty of sound out of the bass, but you could always get some pedals and mess around with the amp. It sound real clean and smooth, at the moment I'm only using it through a bass amp but I would really want to get a Line 6 Pocket POD soon. You get a nice sound with the volume upand the tone right up. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The finish on the Gear4Music bass's are brilliant, the only part I was a little dissapointed in was the cut of the pickguard, its a bit jagged and looks abit nasty up close apart from that its well built. When it came through the post it looked amazing, it looked as good as it could possibly get. After having it 2 years I haven't had to replace anything, I did decide to get some new strings for it, but there was no need to do so. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The finish of this bass is suprisingly high to what I thought it would be, even my music teacher said how good it is, I told him the price and he coulnt believe it. I have already played a preformace for my school with the bass and I could trust this not to break right before a preformance. // 7

Overall Impression: For the price I payed for this bass, its has lasted a long time of constant use, the feel is still as nice as when I bought it and I would really recommend this to anyone who is thinking to get a Gear4Music bass to start with. If it got lost/stolen I would buy the same bass. I love it, I played other makes but G4M basses feel amazing. // 8

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overall: 6.4
G-4 Reviewed by: jamesbcfc, on july 08, 2010
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Price paid: £ 110

Purchased from: Gear 4 Music online shop

Features: I got this Bass exactly a year ago. Standard P Bass copy, rosewood fretboard, maple neck etc. The colour I loved (Blue) and made it stand out to everyone else's guitar. Volume and tone knobs, split coil pick-ups, standard bridge, you all know the thing. 15 watt amp with it, cheap lead, pick and bag. Looked very impressive when it came. // 7

Sound: The amp supplied with this Bass is really awful. After a couple of months I upgraded to a Marshall. This really brought the true sound of the bass out; punchy, yet deep and low. Seems to handle normal generic rock/punk stuff. The sound was quite uneven across the strings and is often tinny. The Bass sound beautiful tuned half a step down! Good for finger playing and picking! // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: All needed to be adjusted for my specific style and taste, but the factory settings seemed decent. The only thing that let it down was poor wiring on the knobs. // 6

Reliability & Durability: It's a very cheap Bass and I think is ideal for beginners. The bass cannot handle any pop or slap, and will send every set of strings all tinny until you wear them back in. There is serious fret-buzz that can only be heard when played acoustically, which is really annoying when you want to play at night. Songs that you really get into and play your heart out to can send the bass all weird. The knobs needed re-wiring (which was simple enough), the cable is very poor and did not last long at all, and I brought a better strap. I wouldn't gig without a backup preferably. But if I had to, I suppose I'd feel confident, as after a year, I know what sends it crazy. // 5

Overall Impression: Are you a beginner? Definitely buy this! But just be aware you WILL find yourself wanting a new one 6-9 months down the line. But you get what you pay for, and is much better buying this for 110 and hating it than than buying a 400 bass and hating it! I have grown attached to this Bass and probably will still Jam on it when I upgrade very soon. // 7

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overall: 7
G-4 Reviewed by: martin sandford, on march 09, 2010
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Price paid: € 150

Purchased from: Gear 4 Music.com

Features: 2008 Model, 20 frets, Good Colour (Silver) came with an amp, tuner, bass bag, plectrums and a new set of strings. Very cheap but good for beginners. If you put it thorugh a better amp it sounds quite good. So if your looking to take up bass this bass is perfect for learning. // 7

Sound: Doesn't sound very good through the Gear 4 Music amp. However if you put it through a Marshall amp or Yamaha or Orange etc it sounds really good. The amp which comes with the bass has 2 imputs so you can also plug another guitar into it and is perfect for practicing. The amp is also very loud. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: Mine did brake a few times however they repaired it for free. Which was good. Everyone else who i know who has a Gear 4 Music bass has had no trouble with it and it doesn't generally brake. Also the wood is very smooth and easy to slide your hand across. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I've played it live and it works and sounds good. And it didn't come out of tune to much. It is very reliable. The colour off the bass has come out a little bit and it now isnt as shiny from when I bought it 6 moths ago. But it does work very good live. // 7

Overall Impression: Its a good bass for beginners. Came with the entire beginners set. Slapping and popping doesn't sound very good on the bass. I have been playing it for 6 months and there has been hardly any problems. Overall, it was worth the money I bought it for. // 8

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