BTB405QM Review

manufacturer: Ibanez date: 02/03/2010 category: Bass Guitars
Ibanez: BTB405QM
With a thick, full sound and clear tone, this instrument lets your real bass sound be heard. You can play any kind of music with it, this bass delivers.
 Sound: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.6
 Reliability & Durability: 8.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.2
 Features: 9.2
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overall: 10
BTB405QM Reviewed by: madbasslover, on september 30, 2005
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Features: Admittedly, as a musician, my knowledge of basses and instruments as a whole is rather weak. I go by what looks nice and what plays comfortably. This bass fits both those criteria and goes the extra mile. The pickups are great (I believe they're humbuckers, but I'm not sure), with an active and a passive mode, and for you Fieldy fans out there, you can play Fieldy-style with this bass. However, once you discover all the other things it can do, you'll be spending the majority of your time playing other things. The 24 fret neck of this bass is easy to get around, and the bass itself is very comfortable and easy to play, with a double cutaway that makes getting to the 19th-24th frets easy. Playability wise, this bass is perfect for all bassists ranging from beginner to pro. // 10

Sound: This bass has the perfect tone if you play rock music, like I do. Even if you don't, it has various tone settings that allow for different tones, but it can be agreed that this bass is intended primarily for loud rock. I play it on a Crate MXB10 amp, and it sounds great. With the volume up loud, the B string can at times sound kind of farty, but I think that's more a problem with the amp's ability to handle the deep tone of the string than it is with the bass. The sound this bass makes is great, with smooth, deep tones that you can turn up loud without pissing off the neighbors. If your intentions are to play rock music, I definitely recommend this bass to you. If your intentions aren't to play rock music, I still recommend it to you. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This is the bit I know the least about, so this is what you're looking for, sorry, but I'll try my best to sound like I know what I'm talking about. I can't find any flaws with the bass worth noting, if there are any at all, they aren't in the playing, the electronics, or the body. If it does have flaws, I have yet to discover them. As for pickup adjustment, I don't know much about it, but I'd say they're great. The bass, when amplified, doesn't sound tinny or distorted, which I know can happen if the pickups are too far from or too close to the strings. The only thing I've noticed is that if I strum and let it ring, it sounds like the pitchshifter is on. It's not really loud or obvious, but you can hear it if you listen. It's not anything really problematic, though, and it certainly doesn't get in the way of the tones or sound. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've never gigged before, I play it enough to think that my practice with it should compensate. I've actually dropped it before (don't worry, I'll burn in hell for it), and the finish didn't scratch or anything. It's still completely intact excapt that the strap button is pushed in a bit, but not really bad. It can still hold a strap. I think this bass would definitely be safe for a gig without a back up. I really haven't had it long enough to say whether the hardware and stuff will last, but in the few months I've had it, I've played the sh! t out of it, and it still runs fine. // 10

Overall Impression: I play rock music, but this bass can really be used for anything. The deep tones would definitely be suitable for jazz and other music of that sort, if that's your thing. The multitude of things you can do with it make it a versatile bass, worth every penny. It was stolen, I would sure as hell go out and buy it again (as soon as I got enough money together). The playability, the feel of it, the tone, the features, everything about this bass is awesome. The built in pitchshifter is fun to play around with, and it responds great to effects pedals. I chose this bass because I really wanted a five string, but I didn't know which one to get. I had only heard good things about Ibanez stuff, and so when I saw this one on sale at guitar center, I really liked the look and feel of it, and decided I wanted to get it. After all the good things I've heard people say about Ibanez, I have to say, boy were they right. // 10

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overall: 8.5
BTB405QM Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 03, 2005
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Price paid: $ 1006.5

Purchased from: P.M.T

Features: The BTB405QM which I bought was made in Japan (I'm not sure about the date of when it was made). The finish on the bass I bought was Transparent Black but I have noticed over the time I've been using this that the finish changes ion certain lighting, depending on the lighting of an area it can vary from black, grey, purple and green. This bass also comes in a Honey Sunburst finish. A thing I did notice on this bass which I havent on any other bass guitars is that it has a "Neutrik Jack" which locks the jack lead into the bass to prevent it falling out if stepped on in crucial situation (i.e. during a gig/bass solo), I find this feature great for people like me who tend to wander around the performance area. Here are the main spec's of the BTB405QM: - 5pc BTB5 Maple/Walnut neck - Quilted Maple top/Basswood body - Medium frets - MR-2 bridge (19mm string spacing) - DFR-N5 neck pu - DFR-B5 bridge pu - Vari-Mid IIIBII 3-band eq - Elixir equipped. The Neck Dimensions of the BTB405QM are: - Scale: 889mm/35" - Width at Nut: 47mm - Width at last fret: 76mm - Thickness at 1st fret: 20mm - Thickness at 12th fret: 22mm - Radius 500mmR. All in all this guitar looks and feels pretty damn nice! // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The 1st impression this bass guitar made was perfect, everything was in place, everything was in perfect condition and it sounded awsome. The only problem was that the action was slightly low but that was quickly attended to, but other than that the pickups were strongly in place, the bridge was fitted perfectly and as far as I was concerned I saw no flaws in it what-so-ever upon buying it. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This is where the downfall of the BTB405QM is, although it has great sound, it cant take a beating very well whilst performing or while being moved from areas. Like I said before, I like to move about whil performing but while I am doing this, it takes its toll on the strap buttons, they come loose too easily. Also the finish can sometimes chip off the bottom of the bass (only slightly) whilst in a bass case, also the volume control comes loose quite often from inside and starts shaking about easily (mainly happens on the mid range control) and finally the strings snap easily on this, I'm not sure if its my fingers or the bridge but they do snap quite often. Most of this could be a result of my carelessness at times but at other times its hardly believable that it happens. // 6

Overall Impression: Like I said earlier I play metal/rock/emo and occasionally jazz and this bass suits all them sounds and can most likely variate for any style. I've been playing for 2 and a half years now and over them years, this bass has been the biggest enjoyment of all (give or take the occasional glitch), other gear I use consists of my Yamaha 4 string, my ashdown 180 watt 15" speaker amp and my behringer bass vamp multi fx pedal. If anything I would have asked before buying this it would be this: "can this bass take a beating?". If this bass was stolen I would definatley buy it again no questions asked! The one thing I love about this bass is the sound, its so variable and I love it. The one thing I dislike is the lack of durability but with the right adjustments that can all change. The only other bass I'd choose over this is the Ibanez K5 which is my next buy (as soon as I get the money that is). // 10

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overall: 8
BTB405QM Reviewed by: ai4281, on august 27, 2005
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Price paid: $ 474

Purchased from: Tom Lee Music

Features: This bass is made in Korea around 2000, fretted 24 for G, D strings and 22 for others. It is 35 scale, yes the longest scale. It's got a basswood body and a quilted maple top, and mine is ocean blue. Pickups are Ibanez passive pickups extended series for 5 string, and the EQ is Vari-Mid III from Ibanez. Mine came with a gig bag, and a free pack of strings. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was alright, it is very low. And since this bass has Monorail bridge (separate bridge for each string), string spacings are wide, and it is good for slapping and other stuff. The intonation was a little off, but that is the usual for new basses anyways. Pickups were adjusted alright, and I haven't touched it yet because I'm experiencing no problems. Everything was routed alright, and the finish was alright too. But, on the finish, I saw some incohenrent patteren of black dots, which was hard to notice, but I found it. It is really unnoticable unless you've been playing this bass for 4 months. One of the knobs had oil marks, but that was cleanable. The edge of the nut was little sharp, but that is common on Korean instruments. The mid frequency knob makes an annoying popping noise when it is turned to the max, but you be careful and you can avoid that. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This bass will definitely withstand live, or anything. Hardwares seem to be built to last, and strap buttons never failed me in my experience. Although, you should have atleast one backup, because of the batteries. But battery failures can obviously be avoided, if you change batteries regularly (I recommend once a year). Finish is good, I haven't made any dents even though I'm a rough player. I accidently bumped this baby into my starter bass, and this bass left a nasty dent on my GSR200! it is pretty hard, the hardwares would wear off due to oxidation, but other stuff won't wear off. // 8

Overall Impression: This bass is my favorite bass that I have ever played with. I have played with Warwicks, Warmoths, Ibanezs, Fenders, BC Richs and other stuff, but nothing beats this bass except for custom basses or basses over $2000 in price. If this bass was stolen, I would buy this again or try really hard to find it again. My favorite feature is the active EQ, but other stuff are amazingly good also. I wish I got life time worth of Elixir strings with this bass, cause they sound so good with this bass. Of course, I know my wish is too much. If you want the high-end quality without the high-end price tag, I recommend this bass. You can get it new for $700, but I found one for $400 used. Since I have experienced this amazing beauty, I probably can't go back to basses with Passive electronics. So my next invest will be on some Warwick or high-end BTB's with mahogany. If you've been playing fenders, and you play this bass, you'll never look back on Fenders again, never. Unless you're deaf. // 10

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overall: 9.2
BTB405QM Reviewed by: callingknopfler, on september 09, 2006
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Features: This bass is incredible! It comes with two Bartolini MK1-5 active pickups. It is a five string bass so you get the extra B string below the E string ( most people get confused and think it is a higher string). It's a 5 piece guitar and the body is made from maple and the neck from walnut. It comes with 24 medium frets and a rosewood fingerboard. Another great feature is the mono rail II bridge. This bridge is not joined by a metal plate as standard but instead each string has it's on individual string mount to stop vibrations passing through the other strings. It also comes with 18V active circuitry and a 3 Band EQ consisting of bass (boost/cut), treble(boost/cut), mid (low/high|cut/boost), voulme and pickup selctor which can be blended between the two. There is also the Neutrik locking jack which stops your lead from falling out of the bass. You can gain amazing sounds suitable for all types of music. // 10

Sound: This bass suits every style I play, it can get the low end for metal, it can do normal rock, jazz, high ends for funk etc. I don't use any effects on it as they are not really needed unless you are into creating interesting sounds with the bass. Because it is active it is not as loud as a passive bass but still packs one hell of a punch! The overall tone variation on this bass is incredible, it sounds like lots of basses in one. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This is where my only complaint comes in. The bass was terribly set up. The action of the guitar was far too low and so the strings buzzed against the frets especially the low B string so I had to get it re-adjusted. The pickups are easily adjustable with a screw dirver. There were no other flaws that I have found with it. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is perfect for live playing and will handle anything you throw at it with no problem. The hardware looks very durable and after a year I cannot see and noticeable damage. The strap holders are also very reliable but it might be worth investing in strap locks as normal straps can wear and fall off and you wouldn't want to drop this bass! My only moan is about the jack lock, I was at a gig and the guitarist in my band stood on the lead as I was walking over the stage and instead of the lead falling out, the inside got damaged and so had to be repaired. // 9

Overall Impression: This bass overall is amazing, the only thing that I really would advise is to get the setup changed at a guitar shop. It suits my styles of music. I would definately buy it again if it was damaged or lost. I may buy the specially designed case for it also to comlete it. // 9

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overall: 8.6
BTB405QM Reviewed by: CaffeineTripp, on february 03, 2010
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Price paid: $ 249.99

Purchased from: Pawn America Anoka

Features: The bass is made from basswood (how appropriate when pronounced differently), a quilted maple top, standard rosewood fretboard, Mono-Rail II bridge, 24 frets, regular pearl inlays, and large frets. Standard 18-volt Ibanez Dynamix Full Range active pickups, Vari-Mid EQ controls, tone, and volume as well. // 8

Sound: Ibanez has certainly surprised me with the tone, control, and volume of this bass. Setting the EQ on your amp to flat, you can control the warmth easily. Set it to a tinny sound or even get that fat low-end that we strive for without being overbearing, hearing any buzzing from the active pickups, or even any rattle from the A and D string when you really give this bass what for. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is set pretty decently, I'm going under the assumption it was set by its previous owner, so it seems that is' dialed in very well. Minus the incessant finger prints that show up easily because of the dark finish, which looks exceptional, the bass has no flaws. // 9

Reliability & Durability: A very durable bass given it's weight. It feels as if you are able to take it across county in even a gig bag without worry. However, with it's heft comes somewhat of a price, should/upper back/neck pains. Though those can be mostly solved with a padded shoulder strap. Everything on the bass screams well-manufactured. // 8

Overall Impression: The BTB405QM can be matched up with nearly any style of music, save those styles which are 'strictly' J/P bass only. Had the bass been selling for twice of what I paid, I would have bought it anyway, as that's the amount that I feel it's worth, whether it is or not. My only complaint towards the bass's construction is the bolt-on neck and the style of pickups, but at what this bass can do in terms of sound, you'd never think they'd be as they are. One other recommendation concerning the BTB405QM's weight is to purchase strap locks, just an added security. My entire review leads up to this being a great buy for the money, whether at the price I paid, $249.99, or even $500. // 9

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