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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 05/21/2012 category: Bass Guitars
Ibanez: GSR180
The GSR180 is made in Japan along with Ibanez's other models. It has a GSR4 neck nicely bolted on to the body, with medium frets the neck is also maple, with a rose wood fretboard.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.5
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 9.6
GSR180 Reviewed by: metal-master666, on october 08, 2008
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Price paid: € 200

Purchased from: Savons Music Store

Features: Te GSR180 is made in japan along with ibanezs other models. It has a GSR4 neck nicely bolted on to the body, with medium frets the neck is also maple, with a rose wood fretboard. The GSR4 neck has these neck dimensions. - Scale 864mm/34" - Width at Nut 41mm - Width at Last Fret 62mm - Thickness at 1st 21mm - Thickness at 12th 22mm - Radius 305mmR The wood used on the body is nato a fantastic wood with just the right weight. The gsr180 comes in three finishes red, sunburst and black. It has a perfect wieght distrubution and the body feels perfectly natural and is of a purfect thickness, it is the Ibanez gsr body shape. It has a B10 bridge (19mm string spacing) this is the standard on bass's this is made by Ibanez and is solid as a rock. The GSR180 has two standard passive j neck pickups.It comes with two volume controls and one tone control. It comes with Ibanez hard locking tuners. // 8

Sound: I play in a metal band, but we also play rock it is fantastic for both these genres and delivers what I need of it. It is also very good when it comes to funk when the tone is changed as it delivers that twang when needed. I use Ampeg head with a Harley Benton cabe and a Boss bass synt. The thing I love about this bass is the wide variety of genres it adapts too. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar when it came straight out of the box was set up perfectly for my liking this varys on players, the action was at just the right level giving me that tump and hieght needed with barley any annoying buzz. All cavitys were tidy and persise with my pickups at perfect level to match action. The frets were perfect and I glided trough metal riffs. the pick ups were punchy but could be melowed if needed, and every part of the bass complimented itself. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I'vt used it on tour around ireland and it still looks new it's been cleaned twice after 16 gigs and it's still got that just bought look. The hardware on it is solid and looks like it could take a hammering. the strap buttons are secure and in the perfect places. I can vouch that this bass will not let you down it is very dependible, just a little bit of care and a cleaning and this bass will last you. // 10

Overall Impression: If you play metal, rock, pop, funk or blues this is your bass! If this bass was stolen I'd be straight to the shop to buy a new one. The only thing is the action settings can vary depending on the player. Also I love the trust rod cover as all you have to do is slide it back, ther called quik set covers. I love the neck and finishit is the same neck Ibanez put on there higher priced models so you can't fult it an it's so smooth and free. This bass rocks! // 10

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overall: 8.6
GSR180 Reviewed by: TuxFriend, on february 15, 2010
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Price paid: € 200

Purchased from: TV-Sävel

Features: My GSR180 was built in Japan and came with no included accessories. It has a fixed bridge, passive electronics, 22 frets and 4 strings. It feels very light, which is nice. No strap, case, bag other other additional stuff was included. The bass has 3 knobs, 2 for tone and 1 for volume. // 8

Sound: I'm playing a variety of music styles from pop to metal (and others). This bass seems to do everything well and I have no complaints about the sound quality at all. It does have some noticeable noise, though. In live use, this might be disturbing. Other than that, the sound quality is excellent. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The finish of the bass is excellent and it feels like a top-quality product. However, the low E string had some fret buzz out-of-the-box, so the action needed some tweaking. I've had my GSR180 now for several months and it still looks like brand new. I really like the finish and look. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This bass will definitely withstand live playing and the hardware is very solid. I'd worry about the noise a bit, though. That could be a showstopper. I'd always have a backup at hand (with any guitar/bass), but I could depend on the GSR180. Also, the passive electronics require no battery, so no need to carry extra batteries around. // 9

Overall Impression: The GSR180 does well with a variety of music styles. In addition to pop and metal, I play shoegaze and other "calm" music. It sounds good with everything I play. I've been playing for about 1-2 years. If this bass was stolen or lost, I'd buy it again. The only thing I dislike is the action tweaking, which can take a moment. But it's nothing difficult to set up. My main reason for selecting this bass was, in addition to the very low price, its good sound and great outlook. It could've come with a bag/case included, but I've bought it afterwards separately. // 9

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overall: 9
GSR180 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 12, 2011
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Price paid: $ 260

Purchased from: Elton Music

Features: I've been owning this bass for about a year and a half, and I can say that it's a perfect beginner bass. This model comes from China (dunno which year exactly), it has 22 frets, rosewood fretboard, one-piece maple neck and agathis body with nice red gloss finish, curved a bit on the top (hip and elbow curves). It has 19mm string spacing bridge, passive J-style pickups and 41mm nut. The neck is very slim and easy to play. // 9

Sound: I play mostly hard rock and heavy metal music, and it is tuned to D# tuning. It's a versatile bass, and you can use it for finger picking, slapping or playing with a pick, and you will always get the wanted sound. It has 2 volume knobs and one tone knob which makes it easier to get finger/slap sound. I'm a pick player, and I use it somewhere between the finger/slap to get the sound I need, but if your amp is set accordingly, you will find it very bright. Just make sure to get good strings (I use Rotosound .105, factory strings were poor quality and were .100). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: When I bought it, it needed set-up to be remade, but in most cases, it has some minor flaws within it. Some frets are known to buzz, even with higher action, also you can have problem with pickup wires, they might have some loose wires inside. Finish is ok, bridge is fine, just needs some adjustments that will help you play, suiting your playing style. Nut has good spacing, the tuners keep the tuning very well, so you do not have to re-tune it very often. Also keep in mind that you may have to tighten all the screws on the guitar. Truss rod has a cover on the top (fantastic thing!). // 7

Reliability & Durability: It has good sound, both during the rehearsals and live. It will surely last long enough until you get some higher quality bass, but this guitar is a perfect instrument for beginners! Strap buttons are good, just make sure that your straps are not too loose. I usually keep it a bit down, near my hips because it suits me. It is a very light bass, compared to most other basses I've tried. Definitely allows moving around the stage while playing. // 10

Overall Impression: As I said, I play mostly hard rock and heavy metal, in drop tunings (currently tuned to D#), I'm a pick player, and I'm satisfied with it. Ibanez is a high quality factory, and when it comes to getting myself a new bass, I will probably search for some Ibanez 5-string. It will simply cut through any music style you want! // 10

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overall: 8.6
GSR180 Reviewed by: BenGriffiths, on may 21, 2012
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Price paid: £ 170

Purchased from: Gear4Music

Features: The Ibanez GSR180 is part of Ibanez's affordable range, the GIO series. Ibenez is well known for making quality basses, but I was amazed at the quality of the GSR180. The GSR180 has 22 frets, the basses necks is smaller than a Jazz or a P Bass which mean you can get around on it real fast, also great for beginners. This bass include, two volume knobs and one tone knob. It has two jazz pickups. // 8

Sound: The GSR180 sound amazing for its price and you can get pretty much all of the sound you want just by tweaking the tone control. Slap bass on it sound really nice, you can have it with fat lows or super 'twangy' highs. I have used this bass through so many different amps and it sound great on all (Even a tiny 10watt amp) When I first bought this bass, it was my second bass, a massive upgrade from a Gear4Music bass and I had also been playing a month or two. I now own a number of different basses and even though this is one of the cheapest it still stands strong against my Fender. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This bass brand new out of the box looked amazing, with a lovely glossy necks that felt so natural and a sunburst finish, which looks so much different to the picture(In a good Way)! Everything on the bass was pretty solid and even now after 2 years, still solid. Over the years I have messed around with the action and pickups, but that's part of learning and finding what you feel is the best. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have used this bass in numerous live performances, band practises and even a couple of school plays. I have relayed on this bass for tonnes and wont stop for a while. Nothing feels 'crappy' like you get on some wallet friendly basses. I've dropped mine so many times and all its left me was some minor scrapes and dents. The bass has a really thick layer of gloss (or whatever) which is really tuff, so there's no worrying about if the finish will wear of. // 8

Overall Impression: I play a wide range of genres of music and this bass is perfect for each. I love the smaller neck and glossy finish to the neck that just glides in your hand. The bass is also really light which really matters when you play a set of songs on stage. I've been playing for 2 years-ish, this was my second bass and even after buying my Fender, Squier and other basses I have used, this bass is amazing and I can understand why this bass is so cheap. Ibanez has made a cracking bass. I would defiantly buy another one of these basses if mine was stolen. Overall a brilliant bass for a super low price compared to the quality. // 9

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